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bulk sms for personal uses

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Bulk SMS For Personal Uses

Wedding Invitation :

Even if you print thousands of wedding invitations, it can’t possibly reach everybody you’ll want to see on your wedding or your friend’s wedding. This is where bulk SMS can come in to save the day; all you need is the phone numbers of the folks you want to show up in your wedding. Blast it and presto, they’ll all receive no matter where they are located on earth.

Festival Wishes:

Yes, you can use Bulk SMS services for wishes on festive occasion such to your friends, family, relatives and beloved.

Birthday party invitation :

Are you marking your birthday in Bangalore or at the beach? You can use bulk SMS to invite friends and relatives.

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Bulk SMS For Personal Uses

Book launch announcement:

Are you an author like myself? You can use bulk SMS to announce to your list, friends, and contacts about your latest work and give them reasons to get a copy.

“I can do ……………. for money” SMS:

Do you just finish university and actively hunting for job but have yet to get a call up? Or you’re already working but need an additional stream of income? You can send out bulk SMS about a service you can do for money, for example, home tutorials, computer training, web design, proofreading, and so on.

Motivational SMS:

Do you want to be in people’s good books? Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to be memorable especially to people you just meet? Do you want your friends and extended family to remember you for good? Send out weekly motivational SMS to them using bulk SMS.


Bulk SMS For Personal Uses

Romantic SMS:

Are you into any serious relationship or are you married? Take your relationship to a new height by using bulk SMS to send branded romantic and “love you” SMS to your significant other. You can even schedule it to be delivered day and night for 365 in a year.

Happy new week SMS:

Show people they are on your mind by always sending them happy new week SMS.

Happy new month SMS:

You can use bulk SMS to wish people happy new month. This will make them remember you for good and position you in a positive light.

Happy New Year SMS:

At the turn of a new year, don’t be left out in noble deed of wishing your loved ones and acquaintances happy new year. Bulk SMS makes this possible.


Bulk SMS For Personal Uses

Happy Independence Day SMS:

You can use bulk SMS to wish your people happy Independence Day that always takes place on October 1st of every year.

Happy workers day SMS:

May 1st (workers day) is another day of the year in which you can send your people SMS to wish them well in their various jobs and careers.

Naming ceremony invitation:

Has a new baby arrive in your family? You can use bulk SMS to announce his or her arrival and ask people to join you in thanking God for the blessing. In addition, you can also use it to invite your folks to your child’s naming ceremony.

Thank you SMS:

There’s always a need to say thank you to people who show you love by attending your events like wedding, birthday party, child naming ceremony, and so on. Bulk SMS is a great way to do it and your message will be branded in your family name.


Bulk SMS For Personal Uses

Graduation ceremony invitation:

Are you doing your graduation soon? Ensure your people are well represented by blasting out SMS to them. What’s more? That’s another way to tell people that you’re now a person of value… increased value.

Prayer request SMS:

Is there something in your life that you’ll like friends, church members, or group members to pray about with you? Use bulk SMS to send out the prayer request to get immediate and massive response.

“I’m looking for job” SMS:

Increase your chances of getting a job by letting people know you’re looking for a job using bulk SMS. Don’t be shy about it; getting a job is a noble thing. Remember to include the positions you’re looking for, your highest qualification, and the locations you’ll like to work.

Funeral invitation:

No one prays for death, but it’s inevitable. We all pray to live long at least to old age. When our old ones depart this world, bulk SMS is a good way to adopt in inviting people to pay their last respect