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Reid Kerr College

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S. Reid Kerr College. Joe Mooney, Principal Natalé Craig, Student President. BoM Principal Vice Principal SLO President. Board of Management . Student Affairs Health and Safety Spiritual Care Team Communications Racial Equality Environmental. Internal Committees. Internal Support

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reid kerr college


Reid Kerr College

Joe Mooney, Principal

Natalé Craig, Student President




Vice Principal



Board of Management

Student Affairs

Health and Safety

Spiritual Care Team


Racial Equality


Internal Committees

Internal Support

Management and Student liaison

External Support


Reid Kerr College

Students Association

College Profile

Student Representation

Payback to College

College Community

Executive Officers

Class Reps

SRC -Main & Mile End

-Work Skills


Extending the Gap

Student Participation

Staff Members ‘direct/indirect’ involvement


‘learner focused’

  • Student liaison team
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Staff Handbook
  • Monthly e-mails
  • Class Rep Elections

Students’ Association

Charter of Minimum Rights…

  • Sabbatical President.
  • Constitution.
  • Adequate Office Space.
  • Telephone, networked computer, e-mail address, filing system etc.
  • Internal Support.
  • Training.
  • Clear Chain of Command.
  • Photocopying, mailroom, fax machine etc.
  • Realistic Budget.
  • Two Students on BoM.

Scottish Executive Open Space Event

The student focus within the HMIe report

= A Baseline may be developed for a Students’ Association.


The College acknowledges that our Association has evolved and developed

Dramatically over the past two years and the challenge now is how do we

maintain the level we are now at and ensure the SA continues to grow?

Handover Pack

Handover Period

Staff Handbook

Election Packs

Student Information Booklets

Slots during Inductions

Student Liaison Team

Common Room


Second student on BoM.Common Room ‘Student Central’.Sanctuary Space.Fully Functioning Office.Stronger and more effective Class Rep Systems.Better Quality Assurance in Engineering and Built Environment.Successful trips out with College.Freshers and Re-Freshers Fayres.Charity Fundraisers.Raising awareness of International Concerns.Sexual and Mental Health Awareness events in conjunction with local departments.Local Student Discounts.Membership within Paisley Fair-trade Partnership.Partnership with Renfrewshire Council.Building partnerships for the College. Liaising with local business and our departments to build bridges into local industry.Successful bid to Paisley University’s Board of Trustees for RKC Students to use UPSU facilities.Student representation on key internal committees.Positive input into the Student Movement Across Scotland.Representation for Scottish Students in educational bodies.Provided case studies and student volunteers for various initiatives.Approached by Principals and Vice-Principals for advice.Continuing to produce examples of good practice.Helping to develop other FE Associations.Supporting local businesses (and former students).End of year Student Focus Groups. National Recognition for the work we do. Student Volunteer Gold Award Winner.This would not have been possible without the support and mutual respect the College and The Students Association hold for each other.

reid kerr college6


Reid Kerr College

Joe Mooney, Principal

Natalé Craig, Student President