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non-surgical hemorrhoid remedy PowerPoint Presentation
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non-surgical hemorrhoid remedy

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non-surgical hemorrhoid remedy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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non-surgical hemorrhoid remedy

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    1. Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Remedy

    2. STOP – WARNING SOME PICTURES MAY BE DISTURBING and GRAPHIC!!! This information is provided for educational purposes only!

    3. Hemorrhoids are masses or clumps of tissue in the anal canal that are made out of blood vessels and supporting tissue, which is composed of muscle and elastic fibers.

    4. The anal canal is the last four centimeters that stool passes through the rectum. Although people assume that hemorrhoids are not normal, everyone can have them to one degree or another.

    5. It is only when they increase in size are they considered abnormal or a disease. About four percent of the population experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

    6. Hemorrhoids are found equally in men and women and usually occur when a person is between 45-65 years but some younger people can experience them also.

    7. It is not known what actually causes the hemorrhoids to enlarge, but there are many theories. High fiber intake may be one. Some other theories are, they are caused by too much time sitting on the toilet, straining during bowl movement or chronic constipation. The only clear theory is during pregnancy. It is not clear why, but is common in pregnant women.

    8. Once hemorrhoids are discover… they may become very painful and your medical doctor may advice you to have surgery. GOOD NEWS!!! There are other natural products available that can shrink and relieve the pain FAST…… WITH OUT SURGERY… that you may want to consider. To Get More Information about a Fast Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Remedy GO TO THE LINK BELOW: