welcome to alpha dental center n.
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Alpha dental Center

Alpha dental Center

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Alpha dental Center

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  1. Welcome toAlpha Dental Center We hope you will find your visit Pleasant and Informative.

  2. Here in Alpha Dental Center we Promise you The Best Treatment Modalities and The Most Advanced Techniques Our PATIENTS are our concern & How we Improve their SMILE is our GOAL

  3. The Alpha Dental Center was established in 1980. With new Dentistry THINKING and VISION Dr. Nagui took to setting up the stage for what would later be one of the most successful dental centers in Cairo. Room 1 Room 3 Room 2

  4. Decayed Discolored Missing Teeth Here in ADC we offer you Durability Reliability & Cosmetic appearance

  5. Here in ADC We take care of your teeth and smile

  6. Dental ImplantsA New era in dentistry Easy Fast Longevity All You Need is 10 minutes To regain Your Smile Again

  7. ExtraOrdinary Results Crooked Tooth crowded Teeth bad esthetics New Technology Invisible Orthodontics Orthodontics is your Choice

  8. Root Canal Therapy In ADC we Offer You The Best Treatment 30 min Procedure NO more No Pain And Our Guaranty for Life

  9. We Care As You Do Early Detection and Treatment !!! At Alpha Dental Clinic We’re every bit as concerned about your child’s dental health AS YOU ARE Your teeth are meant to last a LIFETIME & We are COMMITTED to ensuring that they do. Right from the Time that your Child’s 1st Teeth Appear

  10. Lost Your Teeth !!! DON’T WORRY Here in ADC we Offer you all kind of treatments and a wide variety of replacement for your missing teeth Dentures Implants Bridges

  11. Our Technology In ADC We Insure to be The Pioneers Our Patient Comfort is Our Goal Being Up-to-date is one Of our Reputation Digital X-Ray Lower Radiation BetterQuality Intraoral Camera Easy Diagnosis and Better Patient and Doctor Interaction

  12. Prophy Jet Device Better Cleaning Time Saving Laser Cure Device Better Cosmetics Autoclave Safety of our patient is our Logon

  13. Electric Handpiece Easy Fast Less Pain Rotary Endo Accurate Time Saving Zoom Whiter & Brighter Smile


  15. A Stunning new you BEFORE AFTER



  18. For a Better Life Style BEFORE AFTER

  19. Renew Your SmileToday BEFORE AFTER

  20. Visit Our Office Today BEFORE AFTER

  21. OnTheBehalfOfAlphaDentalCenterTeam Our PATIENTS are our Concern, and How we Improve their SMILE is our GOAL