the more you learn the more it is to learn
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THE MORE YOU LEARN, THE MORE IT IS , TO LEARN. Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance -- Will Durant-. John was an enthusiastic kid who always had a spark within, for knowledge. As usual he was pretty enthusiastic to attend school on that day too.

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John was an enthusiastic kid who always had a spark within, for knowledge. As usual he was pretty enthusiastic to attend school on that day too.
After the school gathering, the very first period

Ms. Alex tip toed to the class room demanding for a

perfect silence. The lesson was on equal distribution. Ms. Alex had already asked the students to bring stones for an activity oriented session on equal distribution.

She let out her voice at the peak:‘Arrange 3 stones in 4 rows each. And now count them. 3 equally distributed among 4 gives 12.Is that clear to you?’
John put up his little hands and waited for his turn.

‘Ma’am, can I arrange 2 stones in 6 rows

to get the same answer?


Ms. Alex stared at the boy with her

spectacles up

. ‘You little nut... interrupting the

whole system.

Can’t you control your tongue and do

what I said?’

The little one’s thought was crushed. His enthusiasm faded away. He felt a spark charging up right

from the abdomen to his chest. He was quiet.

With much satisfaction of a complete class control,

Ms. Alex concluded her lesson making the students

do what she exactly wanted to.

She asked the to students to bring charts for the

next day’s solid figure class.

The very next day the class held their breath

and waited for the teacher to drop in.

‘Good morning class. I am pretty sure that

you are ready with the sheets.

With the help of your ruler and scissors you are

now going to make a block of 5 cm breadth and

3 cm length- a rectangular figure.

John couldn’t stop his curiosity, once again.

‘Ma’am, does a 10 cm broad 5cm long

figure also make a rectangle.

Can I make one?’

Ms. Alex….yelled…’I think you are in a process of proving yourself a bit smart. Aren't you in a habit to obey the teacher?’…..
This time the little one was hurt a bit more than expected. He was made a laughing stock in front of his class mates who burst out laughing on him. Ms. Alex took a pretty long time to bring the control in her hands and in that process John had to leave the class for distracting.
Several teacher dominated sessions went on. Little John was conditioned to suppress his enthusiasm. He made it a point not to ask further questions which will disturb the class and all the more he learned how to do what his teacher says…..and not to go beyond that.

Days passed by ……Ms. Alex had to resign due to some personal problems and another teacher replaced her.

Children waited for the new teacher. Wearing a warm smile on her face she entered the class. She introduced herself and as a warm up activity she asked to students to draw something of their own choice. The students who were not conditioned for a free thinking had no idea on what to draw.
Towards the corner of the class the teacher noticed little John sobbing. She could trace fear in his eyes and his body was shivering.

Patting the boy on his shoulder she asked,…. ‘Come on my dear child…..what’s that troubling you?’

After a second’s thought he uttered, ‘Ma’m I cannot draw anything by myself…if you can show me a sample I can copy that………….I can’t do anything on my own’………….
Keep the pot of inquiry

Filled with water of knowledge

Let it boil

Add the powdered thinking

Stir it well using the spoon of communication

Put the slices of principled and open mindedness

With much care

Increase the flame of risk taking

Add the tastemaker of balance.

Garnish the mixture with a pinch of reflection.

The dish is ready for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ib learner profile

IB Learner Profile

The IDEAL Student

what is ib
What is IB?
  • “It is a programme of international education designed to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.
ib leaner profile
IB Leaner Profile
  • IB Learners are INQUIRERS:
    • Natural curiosity
    • Develop skills to use research
    • Enjoy learning
ib learner profile1
IB Learner Profile


  • Explore concepts, ideas and issues
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of subjects
  • Develop understanding of different disciplines
ib learner profile2
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are THINKERS:
    • Apply thinking skills to solve problems
    • Use creativity to solve complex issues
    • Make reasoned, ethical decisions
ib learner profile3
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are COMMUNICATORS:
    • Understand and express information creatively
    • Use different forms of communication
    • Work efficiently and willingly with others
ib learner profile4
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are PRINCIPLED:
    • Act with integrity and honesty
    • Have strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect others
    • Take responsibility for own actions and the consequences that accompany them
ib learner profile5
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are OPEN-MINDED:
    • Appreciate own culture and personal histories
    • Open to other people’s cultures, values and traditions
    • Willing to grown from experiences
ib learner profile6
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are CARING:
    • Show empathy, compassion, and respect towards the needs of others
    • Have a personal commitment to service
    • Act to make a positive difference to the lives of others
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are RISK-TAKERS:
    • Approach unfamiliar situations with courage
    • Explore new roles, ideas and strategies
    • Brave and defend their beliefs
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are BALANCED:
    • Understand importance of intellectual balance
    • Understand the importance of emotional balance
    • Understand the importance of physical balance
IB Learner Profile
  • IB Learners are REFLECTIVE:
    • Give consideration to their learning
    • Assess and understand strengths
    • Assess and understand limitations
thank you
Thank you
  • Praseedha Sreekumar