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Hotel Food & Beverage. The Banquet Department. Key Terms. Banquet Convention Clients Banquet Event Order Banquet Manager Banquet Servers Banquet Setup Staff. Banquet Department. The banquet department handles all special food events at a hotel.

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Hotel food beverage

Hotel Food & Beverage

The Banquet Department

Key terms
Key Terms

  • Banquet

  • Convention

  • Clients

  • Banquet Event Order

  • Banquet Manager

  • Banquet Servers

  • Banquet Setup Staff

Banquet department
Banquet Department

  • The banquet department handles all special food events at a hotel.

  • A banquet is food served in honor of a special occasion.

  • There are two types of banquets:

    • Business Banquet

    • Social Banquet

Banquet department1
Banquet Department

  • The term banquet includes receptions.

  • Business banquets are often planned during conventions and business meetings.

  • A convention is a large meeting, usually sponsored by a group for its members.

  • In addition, career and technical student organizations hold conventions.

Banquet department2
Banquet Department

  • During a convention, banquets are held for business meeting, awards ceremonies, receptions, networking, and socializing.

  • Banquet occasions include:

    • Awards Ceremonies

    • Weddings

    • Bar Mitzvahs

    • Graduations

    • Birthdays

    • Proms

    • Anniversary

Booking the banquet
Booking The Banquet

  • A banquet is booked through the sales department.

  • The sales department separates banquets into two categories:

    • Single Event Banquet

    • Meeting Banquet

Booking the banquet1
Booking The Banquet

  • In a single event banquet, the purpose is the banquet.

  • Single events can be

    • Business

    • Social

  • Banquet customers are often called clients.

  • In a meeting banquet, the banquet is a part of a larger event

    • Meeting banquets are usually part of a business convention.

Booking the banquet2
Booking The Banquet

  • The banquet event order is a written record of all the decisions that have been made about what the client wants during the banquet.

  • The event order can include:

    • The number of people

    • Time of banquet

    • Type of service

    • Choice of foods

    • Timing of courses

    • Room setup

    • Décor

    • Audiovisual needs

Banquet department staff
Banquet Department Staff

  • The banquet manager is responsible for making sure that all aspects of each banquet run smoothly

    • They are also responsible for making sure that the instructions from the sales department and clients are carried out.

  • The banquet chef is responsible for feeding all large groups in the hotel.

    • They are also responsible for any buffet and showpieces such as ice sculptures.

Banquet department staff1
Banquet Department Staff

  • The banquet servers are responsible for serving food and beverage during the banquet

  • The banquet setup staff is responsible for moving and arranging the room dividers, tables, and chairs

Banquet department staff2
Banquet Department Staff

  • The audiovisual staff may be in house or from an outside company. They are responsible for:

    • Projection screens

    • Overhead

    • Data projections

    • Microphones

    • Public address system

    • Music equipment