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Helicopter Detailer Brief PowerPoint Presentation
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Helicopter Detailer Brief

Helicopter Detailer Brief

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Helicopter Detailer Brief

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  1. Helicopter Detailer Brief Updated Jul 2013

  2. Agenda • BUPERS/NPC Overview • Aviation Career Paths • Detailing Process • Detailing Timelines and Options • Aviation Bonus • Selection Boards • FITREP Writing • Q&A

  3. What We Do • Support Naval Aviation manpower requirements • Execute manpower distribution policy • Analyze/mitigate manpower shortages/overages • Provide FITREP & career counseling guidance • Provide selection board support & fleet feedback • We are YOUR manpower resource – USE US! Detailing Charter: Match every officer with a billet that balances professional development AND satisfies a valid, priority fleet requirement…

  4. Aviation Manpower Today 10,242 WINGED NAVY OFFICERS 7,253 NAVAL AVIATORS 2,989 NAVAL FLIGHT OFFICERS 4,046 TACAIR / 3,227 ROTARY / 2,943 MARITIME / 2,127 STUDENTS Helos a growth industry…50% of all Pilots by 2017

  5. Promotion Zone Forecast

  6. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Aviation Career Path DC MAJ FRS DH 2nd SHORE FRS XO CO FLT TRNG FRS 1st SEA 1st SHORE 2nd SEA SHORE/SEA SHORE/SEA SHORE/ SEA SHORE SEA/ OVER-SEAS Acft/Tactical Quals Production Masters USNA ROTC PEP Ship Sea Staff Sqdrn DC JOINT Staff Navigator Amphib Air Boss Staff Edu/JPME Afloat Staff Ship DC Staff DC JOINT Staff JPME MSR O-4 ADHSB ACSB O-5 AMCSB O-6 STATUTORY BOARDS: LCDR – 70% CDR – 70% CAPT – 57% ADMINISTRATIVE BOARDS (total career opportunity): ADHSB – 60% ACSB – 40-45% AMCSB – 40-45% MSR: Minimum Service Requirement Pilot – 8 yrs NFO – 6 yrs This timeline is only approximate and changes as screen groups shift! 6

  7. Community Values • 1st Sea tour • Tactical performance • EP breakout • 1st Shore tour • Production sources are highly valued • Important to compete and break out in a large summary group • 2nd Sea tour • Broaden your horizons • Earn a qualification if available • Competitive EP even better • Post-DH tour • Best performers detailed to demanding follow-on jobs, inside/outside the community • All Post DHs are important to the NAE • OVERALL • SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE • Diversity of assignments; get out of your comfort zone • Do the hard job

  8. Detailing Process • Detailer: • Represents the needs of the Officer, be your advocate • Answer your questions, eliminate misinformation • Provide options and guidance so that you can make an educated decision • Goal is to keep all Aviators on track for O-5 • Placement: • Represents the needs of the command • Goal is to keep the command manned at the optimal level Placement Officer CO/XO JO Detailer Detailer vs Placement What’s the difference?

  9. Detailing Process Triad of Detailing • Big picture • Your responsibility • Our responsibility • Writing orders Officer’s Desires CareerProgression Needs of the Navy

  10. Detailing Timeline 12 - 15 months out • Start thinking about your preferences • COC provides options and guidance • Realistic expectations based on performance, job availability, needs of the Navy 9 - 12 months out • Communicate preferences to your Detailer (job, location, flying, non-flying) ; e-mail is preferred • Ask questions so that you can make an educated decision • We will respond back to you, ideally in less than 1-2 weeks. Please be patient as some questions require research and priority goes to those working orders closest to their PRD. Check back if you aren’t getting a response. 6 - 9 months • Commit to a job • We will propose you to a command as required for nominative jobs • Coordinate training track, detach and report dates 2 - 4 months • Orders released on BOL and message traffic Confused or on the fence? Call us and we will explain your options. No contact by 6 months is bad!

