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ERG Meeting, May 28, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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ERG Meeting, May 28, 2009

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ERG Meeting, May 28, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shape Memory Polymer and Its Applications Kelly Kirsch. SMART MATERIALS SHAPING TOMORROW’S WORLD. ERG Meeting, May 28, 2009. Hello, Texas! We are glad to be here!. Who is LGT?.

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Presentation Transcript

Shape Memory Polymer and Its Applications

Kelly Kirsch


ERG Meeting, May 28, 2009


Who is LGT?

  • LGT is a start up firm that has been funded by the Dayton Development Coalition’s Entrepreneurial Signature Program.

What is ESP

We are part of the Dayton RegionEntrepreneurial Signature Program!


Total Support

*To this date we have received almost $200,000 in funding to help develop our Shape Memory Elastomer Technology.

*Fully equipped Polymer Lab located at Dayton Entreprenuer Center


Total Support

  • *The Dayton Region is the recipient of an Ohio Department Third Frontier grant of $11.3 million dollars matched by $7.5 million from local investors.
  • *With an additional $3.7 million pledged there is over $22 million dollars available for companies to partner with other technology based companies.

What does that mean for ERG?

  • We are part of an EMTEC (Emerging Technology Group) that is actively seeking strategic partners to help bring cutting edge technology to commercialization.
  • We are eager, available and excited about working with the ERG and other organizations to both seek available funding and to help develop new markets.
  • With that I would like to introduce, Dr. David Liu, who has developed and holds the patent that everyone is talking about: SME that hold and maintain their shape at pre-determined temperatures.

Unique Technology Of SMP

Shape Memory Polymer Structure

SMPs exist in a glassy state at lower temperatures

glassy state



Deformation frozen in the glassy state after cooling under load




Second Shape

rubbery state

First Shape

Final Shape

SMPs exist in a rubbery state at higher temperaturesx

Recover due to the elasticity of rubbery state

Because the glassy modulus is at least two orders of magnitude higher than that of the rubbery modulus, the stored elastic stress is not large enough to drive the reverse deformation in the glassy state as the load is removed.

pressed smp in oil bath
Pressed SMP- In Oil Bath

Second Shape

(pressed at higher

temperature and cold

down to room temperature)

First Shape

The thickness of SMP was pressed from 5 mm to 1 mm.

pressed smp in oil bath2
Pressed SMP--in Oil Bath



Recovered Shape

(after heated to higher


tma results
TMA Results

Only 5.8% of increase in dimension when temperature is lower than shape transition temperatures.

The dimension abruptly increases and expanded to 132.8% when the temperature is increased above 130C.

150% compressed SMP

Heating rate: 2C/min

dma results
DMA Results
  • The modulus of SMP at ambient temperature is about 300 MPa
  • When the temperature increases the modulus abruptly decreases and then forms a plateau, and keeps quiet stable up to about 250°C
  • The modulus in the plateau region of SMPs increases with the specific design.
application in oil field
Application in Oil Field

Self energetic isolation



Self energetic

SMP Packer


Expansion with a certain temperature

in any media – gas, oil or water

demo of sm packer in lab
Demo of SM “Packer” in Lab

Original Shape

150% Compressed

Self Energetic Isolation

lgt s smp products

LGT’s SMP Products




intellishape smp
IntelliShape™ SMP
  • Activated only by heat in all kinds of media
  • Shape change: more than 400%
  • Fast response during the deformation.


- thermally activated SMPs

  • Easy manipulation
  • Designable temperature: 90°Cto 200°C.
  • Processed using traditional polymer processing methods, mold, extrusion, etc.
swellable shape memory hydriswell lubriswell
Swellable Shape Memory HydriSwell/LubriSwell ™
  • Shape change: 100% to 300%
  • temperature: 90°C to 180°C
  • Oil and water swellable SMPs expansion: more than 2 times run-in volume

Water Swellable SMP

Advantages of materials:swellable SMPs

Compared to swellable

  • Larger expansion
  • Maintaining higher modulus after expansion

Oil Swellable SMP

  • Designable expansions of memory and swelling

Shape Memory Polymer Foam

  • The foaming cell can be close cell or open cell or half close and half open cell.
  • Close cell will storage some of the energy caused by the pressed air in the cell when the cell volume of F-SMP is decreased by the external force, such as pressing, twisting etc.
  • The close cell structure
  • with the compressed air will give further expansion force when shape memory deformation of F-SMP starts.

The typical SEM images of the pressed F-SMP and recovered F-SMP

conductive nanofillers
Conductive Nanofillers

The addition of conductive fillers including metallized and nano-scale fillers but not limited, such as, conductive exfoliated graphite (EX-GR), carbon nanotube

(CNT) or nanofiber (CNF), etc will form a conductive network in SMP when the

amounts of the fillers exceed their percolation threshold.

conductive smps
Conductive SMPs

Electrical conducctive shape memory nanocomposites

can be actuated by the passage of electric current to the temperature above the shape yransition temperature because the carbon nanofibers' network forms electrically conductive pathways throughout the nanocomposite.

applications of smps
Applications of SMPs




Oil Tools


Artificial Flowers



Thank you

for you time!