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Indigenous Australians

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Indigenous Australians
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Indigenous Australians

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  1. Indigenous Australians Salma Kanaan 8C

  2. The People The indigenous people of Australia (a.k.a. the Torres Strait Islander peoples) were semi-nomadic. They were hunters and gatherers. They were mostly calm and found their families, land, communities, and environments very important to them.

  3. Their Culture Each person in the tribes would have a totem (an animal or plant) and they had special ceremonies for it and performed it each year to ensure the constant supply of that totem. The Torres Strait Islander people did not have many laws, however if any were broken, they had to face what was know as a spear-throwing in which men would hurl their spears at the lawbreaker, however they were allowed to defend themselves.

  4. More About Their Culture Their beliefs of their origins, ancestors, and relationships were expressed through their dreaming/dreamtime which is usually shown through their aboriginal art. If any conflicts occurred between multiple aboriginal groups, it was usually over their beliefs rather than what most conflicts occur for – who owns which land. There were many trades that occurred between groups consisting of goods and new technologies that others didn’t have.

  5. More Culture There were many language groups however they didn’t usually move all together. They usually met up in small bands which were made up of people from the same clan/families. There were no rulers, so decisions were often made by the older people in the groups.

  6. The Impact on them Europeans were the people whom colonized their lands. The Europeans used the majority of the land for farming. They cut down many of the trees and plants that were naturally there and planted different crops. Many of the native animals which lived there were shot down and all of the aboriginal food supplies were removed.

  7. More About The Impact The Europeans made it a rule that no traditional and cultural ceremonies were allowed to be held. After the Europeans came to the aboriginal land, they carried with them many diseases and illness which spread around very fast and that killed off the majority of the indigenous people.