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Web Technologies SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Technologies SEO

Web Technologies SEO

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Web Technologies SEO

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  1. Web Technologies Inc SEO Service in Michigan USA

  2. Submission Service • Web Technologies Inc believe in using highly optimized submission and statistics technology as a result visibility will never be an issue for your website. Our technology ensures automatic submission of your site to major search engines, online directories and link exchanges around the web. In order to capture niche search markets it is necessary to opt for visibility on minor such engines in addition to mainly being searchable on top search engines. This avails the opportunity to further enhance the score of your website on major search engines.

  3. Whilst our technology is geared to get you that high search engine ranking the importance of feedback is not lost on us. Thus we provide detailed, quarterly status reports which will give you a clear picture in reference to your sites ranking performance based on your specific keywords. In contrast to other web visibility surveys like the Alexa rankings our technology does not rely on small samples of data gathered against larger generalizations but measures actual field quantified results. By adopting potential customer simulation we attempt to determine your ranking by entering your specific search engine keywords into a number of search engines. Not only does this guarantee a higher success ratio for your website but it eliminates the chances of failure.

  4. Web Technologies Inc., thrives today only because we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality of service. We assist customers in taking that next big leap after facilitating submission of their websites to a large number of search engines. Word of mouth is everything in our industry hence your success implies our success. Our prices are suitable even for those small business owners who are aiming for that next break thru but have a limited budget.