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OnContact CRM Customer Relationship Management PowerPoint Presentation
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OnContact CRM Customer Relationship Management

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OnContact CRM Customer Relationship Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OnContact CRM Customer Relationship Management. Rich "client" experience, completely web-based Access data anytime, anywhere. Ease of navigation. Dashboards with drill-down options that managers enjoy.  Data model offers upgrade path, customizations review

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OnContact CRM Customer Relationship Management

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crm 7 benefits
Rich "client" experience, completely web-based

Access data anytime, anywhere.

Ease of navigation.

Dashboards with drill-down options that managers enjoy. 

Data model offers upgrade path, customizations review

Weekly - User demo/training sessions (one hour)

CRM 7 Benefits
why deploy crm
Why Deploy CRM?
  • More effective sales pipeline management
  • Increased hit rate for opportunities
  • Better teaming with partners
    • Sharing information
  • Enhanced customer service
    • Incidents, Communications
  • Complete view of business relationship
    • Contacts
    • Activities
    • Related Firms/Contacts
  • More effective marketing campaigns
crm objectives
Organize Customer Interaction

Collect and Share Sales Manager Call Reports

Collect and Manage Complaint Database

Solve Problems While on the Phone (Solutions DB)

Collect and Follow-Up on Leads Including - Trade Shows - Cold Calls from Web Site - Sales Team Blitzes

Conduct and Manage End User Prospecting

Pro-Active Campaigns to Protect the Base

Conduct Marketing Campaigns and Measure Success

Conduct Research Marketing Campaigns for Future Product Roll-Outs

More Efficient and Timely Call Reporting

crm 7 features
Accessible Everywhere, Web-based Rich "client" experience

Available iPhone/Blackberry Apps for Contacts & Activities

Configurable Dashboards with Full Drill-downs

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

Marketing Campaign Management

Mail-Merge, e-Mail Blasts

Incident Tracking

Document Linking

Contact, Calendar Appointment and Task Outlook Integration

Customize Fields, Terminology to Match Your Business

CRM 7 Features

Today’s Technology

  • .NET Platform
  • On-premise or hosted CRM
  • Industry leading relational databases MS SQL Server
  • Bi-directional integration with Outlook
  • Backoffice integration with web services, database views, API, etc

Account Management

Sales Opportunity


CRM Analytics

Customer Service

Complete Solution


CRM 7 Is Flexible

  • Customize application with Toolkit
  • Create unlimited fields or screens
  • Add or modify fields
  • Add or modify tree controls, toolbars, tabs, query frames, buttons, rich text controls, list boxes
  • Upgrades compatible with future versions
  • Add workflow to create events that trigger wizards, screens, workflow, prompts, etc.

Ease of Use

Quickly view company profile data.

Work inside the existing tab or in a new tab.

Use the tab view to quickly access activity data, account information, opportunities, incidents, sales orders and more.

Track unlimited contacts and their contact information.


CRM 7 Management Dashboard

The customizable dashboard is a powerful feature of CRM 7.

It is easy to create, view and configure any number of graphs on the screen plus it is very easy to work with and customize to your needs.


CRM 7 Sales Dashboard

Each dashboard is customizable and displays up-to-date account information, allowing you to easily navigate to any area of the system with only one click.


CRM 7 Search and Navigation

The search and navigation features of CRM 7 provide a fast way to search on any type of data.


CRM 7 Hover views

Tooltips contain summary data that is displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over a certain type of data, for example a Contact name.

Tooltips provide quick access to commonly viewed data, eliminating the need to open the record to obtain this summary information.


CRM 7 Company Screen

From the company screen, you get an overview of company data and contacts.

This tab-generated system allows you to work inside the existing tab or in a new tab. No more opening and closing records.

View a complete history of all interactions with a given customer or prospect.


CRM 7 Activity View

The activity view provides a reference point with a complete biography of all the interactions that have taken place, as well as what you need to do to sustain and build upon the relationship in the future.


CRM 7 Attachments

Attachments, quotes, contracts and more can be stored in the attachment tab.


CRM 7 List Management

Predefined queries return groups of records with matching criteria such as a To Do list. There is also a query for Favorites which are records that are accessed often by a user.


CRM 7 Company Financials

Store account, credit and payment information all in one place that is accessible from the company screen.


CRM 7 Company Profile

Store important company information altogether in one area so that it can be easily accessed.


CRM 7 Contact Screen

The Oncontact CRM 7 sales module helps you increase selling time and customer satisfaction.

Users have a complete 360-degree view of the customer’s organization.


CRM 7 Opportunity View

Track and forecast your Opportunities from the main screen to quickly grasp your position in the sales cycle.


CRM 7 Opportunity Screen

Opportunity management allows you to coordinate sales forecasting, relationship building and sales methodologies.

Use CRM 7 to track your opportunities to promote team selling and workflow.


CRM 7 Support View

Record incident to create a complete service history. View a complete history of all your customers’ open and closed issues.


CRM 7 Support Screen

All support information including case number, open and closed dates and status are stored here.