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Dystopian. Yewon Kim 10D. What is Dystopian?.

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Yewon Kim 10D

what is dystopian
What is Dystopian?
  • Dystopian is opposite word of utopian. It describes the society which is developed negatively. The dystopian society has dictatorial government and people are under the control. Thus, people can not express their own opinions or thoughts freely. In addition this dystopian society is often very violence or warfare. Moreover, sometimes there is huge poverty in this society.
dystopian film
Dystopian Film

Tae Guk GI : brotherhood of war

This movie is about Korean war which is occurred in 1950. In this movie brother s appear and they go to war because the government force the young men to go to war. They try hard to survive from the war. But big brother misunderstand that his young brother is killed because of south Korean soldiers and try to take revenge to South Korea. Thus, he goes to North Korea and becomes North Korea Soldiers but he found out that his little brother isn’t killed and he fight against North Korea again . However, at the end of this movie he died

tomorrow when the war began john marsden
Tomorrow, when the war began – John Marsden
  • This book describes utopian society through war. Seven kids who live in a countryside town went to camp to Hell that is other side of Tailor’s which is an arete. After they came back from the camp they found out that their country is invaded and they went back to their camp place to hide.
  • I got big impression when I read the part where these 7 kids found out that their country is invaded. This is because the description of this invasion is very detail so I can easily imagine how the dystopian society looks like. (continue on the next slide)
tomorrow when the war begin john marsden
Tomorrow when the war begin – John Marsden
  • For example in the first part of the description, it describes how their dogs were dead. And it says ‘… Their eyes were red and desperate…now their chains were stretched and still and there was blood around their necks,…’
  • The second thing that I got impression is that even though there is no huge violence it makes me scared about war. In this book 7 kids appear and when they came back from their camp, there was no one in their town and there wasn’t even electricity so they can not contact with anyone which means there is no one can help them. (continue on next slide)
tomorrow when the war begin john marsden1
Tomorrow when the war begin – John Marsden
  • Because there was no one can help them they had to protect themselves. It makes me scared because I felt that when there is war, there is actually no one can help me. I should survive by myself. In addition through this empty town I felt that war can take everything from me.
  • In the book it says ‘ She picked up the phone handed it to me… realised that I’d heard no dial tone.’ and ‘But all was silent.’
what novel is saying
What novel is saying?
  • Even though this book is about war, blood and violence don’t appear often. But it shows emptiness. When 7 kids came back there was nothing. They can not find any sign of life. In the book it says ‘There was no sign of life at all…At that time of day there should have been food spread out on the kitchen table…” Through this emptiness, the novel is saying that war gives us not only blood and violence but it takes everything from us. In addition, it is saying that there is no one can help us when there is war so, we have to survive ourselves. And this book is saying it through how these 7 kids survive from this war and what they feel about this war
what novel is saying1
What novel is saying?
  • In this book, sometimes 7 kids remembered their memories when they are young. They miss the time when they are young and when there isn’t war. Through this, I think the novel is saying that war takes all our happiness, love and their peace. However, in this book, even though these 7 kids are in danger they overcome it and I think the novel gives a message to the countries in the war that they still have hope to overcome this war.
why this novel is written
Why this novel is written?
  • This book is saying that war give us more than violence and if the war is started it is very hard to stop it. In addition it says us that although we start the war for our benefits, at the end of the war we realize that there is nothing that we gain except blood and violence. Thus, I think this novel is written to warn us that war takes everything from us so the world will be empty. In addition it is written to tell us that we should give up our war.
how successful the novel is
How successful the novel is?
  • This novel is telling us the story of 7 kids who try hard to overcome this war and it doesn’t contain much description of how people died and how people get physical harm. Thus, we can read this book without any antipathy and we understand easily about war and what the writer is saying. In addition because kids appear and protect them against the country which invade their town, it makes us think of adventurous story so we can enjoy our reading more and it prevent us to feel deep sorrow or fear after we read this book. Therefore, I think this book is quite successful.
novel s relationship to society today and dystopian
Novel’s relationship to society today and dystopian
  • I think this novel is very closely related to our society because there is always probability that the war is occurred. So, we can be in same situation as these 7 kids. In addition these days North Korea threat South Korea that they will attack South Korea so, especially to me this novel is very closely related. This novel is related to dystopian as well. In dystopian society we are under the control so we can not express our opinions freely and this society is warfare. Therefore, this novel reflects how the dystopian world looks like.
the end
The End!!!

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