louis armstrong of the r oaring 20 s n.
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Louis Armstrong of the R oaring 20’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Louis Armstrong of the R oaring 20’s

Louis Armstrong of the R oaring 20’s

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Louis Armstrong of the R oaring 20’s

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  1. Louis Armstrong of the Roaring 20’s By Haley

  2. Louis Armstrong's Life Louis Armstrong was born on August 14,1901.He also lived in the New Orleans, Louisiana. • Armstrong was born into a poor family. • Louis Armstrong’s dad abandoned the family when he was born. His dad Worked in a factory. • The people that took care of him was his mother and his grandmother.

  3. More info about Louis Armstrong • Louis Armstrong attended Fisk school of boys when he was young. • He would also hang out in dance halls with his buddies. • When Louis was 11he dropped out of school and joined a quartet of boys and sang on the street for money . • From then he started to play the trumpet.

  4. Louis and the Trumpet! • He started playing the trumpet in the 1920’s. • As a child he taught him self to play music at the age 11. • So one day he showed this junk dealer and he paid him money and got him a gig at some place. • Also on News Year Eve he shot a gun. Then after that day he was sent to reform school. • He studied music and played a cornet with his school band. ( a cornet is a smaller trumpet). • After school he went to join a band called the Olive brothers. He was one of the biggest jazz players in the country. He had the most popular jazz music in Jazz. He had his own band and sang a duet with May Alix. • Was the first Fital jazz player in history of jazz players

  5. Louis Armstrong when he was famous! • Louis was the greatest person in jazz! • He record with a lot of singers like Bessie Smith, Red Onion Jazz Babies, Clarence Williams, and many more. • Louis had Hot five new record songs in his name! • In 1929 Louis Armstrong was becoming a hottest big singer in business! • He toured on a bus with this band called Hot Chocolates! • Then he went to another band called King Oliver's jazz band!

  6. Here is a lot more info of Louis Armstrong in his famous years • He re- established with this guy named Joe Glaser in a Chicago club in 1935 • Also he signed something of the manger of Decca records which is a company that can help you get really hot hits! • He made the most popular music in history of history's! • The records made him a international sensation! • Louis never sounded like a superstar. Also he sound hip and sounded more secure. • Louis Armstrong died in Corona NY in his house • Louis Armstrong would sweat a lot on stage and make the funniest faces ever on stage. But he didn’t care!

  7. Here is some more info! • Louis had a wedding and married Alpha Smith in 1942. • Then he a had a divorce with Alpha on October 2nd then on October 12th he got married to Lucille Wilson. • Then his wife bought a house in Corona NY and Louis and her lived there for the remainder of there lives in 1943. • After he got married he had a lot of tours every where like Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hawaii, Belgium, North Africa and more! • Also he has been on a lot of television shows. • Like The Ed Sullivan show, The David Frost show, and the tonight show and more. • In 1969 he had heart problems and went to the hospital. • In 1971 Louis died peacefully in his bed and was buried in Flushing Cemetery in Queens and it was 3 miles away from his house.

  8. Random Photos of The Greatest Trumpet Player Louis Armstrong

  9. Credits • Http://www.mtv.co • music/artist/armstrong_louis/artist.jhtml • • • OUR AMERICA 1865 to the Present • • Haleymadethis wholeslideshow!

  10. Fan Page! • Mitchell: Coolest faces everJared: Good musician and made funny faces • Ryleigh: ~Louis Armstrong was amazing! He inspires me to play the trumpet ;) • Kirsten: He is awesome! • Calvin: LOL I love him! He is awesome. • Michael: He is wonderful! • Mr. Walton: He is awesome! • Haley: He is an amazing jazz player of history of history's!!!!!! • Hunter: Louis Armstrong is so amazing in his songs and on the trumpet!