  11. 1st Shore Tour - Flying • FRS, WWS, NSAWC, HSC-84/85, VX-1, HTs, VTs : (production slide to follow) • Station SAR: China Lake, Fallon, Key West, Whidbey, Pax River, Lemoore; filled by detailer, timing sensitive • PEP (Pilot Exchange Program): vetting process, some require DLAB, timing sensitive, some are sea duty • DCMA: Stratford, CT and Owego, NY; vetting process • C-12/C-26: GITMO, Misawa, Atsugi, Okinawa, Kauai, Naples, Sigonella; filled by detailers, timing sensitive • TPS: (slide to follow)

  12. PRODUCTION • 4 Selection rounds/year • February (June, July, August PRDs) • May (September, October, November PRDs) • August (December, January, February PRDs) • November (March, April, May PRDs) • Work with your XO to submit a nomination package • Fill it out to the max extent practical • One chance to apply • BUPERS takes the input from your CO and the CO of the gaining commands (FRS/WS/NSAWC/HSC-84/85) and creates a slate based on those inputs and BUPERS requirements

  13. TPS • 2 Selection boards/year (Feb and Aug) • 5 Major Programs • US Naval Test Pilot School (Patuxent River, MD Pilots & NFOs from all communities – 2 classes/year) • US Air Force Test Pilot School TACAIR only • British Empire Test Pilot School RAF Boscombe Down, UK 1 “best qualified” aviator/year • French Test Pilot School 1 “best qualified” aviator every ~3 years French language training provided prior to reporting • Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)/USNTPS Cooperative no longer an option • Upon completion of TPS, expect a 24-month tour at HX-21

  14. TPS Considerations • Quality time in Fleet squadron is critical – Demonstrate sustained superior performance – At least 1 competitive EP – Earn all quals available (e.g., NATOPS Instructor, FCP, etc.) • Strong technical undergraduate record helps • Consider timing carefully – Leave Fleet squadron NET EP FITREP & fully qualified – Must have enough time to complete TPS and 24 month follow-on project officer tour • Be persistent – Quotas, board membership, competition change from board to board – Failure to select does not necessarily mean not qualified

  15. 1st Shore Tour Non-Flying • Flag Aide • Community wing (few flying billets) • Naval Recruiting District • Naval Postgraduate School • USNA • NROTC (slide to follow) • DC: most jobs are nominative (OPNAV, OLA, SPAWAR) • Major Staffs (CONUS, OCONUS) • Olmsted Scholarships (~5 per year)

  16. ROTC • If you are interested, contact your detailer 9-12 months out, be prepared to submit your college transcripts. Most schools require a 3.0 undergrad GPA. • We will provide you with all available schools that fit your PRD +/-3 months. • School openings are based on the rotation of the current aviator on board that school. • We have an Aviation NROTC board 2-3 times a year depending on the openings available. • The board is comprised of all the Aviation detailers and considers your academic and military record, preferences, and PRD to develop a NROTC slate. • Following the board, we will propose you to the school and they will review your record; they may do a phone interview. Once we have positive confirmation from the school, we will release your orders.

  17. 2nd Sea Tour Options • AMPHIB: Air Boss or Fuels Officer (LPD), LHA/LHD AIR DEPT/Safety Officer • Staff: Air Wing, CVW, MCMRON, DESRON, ESG, PHIBRON, Numbered Fleet • CV/CVN: ANAV, OPS ADMIN, Shooter, Asst Air OPS, TAO, Asst Strike OPS • Super JO, Squadron SWTI • PEP • HSC-84/85 (via nom selection process) • FLAG AIDE/LT ** Some jobs by their nature will not allow for a qualification **

  18. Pre-DH Tour • War College (O-4 selects only) • USA (Jan/Jun) [no Masters In Res] • USMC (Aug) • USAF (Aug) • NPS (JPME I option…take it) • Aide • Type Wing • DC • GSA • Bahrain JPME I & MASTERS

  19. FY13 ACCP – The Bonus • Aviation Dept Head Retention Bonus – 5 year contract • Intent: Retain aviators for DH tour • Eligible: FY prior to MSR expiration and the FY of MSR completion • $$ amount based on T/M/S and Pilot vs. NFO • FY13 amounts shifted based on rotary wing T/M/S • HSC - $15k/year; HSM - $15k/year; HM - $15k/year • At-Sea Bonus – No longer applicable • Aviation Command Bonus – No longer applicable

  20. ACCP & ADHSB • Long Term Bonus participants who do not serve a DH tour lose bonus eligibility • Intent of the long-term bonus is to retain aviators for a DH tour • An aviator is rendered ineligible for ACCP if: • Declines consideration (stop and 100% recoup) • FY13 ACCP allows for pro-rated recoupment • Fails twice to screen (stop, no recoup) • FY13 ACCP allows for bonus retention • Declines successful DH screen (stop and 100% recoup) • Two-time failure to select for aviation DH is no longer ACCP eligible • No future bonus payments • No recoupment of funds received • Obligation is adjusted to reflect funds received to date • Once obligation is complete the member may: • Redesignate • Separate

