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The Merits of Professional Web Scraper Software PowerPoint Presentation
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The Merits of Professional Web Scraper Software

The Merits of Professional Web Scraper Software

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The Merits of Professional Web Scraper Software

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  1. The Merits of Professional Web Scraper Software In order to survive in the era of competition a business firm needs market research. Researching market involves thorough analysis and gathering of data. For the sole purpose web scraping was created. In web scraping data is extracted from various sources and then it is monitored. At lower level simpler manual methods are opted. Yet it is better to have professional web scraper software.

  2. Such softwares are found in abundance over the internet. Some are free of cost while others have a nominal cost which increases with advancement in features. Web scraper software analyses the API of a website. After this analysis the data could be exported to different formats like HTML or spreadsheet. Of the variety available online most softwares come with additional features. The various benefits of professional web scraper software are:

  3. Market share expansion: With good usage of this professional system it is possible to get a wider share in market. Price analysis and other techniques help the business firm to mend its ways and act according to the trend in the market. • Accessibility to up-to-date data: Data changes are common in any website. Manual power will not be able to collect up-to-date data because it changes very quickly over internet. With the help of professional software it is easy to access up to date and renewed data. • Low cost: Online software for web scraping is available free or in a very nominal price. The price is nothing as compared to the work it does for a business avoiding manual power. • Less consumption of time: when web scraping is to be done than the most time-effective method is a professional method. Manual scraping requires a good quantity of time where as online scraping is quite automated.

  4. A simple user interface and extended menu plus command line options where users can specify exact filters such as levels to dig down into, modify with Boolean operators and specify horizontal or vertical crawling order. • Facility to export data exactly into the format that can be used straightaway for analysis purposes, in formats such as .csv, .txt, HTML, XML, SQL script, MySQL script, any ODBC data source or plain Access database that can be uploaded to an FTP server if required. • Automatic multi-threaded downloading • Facility to use a template and also create templates for future use • Schedule downloads. • Use proxy servers and rotating IP addresses for anonymity • Dig in to password protected sites and even access data created dynamically

  5. Better returns: Manual scraping is not much useful because of its high cost and outdated data. On the other hand with professional scraping it is possible to get better and enhanced results. • Entry into different markets: Expansion is the very next step to success. For this purpose it is important to have strategy. With proper scraping it is possible to explore new markets by the use of early go to market strategy. • High quality data: Data gathered by a professional web scraping system is renewed and structured.

  6. Quick and easy result: Results with professional web scraping are very quick. They have an automated process which is therefore a quick and handy process. If a crawler engine is used the speed increases even more. • Ease of use: Most of the softwares available online are automated. They are user friendly and make it possible for an inexperienced person to work with it.

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