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From News to Story. Prof. Myrna Monllor Jiménez Prof. Helen Avilés Abreu. Using the newspaper to develop writing skills. Find newspaper articles to develop writing pieces: short stories, poems, essays, reflections, opinions, summaries

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from news to story

From News to Story

Prof. Myrna Monllor Jiménez

Prof. Helen AvilésAbreu

using the newspaper to develop writing skills
Using the newspaper to develop writing skills
  • Find newspaper articles to develop writing pieces: short stories, poems, essays, reflections, opinions, summaries
  • Have students study the format of a newspaper. They can each write an article for each section: local news, world news, entertainment news, sports, travel, etc.
  • These are good exercises to practice titles since these really have to grasp the attention of the reader.

Different sections of the paper can be used to write:

      • Found Poems
      • Comparison and contrast writing using advertisements

and shoppers

      • Argumentative essays by following a news topic for some time
      • Description of products
where to get the templates
Where to get the templates
  • Word has many free newspaper templates. Here are some examples.
writing a story based on an article
Writing a story based on an article
  • Select articles that will interest your students and which have visual information that will help them develop their stories
  • The following use simple vocabulary for ELL students

activity 1 writing a story
Activity 1: Writing a Story

Choose story based on student interest

activity 2 writing stories based on headlines
Activity 2: Writing Stories Based on Headlines

The title will provide details for the story

  • Farmer Dyes His Sheep Orange
  • Seven-year-old Buys Plane
  • Farmer Protects his Cows by Feeding Them Magnets
  • Man Opens Hotel for Chickens
  • Man Sneezes Bullet Out his Nose

Titles need to grasp reader’s attention

In English you need to capitalize main words

titles should
Titles should
  • Capture the attention of the reader
  • Reflect the tone of the written text
  • Be short and precise
  • Contains key words
  • Be capitalized
  • Write a title that is a question
  • Write a title that evokes an image: something the reader can hear or feel
  • Write a title that begins with an –ing form
  • Write a title based on a familiar saying, a title of a book, song, or movie


Student Writing Support /Center for Writing/University of

Minnesota/ Quick Tips/Writing an Effective Title

activity 3
Activity 3

Online newspapers frequently include video sections

activity 4
Activity 4

From old magazines and newspapers, students can write Found poems

noun adjective phrase poem
Noun/Adjective/Phrase Poem
  • Line 1 : Noun
  • Line 2: Four Adjectives
  • Line 3: Phrase related to the noun
  • Line 4: Phrase related to the noun
  • Line 5: Phrase related to the noun

Digital camera

Composing, focusing, flashing, recording,

To freeze the moment

To feed the spirit

To make flowers bloom forever

phone number poem
Phone number poem
  • Seven-line poem based on the telephone number. Each number will determine the number of syllables each line could have

I bite into the

peppermint patty.

The taste floods my mouth.





tanka poems
Tanka Poems
  • Japanese Poem
  • Depends on the number of lines and syllables instead of rhyme

Line 1 5 syllables

Line 2 7 syllables

Line 3 5 syllables

Line 4 7 syllables

Line 5 7 syllables

poetic formulas diamantes
Poetic Formulas:Diamantes

Contrast poem in the shape of a diamond

Line 1: one noun as the subject

Line 2: two adjectives describing the subject

Line 3: three -ing forms telling about the subject

Line 4: four nouns (the first two related to the subject and the second two related to the opposite)

Line 5: three participles telling about the opposite

Line 6: two adjectives describing the opposite

Line 7: one noun that is the opposite of the subject