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Persuasive Essay Template PowerPoint Presentation
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Persuasive Essay Template

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Persuasive Essay Template - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Persuasive Essay Template
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  1. Persuasive Essay Template How to plan your essay

  2. Planning An Essay There are 5 steps in the essay writing process: • Prewriting – You read your texts and underline key ideas as you read. You highlight and make note of what is useful information in the margins. Then you plan an outline; figure out which quotes and supporting evidence you are going to use from your texts; and develop a thesis statement. • Drafting – You double space. Use pen. Turn your essay outline into paragraphs and a rough essay. • Revising – Using different colored pen or pencil, you add/subtract ideas to make your arguments more fluid; change wording to improve the way your essay sounds; rearrange points in your paragraphs; tweak topic sentences and connecting statements. • Editing – Using a different colored pen than when you revised, you check for errors using the CUPS model. You can ask a peer to help you fix up errors. • Publish – You rewrite your final version of the essay in pen, double spaced.

  3. Let’s plan one! • Using the play Julius Caesar as our text, let’s plan an essay using the Essay Outline Template I’ve given you. • Our prompt – “In your opinion, was Brutus justified in deciding to act against Caesar? Review his arguments for doing so in Act 2, scene 1.” What is our RAFTS for this prompt?

  4. How do I make a thesis statement? • A thesis is not a simple observation or fact – it is an argument or opinion or assertion based on facts. • Refer to the handout “Thesis Statements” for ideas.

  5. Finally, how do I add quotes? • MLA format for “in text citations”:

  6. Your Turn! (See handout “Julius Casear – Essay Writing Assignment”) • Your task is to write me a persuasive essay using the prompt and instructions on your handout. • This is a major assignment for Term 3 and represents a significant portion of your final grade. • This assignment is the same format as the PVEC English exam. I will be using the PVEC English exam rubric to mark these essays. • You have 5classes to complete this task. You will not be given any additional class time to complete this essay, as such you need to use your time wisely. • Be sure to complete an essay template outline for your essay and follow the writing process as we discussed in class.