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Australian Anthem

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Australian Anthem

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  1. Australian Anthem Advance Australia Fair By Kevin And Xavier

  2. Advance Australia Fair Lyrics • Australians all let us rejoiceFor we are young and freeWe've golden soil and wealth for toilOur home is girt by seaOur land abounds in nature's giftsOf beauty rich and rareIn history's page, let every stageAdvance Australia FairIn joyful strains then let us singAdvance Australia FairBeneath our radiant Southern CrossWe'll toil with hearts and handsTo make this Commonwealth of oursRenowned of all the landsFor those who've come across the seasWe've boundless plains to shareWith courage let us all combineTo Advance Australia FairIn joyful strains then let us singAdvance Australia Fair

  3. The Composer Of Advance Australia Fair Advance Australia Fair was created by Scottish born composer Peter Dodds McCormick.It was first performed in 1878 but was not the official anthem until 1984.

  4. How The Anthem Got Chosen The official anthem was God Save the Queen from 1788 to 1974, although commercials and official competitions were held over the years to find a replacement. The first was held in 1840. The search for the Australian National Anthem continued. In 1974 a public poll sampled around 60 000 people to select from three possible anthems: ‘Advance Australia Fair’, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘Song of Australia’. ‘Advance Australia Fair’ polled 51.4 per cent. Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, announced that ‘Advance Australia Fair’ would be the national anthem, except on specifically Royal occasions, when both it and ‘God Save the Queen’ would be played.

  5. Events In 1840 commercials and competitions were held over the years for a new Australian anthem. Theme Australia is showing off all its good qualities We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil

  6. Hope You Enjoyed Our Work Made By Kevin and Xavier