finding the green while going green l.
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Finding the Green While Going Green

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Finding the Green While Going Green - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding the Green While Going Green. Culture Of ‘Green’ At U.S. Xpress. From Our Earliest Truck Specs, Company Has Valued Conservation Seek ‘Green’ Solutions That Deliver Real Payback Early Adapter Of New Technology & Approaches Wide Range Of Innovations Today

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culture of green at u s xpress
Culture Of ‘Green’ At U.S. Xpress
  • From Our Earliest Truck Specs, Company Has Valued Conservation
  • Seek ‘Green’ Solutions That Deliver Real Payback
  • Early Adapter Of New Technology & Approaches
  • Wide Range Of Innovations Today
  • Must Balance Which InnovationIs Best Fit For YourOrganization
  • Testing& EvaluationKey Elements
from earth to the moon how far the industry has come
From Earth To The Moon:How Far The Industry Has Come
  • From 2002 To 2007, NOx has been reduced by nearly 500 times.
  • Emissions From 60 Trucks From 2007 Are Equal To Emissions From ONE 1998 truck
  • Challenge Becomes RegainingThe Fuel EfficiencyThat We Lost Since 2002
  • New Frontiers Will BeAerodynamics & Tires

Green Initiatives That Deliver Fuel Savings

  • Wide-Based Tires On NewOver-The-Road Tractors And TrailersPlaced In Service Since 2006
  • Full Aerodynamic Packages For Tractors– Trailer Test Program Underway
  • Low-Rolling ResistanceTires For All Equipment
  • Aerodynamic Mud Flaps
  • Computer-Optimized Fuel Routing,Load Planning And Dispatch System
  • GPS Dual-Mode/On-Board DirectionsWith Satellite Communication System
  • In-Cab Auxiliary Heating SystemNow Standard On Tractors
fluid dynamics
Fluid Dynamics…
  • Majority Of ‘Green’ Technology Pre-Tested At UT-Chattanooga SimCenter
  • Same Technology Used By NASA & The Military In Development & Tests
  • Ability To Accurately Simulate Conditions Before Prototype Is Developed & Tested
  • Manufactured Prototype Often Performs Better In Field
making the green investment that fits your organization
Making The Green InvestmentThat Fits Your Organization
  • The Debate On APUs & Payback
  • Can You Invest In Other ‘Green’ Initiatives & Realize More Immediate Paybacks?
  • Finite Amount Of Capital Available
  • Must Look At Broad Spectrum & What Is On The Horizon
driver involvement key to realizing green goals
Driver Involvement:Key To Realizing ‘Green’ Goals
  • Sought To Create “Buy In” From Our Driving Community
  • Goal Of Reducing Idle Time & Fuel Consumption
  • Sample Testing Within Fleet Estimated That We Had Approximately 8 Percent Of Fuel Per Day Lost Due To Idle Time
  • Designed A Driver Rewards Program That Recognizes Top Idle Reduction Performers In The Fleet
next frontiers delivering greater fuel efficiencies
Next Frontiers:Delivering Greater Fuel Efficiencies
  • Look For Continued Advances In Tire Technology
  • Continued Improvements In Aerodynamics
  • Advanced Side Fairings For Trailers Next Area Of Focus
  • Challenge: How Do Fleets Implement Strategies To Fit Their Business & Services?
green rule of thumb
Green Rule Of Thumb

The Fewer Resources That You Burn,The More Green You Get To Keep!