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T h e A A A H

T h e A A A H

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T h e A A A H

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  1. T h e A AA H Asia-Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health

  2. What is the AAAH? • Alliance • Asia-Pacific • Actions on Human Resources for Health Asia-Pacific Action Allianceon Human Resources for Health

  3. Historical Development • December 2004 Release of the JLI Strategy Report stimulated global interests in HRH Development • February 2005 Oslo Meeting called for Global and Regional Platforms of action to be formed • August 2005 Bangkok Meeting with participants from 10 Asia-Pacific countries formed the Asia-Pacific Alliance • April 2006 World Health Day andWorld Health Report 2006 • October 2006 First AAAH Conference with 15 member countries finalized AAAH Structure and Work-plan

  4. Power of Health Worker - Health crisis and fragile systems - Fresh opportunities - HRH essentiality and neglect Workforce Strategies - Country strategies - Community actions - Global responsibilities Imperative for Action Human Resources for Health:Overcoming the crisis The JLI Strategy Report

  5. AAAH’s Vision and Mission VISION: “Strengthened HRH planning and management capacity toward adequate, equitable, efficient and effective HRH and health system for health equity and quality improvement in the Asian region” MISSION: “ To generate and collate necessary evidence for effective human resource planning and management; to develop the capacity within the region under a broader framework of overall health systems strengthening; to increase access to effective health services, particularly for the poor, and to enable accelerated progress towards the Millennium Development Goals”

  6. Comparative advantage of the AAAH • An adaptive and flexible view of health workforce planning and management • Engages relevant stakeholders and partners in its strategic development and implementation • Scope of work involves activities in both macro and micro levels • Geographical coverage expands to two WHO regions • Encourages cross regional exchange and sharing

  7. Current AAAH Members Lao PDR Myanmar China Nepal Vietnam Bangladesh Philippines India Cambodia Sri Lanka Samoa Thailand PNG Fiji Indonesia 15 Countries

  8. Organization & Governance • Principle: • light, flexible, inclusive, and non-bureaucratic • relies on focal points in countries • shared responsibilities among members on a voluntary basis subjected to their capacity • Components: • Secretariat • Steering Committee • Country Focal Point

  9. AAAH Steering Committee • Steering Member Characteristics: • champion of HRH management, research and policy development, with regional vision • Enthusiastic and actively involved in HRH management, research and policy development • Have good relationship with government sectors, international organizations and funding agencies • Committee Components: • 8 members from SEAR & WPR • 2 WHO Regional Offices Representatives • 2 from development agencies/partners • Chaired by Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert

  10. Steering Committee’s Roles • To review annual workplan and the budget • To mobilize resources and raise fund for AAAH • To establish close relationship with international, regional and country political structures • To allocate the funds according to the approved annual workplan • To supervise and to provide guidance to the secretariat • To review the progress reports and the expenditures

  11. Secretariat • Small and Active Secretariat reporting directly to the Steering Committee • Currently based at International Health Policy Program, Thailand • 1 full-time coordinator, 3 supporting staff members

  12. Country Focal Points • Selected from the conference participants, who is active in HRH management, research or policy development • Responsible for • coordinating a network of HRH practitioner in the country • serving as a contact person for the AAAH secretariat for country level work

  13. Workplan 2009-2013 Activities

  14. Priority Areas • Advocacyandsupportfor strengthening of country HRH planning and management • Information for monitoring of HRH situation and its use in HRH development planning and management • Knowledge generation, management and sharing • Capacity strengthening • Coordinate technical supportas requested by member countries

  15. About AAAH Discussion Board Country HRH Blogs HRH News Latest HRH evidence AAAH Newsletter

  16. Partners • Member countries • Other regional networks: SEAPHEIN, etc. • World Health Organization • Headquarters • WPRO • SEARO • Global Health Workforce Alliance • Development Agencies • Rockefeller Foundation, European Commission, CIDA

  17. Thank You !