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Dress Code and Etiquette PowerPoint Presentation
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Dress Code and Etiquette

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Dress Code and Etiquette - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dress Code and Etiquette

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  1. Dress Code and Etiquette

  2. 2014 Western Alamance NJROTC NAVY BALL October 17th 1830 at the Alamance Country Club

  3. Navy Ball • Celebrating the 239th “Birthday” of the Navy October 13th 1775 when our Navy was founded. • Formal, Elegant Ball including: • Receiving Line • Naval Ceremony • Dinner • Dancing

  4. REMEMBER!!! • THIS IS NOT PROM, Rules and regulations are set and you as a cadet or guest WILL follow all rules given. • This is a formal MILITARY BALL not your regular school dance.

  5. Must wear Uniform at all times • No boutonniere • Must have a proper haircut and clean shaved • No piercings! • Wearing medals and other awards are optional but not recommended • Neat and pressed. • No boots or street shoes.

  6. No piercing No braids Haircut Black bowtie only No boots

  7. No styled hair for cadets when in uniform

  8. Dress must be a LONG gown (at or below knee length) • Slits up to knee allowed • Back of dress must be above the small of the back • No excessive cleavage or Strapless • One strap dresses are O.K. but must stay up! • No sheer (see-through) parts or sections of dress that reveal inappropriate areas (i.e. cleavage, midriff, thighs)‏ • DO NOT take off footwear (females may once dancing begins.) • If unsure about dress, bring in a picture of you in it to show to Instructors

  9. Too much cleavage Too much back exposed Strapless Too high of a slit on the dress Too short, too much cleavage

  10. Too short Too high of slit on dress, to much back exposed

  11. Too High slit See through Cleavage

  12. Too short Strapless Strapless Too exposed

  13. Lady’s Attire • Think Elegant / Not Trashy • Wear something that you will be comfortable in during all portions of the evening’s events. • Receiving Line • Pictures • Dinner • Dancing • If it looks like lingerie, you are going home!

  14. Bringing a Guest • You are responsible for your guest’s conduct • Must have approval from Instructor’s • No JROTC drop outs • Must be a person in H.S. • Guest/parent consent forms required. • Seniors this is your last WAHS Navy Ball. 

  15. Must have a BLACK tuxedo or suit • Must wear a tie or bowtie. • NO sneakers or street shoes • Black dress shoes only • NO baggy clothing • Jacket worn during formal portion (may remove for dance.) • Clean shave or properly trimmed beard and haircut

  16. Black tux only Black tux only No street shoes

  17. NO STUBBLE – Either a Neatly trimmed beard or Clean shaven. Faddish Hair

  18. Tie must remain tied.

  19. Be on time! Receiving Line opens at 6:30pm • Female must be on the side of honor (right side)‏ • Cadet should introduce them self and their dates: “I am (rank)(name), This is my date (name)” & complimentary statement. • Shake hands with the Commanders & Guest of Honor

  20. Complimentary Statement should be a statement about your date that would give those in the receiving line a chance to start a conversation. • ‏Should be something that your mother would be proud of your date for. • Example: I am Cadet Ensign Smith, this is my date Jane Doe. She plays first chair flute with the Western Alamance Band. • Or: I am Cadet Ensign Smith, this is my date Jane Doe and she intends to attend Duke University and study psychology.

  21. The food is a buffet, but don’t be greedy • One plateat a time. • Use silverware, not hands • No Public Displays of Affection (i.e. kissing or sitting on laps)‏ • No chewing gum at any time • NO DRAMA leave it at the door • NO foul language • Do not sit on tables or window ledges. Find a chair!

  22. Gentlemen should hold open doors for ladies. • Gentlemen should help the ladies with their seats. • Wait until the entire table has returned from the buffet before you start eating. • Use proper manners. • When a lady leaves the table, the gentlemen at the table should stand. • When a lady returns to the table, the gentlemen should stand.

  23. NO DIRTY DANCING (i.e. grinding, sandwiching, freaking)‏ • Keep your feet on the floor • NO moshing (pushing & shoving)‏ • NO being lifted onto shoulders or carried around by anyone at any time • Be respectful to any and all instructors, chaperones, and fellow dancers





  28. NO DRAMA!!!