it s not just about a website but it s about n.
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Best IT Company in Delhi NCR PowerPoint Presentation
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Best IT Company in Delhi NCR

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Best IT Company in Delhi NCR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WE6S Technology India is a leading it company in Delhi NCR. We offer affordable cost web design and development services in Delhi NCR. We at WE6S Technology India, we create possibilities for the ideal technology solutions to meet your business needs. We empower solutions that not just display an attractive website rather that is integrated with frameworks that eases you from extra work. Our website acts as your company’s business booster with special SEO enabled features embedded with the website development, we assure your business earns a targeted traffic. A targeted traffic can do a lot make you win leads without bearing any additional cost. Such is the power that we exude your website to have. From the date of conception, At WE6S Technology India have been innovators, leaders as well as pioneers right in the driver’s seat of search engine optimization, web design, web development, e-commerce solution, social media optimization, digital marketing, website promotion and search engine marketing. We just do not provide digital marketing services; we are like a brain storming tank. We only employ super bright professionals who keep us in the lead. WE6S Technology India has strived to keep ahead of its competitors by giving our partners effective, honest and prolonging SEO services. WE6S Technology India is top notch website designing and development company in Delhi even best website design agency in Noida Delhi NCR providing cutting-edge web solutions. \nFor more information please visit our website: \n

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it s not just about a website but it s about

It’s not just about a website, but it’s about a good website

First impression is the last impression. A set of researchers came to a very shocking yet remarkable

finding and that is the bulk of internet users take less than a moment to make a decision whether they

like a website or not!

In a flash of an eye

Scientific study proved that it takes a flash of an eye for a good website visitor to assess a website’s

visual demand. It’s not just about a website, but it’s about a good website. Before taking time to study

the content, a method called aesthetic appeal: dealing with beauty and taste is triggered by the

subconscious to inspire the brain to evaluate whether the website looks primarily good or not. If yes, the

user will go on checking the website, if no, the back button is forever there to click.

What do users scan in this one moment?

A typical user will test your website design visuals: the color scheme, the layout, the font, the buttons,

delivery of content and images in that split of a moment. Not essentially in that same manner but these

are some of the fundamentals that influence his / her decision to stay longer or leave.

Time to consider what you are here for

Ultimately I checked it was to attract, talk as well as interact with your website guests to convert them

into users. Nothing has changed since then apart from that now we know that there’s a time element to

think: a window that is open only for one moment to attract your viewers.

Stretching that One moment and making it count

Rests are doing it, so why can’t you? Yes, as hard as it may appear it is achievable. It just takes a large

amount of work from your side to stretch that one moment to make it add up as well as invoke positive

effect on your viewers. Now, it is about time we talk about website design tools.

Tools of website design are:






Since we have discussed visibility and content, it’s time to discuss appearance as well as usability. Make

use of a single style all over your website. If you are creating a business website then I advise your

website design style to be simple, professional, as well as related to the theme of your content.


Make colors to “attract” your viewers as well as prepare their subconscious for what you have to “talk”.

If you apply color wheel you will be competent to create attractive color combinations that match well.

Experts suggest that colors have mental impact on its viewers, use your colors smartly. Allow me to

share a psychological analysis of what the colors invoke in your viewers.


Use fonts that are simple to read, and eye comforting. Choose sensibly some fonts when capitalized

source of mess Paragraphs, highlight and bulleted text.

A little about us:-

WE6S Technology India is leading IT and web development company in Delhi NCR. We focused especially

serving the best website designing and SEO services in Delhi NCR. WE6S Technology India is an digital

technology company that specializes in web related services include website design, website

development, e-commerce solutions, education portal development, government portal development,

b2c portal development, b2b portal development, classified portal development, enterprise portal

development, hospital portal development, hotel portal development, matrimonial portal development,

job portal development, real estate portal development, travel portal development, ecommerce store

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search engine optimization, digital marketing, brand strategy, search engine marketing, social media

optimization, social media marketing, online marketing and website promotion. We are also specialized

in website development company in delhi even best website designing company in India, website

designing company delhi, noida, gurgaon, faridabad, website designing agency delhi, India that providing

digital solution at affordable cost.

For more information please visit our website: