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Ho-Chi-Minh City VIETNAM

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Ho-Chi-Minh City VIETNAM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Institute for Computational Science and Technology. Ho-Chi-Minh City VIETNAM. Thanh N. Truong, Director. Report to the President – June 2005. Computational science is now indispensable to the solution of complex problems in every sector, from traditional science and engineering domains to

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ho chi minh city vietnam

Institute for Computational Science and Technology

Ho-Chi-Minh City


Thanh N. Truong, Director

report to the president june 2005
Report to the President – June 2005

Computational science is now indispensable to the solution of complex problems in every sector, from traditional science and engineering domains to

such key areas as national security, public health, and economic innovation…

preparation steps
Preparation Steps

1/2006 – Conference on the Capability for Development of Computational Science in Ho-Chi-Minh City.

6/2006 – Proposal for creating the Institute for Computational Science and Technology completed.





1/2007 – ICST was formally created

2/2008 – Founding Executive Board were appointed

12/2008 – Grand Opening


Pasteur’s Quadrant Research Model

Creation of knowledge: basic, curiosity-driven research

Application of knowledge

Basic Science


Classic Research Model

Mission-oriented research model




Focus on New Knowledge Creation?





Focus on Application?



Unique Features

  • Polytechnical Universities
  • Universities of Natural Sciences
  • National Labs
  • Research Institutes
  • Overseas Vietnamese professors
  • International collaborations
  • Vietnamese Education Foundation Fellows
computational life science
Computational Life Science
  • Focus
    • Computer-Aided Drug Design
    • MD Simulations of Biological systems
    • Bioinformatics
  • Current Projects
  • Understanding drug resistant mechanism and virtual screening for H5N1 and A/H1N1
  • Simulations of amyloid fibril formation in Alzheimer và Parkinson
  • Software development


GS. TSKH. Mai Xuân Lý (Poland)

GS. Trương Nguyện Thành (USA)

GS. Phan Văn Vĩnh Thụy (USA)

Mai Khánh Bình

Nguyễn Tiến Hùng

Hoàng Bảo Nam

Nguyễn Trúc Trang

Nguyễn Thi Minh Thư

Trần Thị Diểm Trang

understand interaction between tamiflu with h5n1 and a h1n1
Understand interaction between Tamiflu with H5N1 and A/H1N1

Thanh N. Truong, Hung T. Nguyen, and Ly Le

environmental science
Environmental Science

How simulations can help?


Climate Change

TS Nguyễn Văn Thịnh (Canada)

Lê Thị Thu Hiền

Nguyễn Thị Hồng Hà

Nguyễn Thi Vui

Trần Quốc Việt

molecular science and nano materials
Molecular Science and Nano-materials

GS. Nguyễn Minh Thọ (Belgium)

GS. Trương Nguyện Thành (USA)

Nguyễn Thị Huyền

Phạm Quốc Bửu

Nguyển Minh Tâm

Trần Hà Giang

Bùi Đăng Khoa


Supported transition metal nano-clusters and its use as catalysts in fuel cell applications.

material science
Material Science

Graphene – A new carbon-based nanomaterial

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)

Understanding electronic structure, stability, physical properties, and activity of graphene using ab initio quantum chemistry methods.

Structure-Property relationships for OLED materials using semi-empirical quantum chemistry methods.

computational engineering
Computational Engineering

Focus: Applications of numerical modeling and simulation methods to discover new scientific knowledge relevant to engineering problems and to enhance technological competitiveness.

  • Current Research areas
  • Multi-physics modeling, design and production
  • of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) boats
  • Fluid - structure interaction: the motion of boats, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces, structural behavior.
  • Controlled Vacuum Infusion (CVI) molding: simulating plastic flow, optimizing molding method.
  • Production cost modeling: estimating total cost, optimizing manufacturing processes.


GS. TS. Trần Công Thành (Australia)

GS Trương Nguyện Thành (USA)

Hồ Thị Thu Hồng

cyberinfrastructure research

Universities National Labs Industries








Visualization/Analysis Tools

Tutorial Lessons

Communication Tools

Databases & Electronic Notebook

Scientific Application Tools


Cloud Computing

Cyberinfrastructure Research

GS Phạm Văn Vĩnh Thụy (USA)

GS Trương Nguyện Thành

Hồ Bảo Linh

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hân

Trần thị Hải Lưu

Phạm thị Ngọc Lan

Trương Thị Khánh Dịp

Bùi Thanh Lịch

vietnam education crisis and respond
Vietnam Education: Crisis and Respond

Higher Education Task Force

November 2008 Report

Thomas J. Vallely

Ben Wilkinson

Harvard Kenedy School for Democratic Governance and Innovation

Innovation Index

Publications in Peer-review Journals in 2007


Inside Vietnam

Outside Vietnam

  • Trust
  • Lack of delegation of power in management
  • Investment for R&D in science and technology is still low
  • Limited computing infrastructure to support research activities
  • ‘Extreme’ bureaucratic procedures with little understanding on the research process
  • Passive-style education system with heavy emphasis on memorization and passing written exams
  • Students are ill-prepared for research work
  • Trust
  • Lack of commitment
  • Mentality of giving mercy
  • Have limited time in Vietnam
  • Lack of understanding on government procedures and policies