strategic partners in nigeria femope ltd n.
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Strategic Partners in Nigeria Femope Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Partners in Nigeria Femope Ltd.

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Strategic Partners in Nigeria Femope Ltd. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Partners in Nigeria Femope Ltd.
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  1. SHEMER Medical Center Strategic Partners in Nigeria Femope Ltd.

  2. Medicine In Israel • Israel’s global reputationas a pioneer inmedicine and in the quality of medical care and services dispensed, is well established. • Considered by most as the Holy Land, Israel is a remarkable and fascinating country, steeped in history. As a world-pulling destination, Israel offers numerous cultural and religious attractions in a setting that combines the very ancient and the ultra High-Tech. Jerusalem, venerated as one of the most holy of cities for Christians, Jews and Muslims, attracts many tourists on a religious pilgrimage. Others will come to relax at the many mineral spas and float effortlessly in the Dead Sea, renowned for its rejuvenating and therapeutic benefits. • Children from all over the world come to Israel for specialized care in all areas of medical practices. Whether at the dedicated children’s hospitals or the pediatric units at the country’s facilities, Israel has become a leader in child treatment provision.

  3. Medicine In Israel • Many of Israel’s procedures in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery have been adopted by doctors throughout the world. These range from corrective interventions to the more commonly- known cosmetic improvements. • The Hematology-Oncology Department for children and adults is a national referral center. The Center was established 30 years ago and receives young patients and adults with blood and malignant diseases from all over the country as well as overseas patients. Each year, about 150 new cases of malignant diseases are diagnosed in children and adolescents, and in another 250 youngsters with various blood diseases. • The Bone Marrow Transplantation Units is at the forefront in the treatment of Leukemia, Lymphatic and Solid malignant tumors and is a leader in the field on an worldwide level.

  4. Medicine In Israel • Fertility tourism to Israel, affords to couples who need IVF treatment to receive it while relaxing and touring the holly places in Israel. • Israel is one of the world leaders, both in the of number of treatment cycles per capita/per year, and also in its success' rates; the Israeli statistics are among the top 5 world-wide; Israel has more fertility clinics per capita that any other nation. • The Heart Institutes in Israel are tertiary referral centers, serving the entire country as well as patients from abroad. Israel provides a complete range of cardiovascular services, from outpatient cardiac diagnosis and follow-up to the most advanced diagnostic and interventional procedures, for adults, children and infants, including pre & post transplant assessment & follow-up

  5. In Addition Israel Facilitates: • Internal Medicine • Neurology and Neurosurgery • Cardiology and coronary intensive care; Cardiac Surgery • Orthopedics • Urology • Gynecology and Obstetrics • Maxilo-Facial Treatments • Ophthalmology • Trauma center • General surgery • Rehabilitation • Nephrology • Endocrine units • Metabolism Unit • Dermatology • Interventional Radiology and Radio- surgery • Oncology • Rheumatology • Otolaryngology • Gastroenterology • Immunology • Infectious Diseases

  6. SHEMER Medical Center • SHEMER is the TOP medical service provider for foreign patients in Israel • SHEMER’s unique approach ensures that the patients receive the best medical care Israel has to offer. Patients receive medical treatment in the best hospital departments in Israel. SHEMER combines the best facility with the best physician on an individual, case to case basis • SHEMER Medical Center has more than 17 years experience in offering first class medical services to patients from all over the world • Cooperating with the leading hospitals in Israel, SHEMER is able to offer the patient a combination of the expert physicians with years of  specialization in the required field of medicine, combined with the most experienced hospital for that procedure in the country. This greatly increases the chance of a successful treatment. • SHEMER’s medical team will evaluate the patient’s medical file, confer with a specialist and send him assessment and price proposal.

  7. Shemer Medical Center • There is little or no waiting period for treatment. In addition, SHEMER assists patients with the visa process. SHEMER’S contacts within the consulates enable to assist patients to get visas quickly. SHEMER could begin the treatment process of a patient in as little as 7 day’s time of proposal acceptance • SHEMER represents Western medicine but is less expensive than both Western Europe and USA. SHEMER provides the best quality care available for less. This enables more patients to be treated with the same amount of funding without compromising quality of care • To every patient arriving at SHEMER Medical Center VIP class service is guaranteed from the moment that he decides to get treatment at the center and till he returns home. • Israel’s exceptional level of medical services attracts many patients from USA and EU who seek best medical treatment for affordable cost

  8. Shemer Medical Center Thank you!