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Canada Wedding Favors

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Canada Wedding Favors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning to wed soon? Make your wedding a memorable and appreciable one by gifting your guests with some unique, thoughtful and marvelous wedding favors from Wedding Favors of Canada at

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Choices for Traditional Wedding Favor

Choosing your own unique wedding favor is a great way to show your personality and appreciation to your guests. In below there is a list of traditional wedding favors given. Consider it to choose a best wedding favor for your own marriage function.


Sugar cubes are the first used item as a wedding favor. In many countries, it is still believed that sugar is the symbol, health and royalty. You also can use it as wedding favor. Just pack some sugar cubes inside a plastic sheet, wrap it with a beautiful ribbon and gift. Easy, affordable and royal also.


Confetti (sugar coated almond) can also be a great choice as favor. In past, there were five almonds presented as tradition, which represents fertility, wealth, health, longevity and happiness. It will be great choice for you to use this.

  • Irish people use handmade cakes as their traditionally wedding favor. Just pack a piece of cake and handover it to your guest. Handmade cake shows your respect and loveness towards the guests.

Large Chinese coins are symbolize as wealth and good fortune and very popular for wedding favors. You can gift every guest one coin as wishing good fortune to them. These coins are perfect as favor and budget friendly also.


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