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Project Management Strategy

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Project Management Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Management Strategy. William McMillan. Vision Statement. To provide a system and procedural guidelines for the best combination of fast, reliable management of projects, with strong central control, for the least cost and effort. Goals and Objectives.

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project management strategy

Project Management Strategy

William McMillan

C 2003 W. McMillan

vision statement
Vision Statement
  • To provide a system and procedural guidelines for the best combination of fast, reliable management of projects, with strong central control, for the least cost and effort.

C 2003 W. McMillan

goals and objectives
Goals and Objectives
  • To plan each project in just one day
  • To process and post the plan that day
  • Neutral Planning Elicitor (Facilitator)
  • Expert Planning Team Participants
  • Integrated Planning Session

C 2003 W. McMillan

neutral planning facilitator
Neutral Planning Facilitator
  • Needs Little Knowledge of Project
  • Should be Organized and Systematic
  • Able to Keep the Session on Track
  • Avoid Getting Bogged Down in Detail
  • Restrict and Direct the Discussion

C 2003 W. McMillan

expert planning team
Expert Planning Team
  • Strong Senior Management Support
  • All User and Tech Areas Represented
  • Use Only Best Qualified Participants
  • Prepared For Required Level of Detail

C 2003 W. McMillan

integrated planning session
Integrated Planning Session
  • May Have A Rough Plan in Advance
  • Consider All Tasks in Sequence Order
  • Insert Additional Tasks As You Go
  • Create Task Dependencies As You Go
  • Specify Durations and Accountabilities
  • Assignments With Level of Commitment

C 2003 W. McMillan

facilitator leads all discussion
Facilitator Leads All Discussion
  • Must Anything be done before this task?
  • What is the next task that must be done?
  • Are there any additional steps required?
  • Tasks Must be Identified, Not Explained
  • Material Costs Estimates May be Deferred

C 2003 W. McMillan

value of planning
Value of Planning
  • Defines WHAT you will do
  • Defines WHEN you will do it
  • Defines WHO will do it
  • Defines the COST of doing it
  • Defines when it will be COMPLETE

C 2003 W. McMillan

primary system objectives
Primary System Objectives
  • Provides ballpark cost estimates.
  • Defines what to do and when.
  • Identifies problem tasks early.
  • Highlights budget overrun areas.
  • Shows resource and cost distributions.
  • Gives clear report of project status.

C 2003 W. McMillan

ideal level of indenture
Ideal Level of Indenture

For easier management

  • Each Plan Should be 50 – 100 Tasks

Average length of Tasks

  • 50 Days Duration (1-6 Day Tasks)
  • 50 Weeks Duration (1-6 Week Tasks)
  • 50 Months Duration (1-6 Month Tasks)

C 2003 W. McMillan