  21. Post-DH Shore Tour • War College/JPME • Business rule shift to detail all #1 EP DHs that lack Masters or JPME 1 to NWC • Will allow #2 EPs based on demand • Senior course requirement to be Phase 1 complete and O-5 (sel) during Curriculum • All others require OPNAV N15 waiver • #1 EP DH, Masters Complete, and JPME Phase 1 Complete • Joint duty • Overseas joint (EUCOM, NATO, AFRICOM) • CONUS joint - Select billet based on location, not on incumbent screening • (DC (JCS), Norfolk (JFCOM-billet landscape TBD), Tampa (CENTCOM, SOCOM),Omaha (STRATCOM), Miami (SOUTHCOM), Colorado Springs (NORTHCOM), St. Louis (TRANSCOM) • Community jobs – NPC • #2 EP DH (MO or OPSO important for O-5) • Major staff – Remain competitive for O-5 • Overseas – COMPACFLT, C6F • CONUS – NPC (non-PERS 43), OPNAV, NAVAIR, USFF, CNAL/P, C3F • Community billets – FRS DH, TYPEWING OPS, WEPSCOL DH Early notification of FITREP breakout helps secure the most competitive/desired billet for your DH

  22. Selection Boards • Statutory Boards • Promotions to next rank • Board members from every community • (Aviators, Surface, Sub, etc…All URL) • Administrative Boards • Selection process for career milestones • Department Head, Command, Major Command • Membership limited to specific communities • “Select the best and most fully qualified”

  23. O-4 BOARD • Annual board in April, results in July • Zone reduction in FY13 = more competitive • Board makeup • Statutory board, no Detailer involvement • Two opportunities (looks) for O-4 • 2 x FOS = forced separation NLT 7 months of board results being released • Arguably the biggest career hurdle now in Naval Aviation UNCLASSIFIED


  25. FY14 AMCSB Results • CVN Sequential Command: 6 • CVW: 7 • AVN Pipeline: 6 • Ship Command: 4 • MPRA Command: 4 • STRAT Command: 0 • PHIBRON/MCMRON: 1 • Wing (TYPE/TRA) Commodore: 8 • VX: 2 • Tactical Support Wing: 1 • Shore Command: 18 (1 LDO Command) • FTS Commands: 3 Competition was fierce; Best and Most Fully Qualified selected!

  26. ACSB • All looks completed in 2 years • Annual selection numbers normalized • Control command opportunity by screen group • FY14 ACSB (Feb 2013): • 522 SG 99/00 URL records across all communities, 156 selected for command • Last look for SG 99 • 40% combined HSC opportunity • Consistent with HSM opportunity

  27. ADHSB • Mission objective: • Select Aviation Department Heads of operational/training squadrons from all eligible officers • Aviation path to CDR and Command is via DH tour • Sustained superior performance • Retention and competition = Quality DHs • Every record receives equal consideration

  28. OP-T Department Head • PERS-43 policy initially implemented for SG98 ADHSB • Record retention = record competition, quality officers without opportunity to advance past LCDR in aviation • Allows member to continue with aviation bonus • Example OP-T DH billets: HTs/VTs/TACRONs

  29. FITREP Writing • A competitive # 1 EP FITREP is the best way for a Commanding Officer to reward performance • Larger summary groups and length increase strength • Always rank top officers with either a hard or soft breakout in the FITREP • Make recommendations for future milestones • DH, Command, etc • Explain unusual circumstances in the FITREP • Perceived decliner due to promotion • Early roller for an aide billet, hard fill job, etc. • Document all qualifications – “Christmas in Millington” • Make the FITREP easy to read

  30. Questions?

  31. Backup Slides

  32. A++ “GOOBER”  Overseas Joint Major Staff JPME CDO Underway   FITREP Translation (OSR)


  34. Record Review You are responsible for your record, not the Detailer! • A complete and accurate record = Your resume • Check your record at:, Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) is great tool to visually confirm that all documentation has been included in your record. • Verify OSR against FITREPs • Check for continuity (gaps > 30 days), legibility • Awards and qualifications • Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) • Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications (NAVPERS 15839I) • Education