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HEG Without (Vulgar) Behaviorism

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HEG Without (Vulgar) Behaviorism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HEG Without (Vulgar) Behaviorism. Greg Alter, Ph.D. September 7, 2005. HEG as Interpersonal Communication. You Cannot Not Communicate Content Meta-communication Brain in the Mind Mind in the Person, Mind Interpersonally Ericksonian Hypnosis. Biofeedback in Primary Care.

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Presentation Transcript
heg without vulgar behaviorism

HEG Without (Vulgar) Behaviorism

Greg Alter, Ph.D.

September 7, 2005

heg as interpersonal communication
HEG as Interpersonal Communication
  • You Cannot Not Communicate
  • Content
  • Meta-communication
  • Brain in the Mind
  • Mind in the Person, Mind Interpersonally
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
biofeedback in primary care
Biofeedback in Primary Care
  • Lateralized EEG Studies and Me
  • Peripheral: 1980
  • Parasympathetic Tone
  • Stress Management and Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Self Regulation Strategies
  • (Mindfulness: 2005)
neurofeedback multi modal
Neurofeedback Multi Modal
  • Electrophrenology vs. QEEG
  • Comprehensive 2nd Order Variability Training: Val Brown’s “Turbulence”
  • Micro Stimulation: Len Ochs and Delta
  • Mind Gear vs. Mind Alive and AVE: NeuroAdvantage in 2005
  • Jeff Carmen and pIR HEG: Black Box 2000
heg training first iteration
HEG Training: First Iteration
  • Thresholds ON
  • Carmen: .3 to 1 degree F manual thresholds controlling DVD reward
  • Toomim: 10 minute focused effort, 10% over baseline controlling DVD reward
  • ADHD
  • IVAs
  • Group Setting (2-5 participants, some on EEG)
  • 18 months, 24 kids and some adults
  • Name a Movie, Any Movie
  • Comparable IVA increases and subjective benefits
  • ADHD, Autism, Encephalopathy, Anxiety, OCD
  • Individual Sessions
  • IVA, Microcog
  • 1 year, mixed child and adult population
  • Comparable IVA increases and subjective benefits—one “failure,” one “sensitive”
learning exercise communication
Learning, Exercise, Communication
  • Reinforcement Schedules in HEG are less important than total time in practice
  • Exercise=power + duration
  • Rhythmicity of Practice More Important than “Exercise” program—the Brain is actually not a “muscle.”
well exercised brain
Well Exercised Brain
  • Efficiency
  • More difficult to get increased blood flow or temp than early in practice
  • Novelty and prefrontal
  • Just train harder?
the sensitive person
The Sensitive Person
  • Labile emotions = labile blood flow/temp
  • Reduced emotional lability corresponds to better modulated temperature
  • Effective practice leads to emotional resilience in everyday life
movies don t work as feedback
Movies Don’t Work As Feedback
  • Don’t fit idealized model of instrumental reinforcement
  • Activate prefrontal emissions passively
  • Don’t require enough time making focused efforts
  • AND OUTCOMES ARE JUST AS GOOD!!! Is this Behaviorism?!
with both pir and nir heg we train differently for habituated tasks vs novel tasks
With Both pIR and nIR HEG We Train Differently for Habituated Tasks vs Novel Tasks
  • Motivation = task * person
  • Task Valence
  • Task Fractionation
  • Sympathetic Activation
  • Parasympathetic Activation
turbulence reduction
Turbulence Reduction
  • 2nd order variability measures create the HEG Attention Index
  • Turbulence takes into account variations in rhythmicity from multiple sources
  • HEG practice modulates turbulence
  • Modulation Practice fosters both parasympathetic tone and executive function
  • HRV and Dynamical EEG Correlates Favoring Modulation vs Amplitude Increases
attention index
Attention Index
  • History in HEG training: primary motive has been increase in HEG Ratio
  • Attention Index diminishes emphasis on HEG amplitude
  • Attention Index fosters focus on modulation and variability reduction: decreased turbulence
  • Net effect will be increased perfusion of hypoperfused areas and decreased hyperfusion
practice implications
Practice Implications
  • Threshold unnecessary but has its place
  • Interpersonal effects on parasympathetic tone
  • Alternate cognitive with affective focus
  • Alternate concentration with open focus
  • Alternate habituated with novel tasks
  • Alternate boring with affectively stimulating tasks
  • Movies work just fine!
marketing heg
Marketing HEG
  • Convenience
  • Enjoyment
  • Self Regulation
  • Cost
  • Effectiveness
  • Story
integration of heg
Integration of HEG
  • Office and Home Practice
  • Multiple Modalities Amplify Effects
  • Foster Self-regulation Attitudes with Peripheral Practice
  • Assess both parasympathetic tone and improvements in attention, cognition, affect