4 great tips on choosing good wedding djs click n.
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Wedding Dj Pretoria

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Wedding Dj Pretoria

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4 great tips on choosing good wedding djs click

4 Great Tips On Choosing Good Wedding


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As anyone who has been to more than one wedding reception knows, employing a good DJ is

paramount to the guests getting onto the dance floor and having a good time. Good wedding

DJs know how to work their audience, can emcee, know traditions, and can ensure that the

reception moves freely without any hitches.

The following tips should help you in your quest to find the right DJ for your special day:

Where to look for wedding DJs

One of the first places to look is the venue itself. Make inquiries to see if they can personally

recommend a DJ. A DJ who has first-hand knowledge of the venue itself has worked it several

times, and has a rapport with the staff, is going to be beneficial. Ask amongst family or friends to

see whether the DJ who did such a great job at the last wedding they went to is available.

Another option is to ask the caterer, photographer, limo company etc. whether they can

personally recommend anyone.

personality apart from experience you need your


Apart from experience you need your prospective DJ to be someone that you like and feel

comfortable with. Someone who can interact well with your guests and form a rapport with them.

It's always a good idea to phone prospective DJs first of all for a kind of pre-interview, where

you can firstly ascertain if they are free for your date and secondly, how they come across to

you. Once you've shortlisted two or three, then set up meetings with them.

What to ask and expect from wedding DJs

Okay, so you've decided on a DJ who is available, experienced and that you feel comfortable

with, so what happens next? You will need to spend a few hours with him going over your plans

for the reception to check that you're both singing from the same hymn sheet.

1. Check out his equipment

Ask about the quality and condition of his equipment. After all, you don't want to risk his

equipment malfunctioning in the middle of your reception. If he does corporate events, then he

will most likely have state of the art equipment.

2. Names of wedding guests

Give him a list of the names of the guests that you would like him to introduce at certain stages

of the reception. Put a phonetic pronunciation next to any names that are a little tricky. Nothing

is more unprofessional and uncomfortable than a DJ introducing a family member, and getting

their name wrong.

3. Check out his music

Find out how extensive his music library is, whether he will be playing CD's or digital, and also

how he will handle requests. Ask how he will select a particular song because the last thing you

want is him fumbling through a heap of CD's to find a special song. Don't treat him like a

jukebox operator though, because he should have the experience of knowing which songs to

play and when to play them.

4. Plan your own special songs

Traditionally the first dance is always between the bride and groom so you need to tell your DJ

which song you have chosen. There will other special songs during the evening, such as a

dance with the bride and her father and the groom and his mother. So again, let the DJ know

your choice or see whether he has any suggestions if you're at all unsure. Fore the best

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