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Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool PowerPoint Presentation
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Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool

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Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool. (Autonomous) Accredited with “A” Grade by NAAC Accorded “CPE” Status by UGC. A Move towards …. CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (C B C S). CONTEXT. OBJECTIVES OF CBCS. To provide more academic flexibility in the form of Electives & AOCs

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Presentation Transcript

Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool


Accredited with “A” Grade by NAAC

Accorded “CPE” Status by UGC

SJGC (A), Kurnool


A Move towards ….


(C B C S)



SJGC (A), Kurnool



  • To provide more academic flexibility in the form of
  • Electives & AOCs
  • To provide students multidisciplinary curriculum
  • To enable students to progress at their own pace
  • To develop an in depth knowledge in a selected area
  • To train a student in a specific skill, to equip
  • for the job market.

Unit of Weightage to the subject/ syllabus in terms of hours of study (1 hour per week -1 Credit)

  • Weightage depends upon Content & Duration

( Major paper- more hours – more credits

Elective paper – less hours- less credits)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

awarding degree number of credits
Awarding Degree - Number of Credits
  • Minimum Credits required– 140

(Minimum no. for Pass)

  • Advanced learners – up to 160

(Taking Add – on/ Certificate Courses offered by the departments in free hours from 3rd Semester to 6th Semester)

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Credits Pattern

SJGC (A), Kurnool

part ii foundation courses
Part – II Foundation Courses
  • QAR – To develop Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning skills
  • Human Values & Professional Ethics
  • C S – To provide Computer Literacy
  • ES – To create Environment consciousness (Environmental Studies)
  • CE – Citizenship Education to promote awareness on citizenship roles

SJGC (A), Kurnool

part ii general electives aocs
Part II - General Electives (AOCs)
  • A student is required to opt 2 General Electives
  • At least 1 Elective should be from Arts/Commerce dept for a science student
  • Vice-versa for an arts / commerce student
  • These are career & marketed oriented, skill enhancing Add on Courses (AOCs)
  • These electives are offered in 3rd to 6thsems

SJGC (A), Kurnool

part iii major subjects
Part – III: Major Subjects
  • 03 Major Optional subjects are to

be taken basing on the choice of the

group selected by B.A. & B.Sc., students

  • 04 Major Papers in 1st and 2nd Years,

06 Major Papers in 3rd Year by the

B.Com. students

SJGC (A), Kurnool

b a major subjects
B.A. Major Subjects


History, Economics & Political Science



TTM, Economics & Advanced English

SJGC (A), Kurnool

b sc mathematical stream
B.Sc., Mathematical Stream

(One of the combinations is to be selected)

MPC – Maths, Physics, Chemistry : Conventional


MPCS – Maths, Physics, Computer Science

MSCS – Maths, Statistics, Computer Science

MPIC – Maths, Physics, Industrial Chemistry

MPPC – Maths, Physics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

MPE – Maths, Physics, Electronics

SJGC (A), Kurnool

b sc biological stream
B.Sc., Biological Stream

(one of the combinations is to be selected)

All are restructured:

BMC – Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry

BBtC – Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry

BZC – Botany,Zoology, Chemistry

ZBC – Zoology, Biochemistry, Chemistry

SJGC (A), Kurnool

b com
B. Com.,
  • Conventional: B.Com., General


  • Restructured: B.Com., Professional

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Each dept offers 2-4 Electives in Papers – V, VI, VII and VIII based on the number of staff available

  • Students have the choice of choosing the Elective one in each paper
  • Electives are focused on area of higher learning in that particular subject

SJGC (A), Kurnool

part iv extra curricular activities community services
Part – IV: Extra-curricular Activities& Community Services
  • 03 Credits are mandatory for awarding Degree
  • Allotted 01 Credit each for Games & Sports; NSS / NCC and Cultural activities
  • Meant for all round development of the students

SJGC (A), Kurnool

  • Through Continuous Internal Assessment & External Sem-end Exams
  • Weightage ratio is 25:75 respectively
  • The performance is converted in to Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

computation of cgpa
Computation of CGPA

Step – 1: Grade Points (GPs) for the subjects in Part – I and III separately

Step – 2: Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) for 3 parts separately

Step – 3: Over all Percentage of Marks (OPM) for Part –I & III separately

Step – 4: CGPA at the end of the Course.

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Step 2 : Computation of SGPA for the

Subjects in Part-III (For V&VI Sems)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

step 3 computation of opm for part i
Step 3:Computation of OPM for Part - I

Average of 4 Sems SGPAs of Languages X 10


Similarly OPM for Part – III is also calculated

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Step 4: Calculation of Cumulative Grade Point Average (After 3 years).


Where CR= Total Credits of a course

GP = Grade Points awarded for a course

SJGC (A), Kurnool

results based on cgpa
Results (Based on CGPA)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

  • Feasibility of Physical facilities,

Infrastructure & Human Resources

  • Difference with other colleges
  • Effect on employment
  • Approval of UGC/AICTE
  • Justification

SJGC (A), Kurnool

feasibility of physical facilities infrastructure
Feasibility of Physical Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Running the UG Courses in two shifts –

Morning session: II & III years

Afternoon session: I year along with PG Courses

(in order to accommodate additional electives)

  • Adequate infrastructure and learning resources are procured under CPE Scheme

SJGC (A), Kurnool

feasibility of human resources
Feasibility of Human Resources
  • The number of Programmes – 16 Conventional – 03

Restructured – 13

  • No Additional Posts are required

(Additional work load can be managed by utilizing services of the Guest faculty as there are more restructured Courses)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

effect on employment
Effect on Employment
  • No technical objection will arise at the time of appointment/higher study

(As the Degree Certificate and Marks Memos show not only the Grade Points but also Marks and Class)

  • Results in, positive impact on employment

( As System includes Career based, Market oriented and skill enhancing Add-On/ Certificate courses)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

approval of ugc aicte
Approval of UGC/AICTE
  • Autonomy permits adopting CBCS.

(So no special approval of UGC is required )

  • Approval from AICTE does not arise.

( as no Technical course is introduced)

SJGC (A), Kurnool

  • The system is more advantageous to the student community for progression
  • Fulfilling the suggestions of UGC
  • It gives more scope to secure a good grade with better score in NAAC assessment
  • No additional Physical facilities, infrastructure, learning and human resources are required

(to our college)

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Requested to accord permission to implement the CBCS in SJGC(A), Kurnool from current academic year i.e. 2013-14 itself.

( as the actual changes in the curriculum come in to effect from the 2nd year Degree i.e. 2014-15)

SJGC (A), Kurnool


Thank you

SJGC (A), Kurnool