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Disabled people in tourism

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Disabled people in tourism. Disabled people in Koprivnica. Strategy for the disabled people 2010 -2012 Enable accessibility and informational support for hearing and vision impaired people in medical institutions

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disabled people in koprivnica
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Strategy for the disabled people 2010 -2012

  • Enable accessibility and informational support for hearing and vision impaired people in medical institutions
  • Activities:a) remove architectural barriers in health care facilitiesb) installing of line guiding for blind persons in health institutionsc) establish a communication system for deaf persons in health institutions (light signals)
disabled people in koprivnica1
Disabled people in Koprivnica
  • Improve the accessibility of all public institutions, facilities and public areas:
  • Activities:

a) Improve accessibility to buildings for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

b) improve the accessibility of public areasc) build a public sanitation facility, accessible and adapted for persons with disabilities in the central part of town

disabled people in koprivnica2
Disabled people in Koprivnica
  • Introduce public transport of people with disabilities in the City of Koprivnica
  • Activities:

a) establish a taxi service for persons with disabilitiesb) co-finance the costs of public transport for people with disabilities

dissabled people in koprivnica
Dissabled people in Koprivnica
  • Provide communications support to people with disabilities
  • Activities:a) further installment of traffic light sounds in the central part of townb) further markingof tactile trails for blind and visually impaired peoplein the central part of town
disabled people in koprivnica3
Disabled people in Koprivnica
  • Encourage the application of "universal design“
  • Activities:a) educate competent professionals and people with disabilities of the concept and application of universal design (design of products, environments, programs and services to be usable by all people to their fullest extent without the need for adaptation or specialized design)
disabled people in koprivnica4
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Cooperation of Association of disabled people and Taxi service “Sunce Koprivnice” – co-financed from the town budget

  • Things already achieved:
  • Transportation of disabled people
disabled people in koprivnica5
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Movie theatre Velebit – partially adapted

  • Adapted public buildings and spaces
disabled people in koprivnica6
Disabled people in Koprivnica

access for the disabled people and tactile access to the building of Police Department which leads to the first pedestrian crossing

disabled people in koprivnica7
Disabled people in Koprivnica
  • Elementary school

City museum – partially adapted

disabled people in koprivnica8
Disabled people in Koprivnica


Head phones for hearing-impared persons

disabled people in koprivnica9
Disabled people in Koprivnica

City library Fran Galović – fully adapted

disabled people in koprivnica10
Disabled people in Koprivnica

European Mobility Week

Koprivnica awarded with the European Mobility Week Award 2008

‘Streets for People’

disabled people in koprivnica11
Disabled people in Koprivnica
  • City library Fran Galović:
  • CARDS 2002 project

- forming of a special collection of library materials (audio bookson CDs and audio cassettes, tactile picture books, tactile toys, books for the blind, books in Braille, enlarged print books)

- purchase of special equipment - aids for the blind (PCwithadditional equipment, Braille printer, electronic magnifier, MP3 players for use of audio books in the library, the conveyor transport device for people with multiple disabilities, or people with moving disabilities).

disabled people in koprivnica12
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Reading materials and IT equipment are not enough to keep service sustainable

Networking - Cooperation with numerous partnersand Associations on local and national level is a key to keep service sustainable

disabled people in koprivnica13
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Train and bus station

disabled people in koprivnica14
Disabled people in Koprivnica

at the following intersections:

Hrvatskih branitelja-Ivana Meštrovića; Ivanjska-Gornji Banovec; Marofska-Frana Galovića; Marofska-Trg bana Josipa Jelačića; Trg bana Josipa Jelačića-Zrinski trg; Miklinovec-Braće Radića

  • Traffic light sounds
disabled people in koprivnica15
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Swimming pool complex Cerine

Exercises in the water for the blind

  • Sport and recreation
disabled people in koprivnica19
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Tennis club Koprivnica

disabled people in koprivnica21
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Buildings not adapted

for the disabled:

  • City Gallery
disabled people in koprivnica23
Disabled people in Koprivnica

Restaurant Podravska klet

disabled people in koprivnica24
Disabled people in Koprivnica

City guide for disabled where one can find a list of accessible and inaccessible buildings and places in Koprivnica as well as all other information important for the disabled

disabled people in croatia
Disabled people in Croatia

Program “Tourism without barriers”financed by the Croatian Ministry of tourism

disabled people in croatia1
Disabled people in Croatia

Hotels and tourist resorts adapted for the disabled people

disabled people in croatia2
Disabled people in Croatia

Beaches for dissabled people

Beach Kostanj in Rijeka was the first of that kind in Croatia

disabled people in croatia3
Disabled people in Croatia

Hiking route in Omiš for the disabled


Disabled people in Croatia

  • How to make disabled people to be socially included (in tourism)?

Networking >Dialog > Exchanging experiences

Joint Projects


Disabled people in Croatia

Thank you for your attention!