Children for the Cuase of Red Ribbon
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Children for the Cuase of Red Ribbon. By Students of Ninth Standard Chennai Corporation Girls Hr secondary school MH Road, Chennai Taminadu – South India. How do the choices we make now affect us later?. Goal.

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Children for the Cuase of Red Ribbon


Students of Ninth Standard

Chennai Corporation Girls Hr secondary school

MH Road, Chennai

Taminadu – South India.


  • To understand the AIDS scenario in India and Tamilnadu by the spirit and excitement of discovery and research project.

  • To sensitize students on Health related issue and work out an alternative strategy to arrest AIDS.

  • Become stakeholders and catalyst to create awareness among the local people.

  • Enable fellow students to take right decision that could affect their tomorrow.

Supplies and materials for the study
Supplies and Materials for the study

  • Questionnaires

  • Digital Camera

  • Tape recorder

  • Pen, Pencils

  • Writing pad

  • Microphone

A brief aids in the world
A brief: AIDS in the world

  • More than 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981.

  • Africa has 12 million AIDS orphans

  • Young people(15-24 years old) account for half of new infections worldwide.

  • 46 per cent of all Adults infected by AIDS worldwide are women.

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A brief aids in india
A brief: AIDS in India

  • AIDS case surveillance (31st July, 2005) -Reported cases)

But the estimated cases of HIV in India is around 5.134 million

Aids in tamilnadu
AIDS in Tamilnadu

  • The first case was reported in Chennai

  • Approximately 52000 cases were reported in Tamilnadu, highest in India by any state.

  • In Chennai alone more than 10000 cases were reported as on date.

  • Taking into account of unreported cases it is estimated 5.2 million HIV cases in the state.

Our research design
Our research design

  • Sample size is 100. (60 male 40 female)

  • Not more than 25 patients interviewed from the short listed hospitals

  • Focus areas of interview were:

    • Age

    • Sex

    • Mode of transmission

    • Literacy level

    • Knowledge about AIDS prior to infection.

Spreading through......

  • Unsafe in sexual relation.

  • Through blood transmission.

  • Unclean hypodermic needles.

  • From mother to fetus during pregnancy.

Courtesy: pictures –

From the interaction with Doctor the team found out that HIV will not spread by:








  • FOOD


  • PETS and mosquito bites


  • Body fluids like

    • Saliva

    • Tears

    • Sweat

    • Feces

    • Urine

Inferences from the data collected
Inferences from the data collected will not spread by:

  • 89% of total infected people come under 15-49 age group.

  • This age group is the workforce of our country.

  • This category is surely responsible for contributing to GDP of our nation.

  • If the present trend of spread of AIDS continues the total workforce of our nation will be destroyed and nation may face shortage of healthy people to sustain the growth and development nurtured by our forefathers.

Inferences will not spread by:

  • Another shocking factor is, a good number of the infected people were not aware of AIDS and HIV prior to infection.

    • If they were to be exposed to Awareness education in the schools and communities the alarming rate of spread of AIDS could be arrested in the early stage itself.

Suggestions will not spread by:

  • In the absence of medicine and cure, the only way to protect people is to create awareness on HIV and AIDS.

  • Schools should introduce ‘Sex education’ in the curriculum.

  • Schools should adopt nearby slums/villages and take responsibility to create awareness in the local communities.

How do the choices we make now affect us later
How do the choices we make now affect us later? will not spread by:

  • The choice we make today impacts our tomorrow.

  • If sex education is introduced we can save the children- the face of tomorrow.

  • If our Adults practice safe sex we can save the workforce – the face of today.

From our part
From our part will not spread by:

Seminar for teachers and parents on AIDS

Students creating public awareness

AIDS awareness for fellow students