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Web designing service in jaipur PowerPoint Presentation
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Web designing service in jaipur

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Web designing service in jaipur
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Web designing service in jaipur

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  1. 3 Key Factors Of Website Designing A website must be designed effectively as it is one of the top reasons for your site to attract visitors rather you can also say potential customers. There are various aspect of web designing that you need to ponder upon. If a website has an impressive and appealing design, the visitor does stay on the website for long and definitely comes back. A known fact about websites is that it takes only 4 seconds to a visitor to decide if they like the website design or not. Any further browsing of the website depends on that initial impression.

  2. If your business depends a little or totally on the website of your business; you seriously need someone to fix your website design, this will contribute to the business success through the website as well. Let’s start by going through the basics, people need information on the web and the website that provides it most easily gets a permanent visitor. Your website must have all the relevant information about your business and anything remotely associated with it. This is the basic relationship of a website and a user.

  3. If you go for an affordable web design service, they will work on 3 key factors of web designing: • Content of the website • Graphics • SEO Friendly

  4. Let us explain them one by one: 1 Content: There is a famous saying for people on the internet; “content is king”. It is not just a famous quote, but the truth. Content is most important part of the website and the basics of web design revolves around it. The visitors should learn all the important details at your website or they will start looking for better content at other sites. You must have great content writing skills and you can also hire skilled writers to do that for you. A good site with great content is half the job done.

  5. 2 Graphics: Now that you understand what you must do to have the best content on your website, next thing you should look upon is graphics. Graphics comprise of pictures, images, flash images, videos etc. These little elements showcase the website as one exciting place to hangout. I recently found a movie website, where there was good content, but great graphics and now I am a regular visitor of that particular site. This is the power of graphics on a website. Some software that will help you with graphics is Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. However, the advice is to hire an affordable web design service and let them do the job for you, then will even do the content job of your website.

  6. 3 SEO Friendly: Ok, you have great content on your website and it looks attractive, now what? Now, getting the visitors onto your website; for this you will need to learn little tips and tricks of SEO.   An SEO Friendly website has a good navigation system, due to which all the important pages of your website are easily navigated and is easily visible on internet searches. This visibility increases the probability of random visitors getting stumbled upon to your website. These are three most important web designing factors to get maximum results from your websites.

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