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Advanced Telephony Applications

Advanced Telephony Applications. Voice Mail. Auto Attendant. Call Accounting. Music On Hold. PC Operator. Call Recording. IVR Solutions. Call Center. DeskTop Pop Up. Outlook Dialler. Brief Company Presentation. Jusan specializes in the development of

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Advanced Telephony Applications

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  1. Advanced Telephony Applications

  2. Voice Mail Auto Attendant Call Accounting Music On Hold PC Operator Call Recording IVR Solutions Call Center DeskTop Pop Up Outlook Dialler Brief Company Presentation Jusan specializes in the development of Value Added Solutions for Telephony Systems Our products are present in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, North Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, where more than 100,000 installations have been made during the last 20 years. Advanced Telephony Applications

  3. Current Market Approach • Companies looking to reduce the number of unattended calls • Departments or services facing large volumes of calls (inbound & outboud) • Companies looking to provide professional and personal attention to a wide number of customers • Any organization looking to optimize internal resources and costs JUSAN brings state of the art Call Center & Telephony Technology within the reach of all types of organizations and enterprises

  4. New Challenge & Business Opportunities Decreto Lei 134/2009de 2 de Junho de 2009 Ministério da Economia e da Inovação Challenge & Business Opportunities Artigo 1.º - Objecto O presente decreto-lei estabelece o regime jurídico aplicável à prestação de serviços de promoção, informação e apoio aos consumidores e utentes, através de centros telefónicos de relacionamento (call centers).

  5. Artigo 6.º - Atendimento 2 - Uma vez atendida a chamada, o período de espera em linha não deve ser superior a 60 s. Artigo 8.º - Prestação de informação 5 - Caso seja necessário, o serviço deve garantir a transferência para o sector competente para o atendimento definitivo da chamada, no tempo máximo de 60 s a contar do momento em que o operador verifica essa necessidade e desta dá conhecimento ao consumidor ou ao utente. Artigo 9.º - Transparência 2 - O profissional deve promover e manter a gravação das chamadas efectuadas pelo consumidor ou pelo utente pelo prazo mínimo de 90 dias, permitindo a este o acesso ao seu conteúdo, nos termos previstos na legislação aplicável. Decreto Lei 134/2009 - Challenge & Business Opportunities

  6. Fidelity Call Center Solutions

  7. Fidelity Telemarketing • (software only) • Outbound calls campaigns • Telemarketing & Leads generation, • Market research, public opinion polling • Credit control, Database mgt, • Special offers, Order verification, … Outbound calls module IVR module Predictive dialing module Database integration Call recording module Database integration Call recording module Email module (NEW) Fidelity – Leading Call Center Solution for SME market Fidelity Call Center (software + hardware) Call queuing, CTI server, ACD, supervision, agent app., reports Fidelity model Optional modules Who uses it? • Technical hotline, Customer services • Help desks, Reservation centers, • Mail order, Internet, B2B purchasing, • Public services freephone information …

  8. Which Sectors? Insurance, Travel Agencies, Transport + Logisitics, Law firms, Estate Agencies, IT Services, Mobile Phone Wholesalers, Financial Services, Optical Distribution, Advertising Agencies, Market Research, Construction Materials, Call center + Telemarketing Services, Public Services (City Councils, Ambulances), Private Health Clinics, Training and Management Services, Technical Support Specialists, Pharmaceutical Distribution, … Fidelity – Leading Call Center Solution for SME market Where?currently in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Chile, Panama How many?well over 200 installations, variety of PBXs: • Siemens HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000 • Alcatel OmniPCX Office & Enterprise • Astra Ascotel, Aastra NexSpan • Ericsson MD Evolution, Ericsson MD 100 • Panasonic TDA range, NCP range • DeTeWe OpenCom 1000 • NEC Philips Sopho 100 • Cisco Call Manager What Size?Minimum 4 agents, Maximum 150 agents. Average +/- 14 agents

  9. Unlimited groups + variable messages according to position Dynamic waiting queues (threshold factor) Intelligent routing: callers number (ANI), dialed number (DNIS) … Skill based / longest idle distribution within agent groups Instantaneous update of messages and announcements Free seating controlled by PIN (Supervisors and Agents) Fidelity – Leading Call Center Solution for SME market

  10. Vertical IVR Solutions

  11. FonoMail ProAttendant - Innovative Vocal Platform for IVR solutions The FonoMail Family Leading Automatic Attendant & Voice Mail systems for the SME market Feature rich & Cost effective Vocal platform for Enhanced IVR Solutions More than 15.000 units installed during the last 10 years Presence in more than 40 countries across the 5 continents Compatible with more than 20 brands & models of PBX Unlimited possibilities of customized scenarios & developments Complete library of ready-to-use vertical IVR applications

  12. FonoMail ProAttendant - Innovative Vocal Platform for IVR solutions

  13. TCP/IP Existing customer database SQL, Access, Excel FonoMail ProAttendant - Innovative Vocal Platform for IVR solutions Fonomail ProAttendant Unlimited possibilities of Customized IVR Scenarios

  14. Call Recording Solutions

  15. Recall - A Unique Range of Call Recording Systems RECALL A complete Call Recording range for all professional needs offering Permanent, Selective or On-demand Call Recording Recall ISDNPlug & Play solution designed to record all calls made or received via ISDN lines (Basic / Primary Rate Interface) Recall SIPTo record calls made or received via SIP extensions / lines Recall Digital To record calls made or received via proprietary extensions Recall CTIFor selective and on-demand call recording Recall AnalogTo record analog extensions or analog lines

  16. Recall - A Unique Range of Call Recording Systems RECALL A Ready-to-use Solution based on a unique and common Architecture “Recording Hardware Unit” Connected to trunk lines or PBX extensions Connected to the Database Server PC “Recall Server” software Configuration of the hardware units Audio files Storage + SQL Database “Recording Manager” software Search & Management software Client / Server Software

  17. Recall - A Unique Range of Call Recording Systems Data Storage Architecture Unlimited PC based recordings storage in SQL Database • Wide range of audio files & compressions(.Wav in PCM mono, PCM stereo, True Speech) • Encrypted .wav format guarantees confidentiality (Advanced Encryption Standard - AES) • SQL Server Database included (if not provided locally) • Complete Safety & Security options - Backup in external HD or DVD - Secured PC & RAID HD - Compatible with virtual machines and remote storage • Open integration with third party CRM and ERP

  18. Recall - A Unique Range of Call Recording Systems Recording Manager Intuitive Search & Management software included with all versions. Extra Agent/Extension information from CTI link or SMDR output • All versions of Recall use the same management software for audio files search and back-up based on a unique SQL Server database • Audio files are stored in either wav or compressed format and both formats may also be encrypted • Multi users software with different users access levels • Wizard to import customer contacts directory

  19. Inventive Solutions for Real Business

  20. Ten Good Reasons for partnering with Jusan • One-Stop shop for almost any PBX Application • European market Leader in Value added PBX Solutions since 1980 • Own Hardware & Software Development Expertise • Own Manufacturing Capabilities • Open to New Specific Solutions made in Project Mode • Strong Commitment to our Partners • Jusan Pre-sales Expertise and Consulting • Jusan Solutions are Practical and Reasonable • Being a SME, we understand needs of SME’s • It is often Applications which make the Difference

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