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請填寫講座前小測驗 Please fill out the Pre-Test PowerPoint Presentation
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請填寫講座前小測驗 Please fill out the Pre-Test

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請填寫講座前小測驗 Please fill out the Pre-Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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請填寫講座前小測驗 Please fill out the Pre-Test. 歡迎 Welcome. 乙型肝炎計畫 教育研討會 Hepatitis B Project Educational Seminar. Asian American Health Initiative Department of Health and Human Services Montgomery County, Maryland. Executive Office Building January 16, 2009. 概要 Overview. 講座前小測驗 Pretest

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Hepatitis B Project

Educational Seminar

Asian American Health Initiative

Department of Health and Human Services

Montgomery County, Maryland

Executive Office Building

January 16, 2009

概要 Overview
  • 講座前小測驗Pretest
  • 關於AAHIAbout AAHI
  • 乙型肝炎計劃概要 Hepatitis B Project Overview
  • 什麼是乙型肝炎?What is Hepatitis B?
  • 你會得到什麼服務?What service will you receive?
  • 講座後小測驗Posttest
  • 下一步Next Steps
asian american health initiative aahi
關於Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)
  • AAHI 於 2004 年成立,是蒙哥馬利郡健康和人類服務部之下的組織。
  • 亞裔美國人健康促進協會(AAHI)的任務是發展符合蒙郡各亞裔美國人族群需求的合適健康計畫。
  • AAHI was funded in 2004 and is a part of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The mission is to develop appropriate health programs that meet the need of a diverse group of Asian Americans living in the County.
aahi programs
AAHI Programs
  • 癌症Cancer
  • 乙型肝炎Hepatitis B
  • 骨質疏鬆Osteoporosis
  • 糖尿病Diabetes
  • 戒煙Tobacco Control
  • 健康促進員計劃 Health Promoters Program
  • 病人導航計劃 Patient Navigator Program


Hepatitis B Project Background

  • Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)
  • 美京華人活動中心CCACC
  • 乙型肝炎計畫 Project
    • 免費的乙型肝炎教育,篩檢,協助安排轉診以施打疫苗或接受進一步的治療FREE Hepatitis B education, screening and referrals to vaccination or treatment
    • 馬里蘭州蒙哥馬利郡年滿 18 歲的居民Adults over the age of 18 living in Montgomery County, Maryland
    • 計畫開放給各種收入水準或保險狀態的成人參與,沒有門檻限制Open to all adults regardless of income level or insurance status.
an overview of hepatitis b
討論主題概覽An Overview of Hepatitis B
  • 什麼是乙型肝炎? What is Hepatitis B?
  • 亞裔人口間的流行程度Prevalence in Asian populations
  • 乙型肝炎對健康的威脅How it threatens your health
  • 症狀Symptoms
  • 預防的方式What you can do to prevent it
  • 乙型肝炎病毒(HBV) 的治療Treatment for HBV
what is hepatitis b
什麼是乙型肝炎? What is Hepatitis B?
  • 乙型肝炎病毒很容易傳播,且可能導致肝臟疾病。乙型肝炎病毒的感染力比人類免疫缺陷病毒 (HIV) 高出百倍,因此,瞭解如何保護自己和家人遠離乙型肝炎病毒的威脅,重要性實在不可小覷。
  • 乙型肝炎病毒是透過受到感染的血液及體液來傳佈,且可能導致「慢性」或「急性」乙型肝炎感染。
  • 急性感染是短期疾病,也是乙型肝炎最常見的型態。曾經發生急性感染者就會產生免疫力,不會再遭到乙型肝炎病毒的感染。
  • Hepatitis B is caused by the Hepatitis B Virus that is easily transmitted and may cause liver disease. The Hepatitis B Virus is over 100 times more infectious than HIV so it is important to learn how you can protect yourself and your family.
  • The Hepatitis B Virus is passed through infected blood and bodily fluids and can cause “chronic” or “acute” Hepatitis B infection.
  • Acute Hepatitis B infection is a short term illness and the most common form of Hepatitis B. Individuals that previously had an acute infection are immune from being re-infected by the Hepatitis B Virus.
what is hepatitis b1
什麼是乙型肝炎? What is Hepatitis B?
  • 慢性乙型肝炎感染是乙型肝炎的長期型態,也是一種嚴重的疾病,會提高發生肝癌、肝硬化 (肝臟的瘢痕) 及死亡的風險。
  • 若未進行適當的監控與治療,有高達四分之一的慢性乙型肝炎患者會死於肝癌或肝硬化。
  • Chronic Hepatitis B infection is a long term form of Hepatitis B and is a serious illness that increases your risk for liver cancer, cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), and death.
  • When left unmonitored and untreated, up to one out of four individuals with Chronic Hepatitis B will die from liver cancer or cirrhosis.
prevalence in asian populations
亞裔人口間的流行程度Prevalence in Asian Populations
  • 有十分之一的亞裔美國人罹患慢性乙型肝炎,而美國白人罹患同種疾病的比例只有千分之一。
  • 其中,華裔美國人發展成乙型肝炎相關肝癌的風險,比白人高出六倍。
  • 疾病管制局建議在亞洲出生者接受檢測,瞭解是否感染此高感染力的病毒。
  • 1 out of 10 Asian Americans has chronic Hepatitis B compared to 1 in 1000 Caucasian Americans.
  • Chinese Americans, in particular, have a 6 fold higher risk for developing Hepatitis B-related liver cancer than Caucasians.
  • The Centers for Disease Control recommends that individuals both in Asia be tested for this highly infectious virus.
b how does it threaten your health
B 型肝炎病毒對我的健康有何威脅? How does it threaten your health?
  • 其中一種普遍的感染方式是亞裔美國人是在出生時,嬰兒從遭到感染的母親身上染上乙型肝炎病毒。
  • 兩歲之前遭到感染者,較有可能發展成慢性乙型肝炎。這也是亞裔美國人罹患慢性乙型肝炎的比例如此高的主要原因。
  • A common way that Asian Americans get Hepatitis B is when an infected mother passes the virus to the baby during childbirth.
  • Individuals infected in the first two years of the life are much more likely to develop Chronic Hepatitis B. This is one of the reasons, Asian Americans have such a high rate of Chronic Hepatitis B.
how is hepatitis b spread
乙型肝炎怎樣傳染?How is Hepatitis B Spread?
  • 瞭解乙型肝炎的散佈方式,以保護您摯愛的親朋好友,這一點非常重要。It is important to understand how Hepatitis B is spread to protect your loved ones.
  • 透過遭到污染的血液傳佈。血液中的乙型肝炎病毒感染肝臟It spreads through contaminated blood. HBV in the blood infects the liver.
    • 乙型肝炎可以從以下方式傳染You can spread it by:
      • 經由產道傳給新生兒During childbirth
      • 發生沒有做好保護措施的性行為Having unprotected sex
      • 共用牙刷、靜脈注射針頭、指甲剪或刮鬍刀

Sharing toothbrushes, intravenous needles, nail clippers or razors

      • 接觸到遭感染的血液Contaminated blood contact
how is hepatitis b spread1
乙型肝炎怎樣傳染? How is Hepatitis B Spread?
  • 以下方式不會傳染病毒You cannot spread it by:
    • 共用杯子或器皿Sharing cups or utensils
    • 親吻或擁抱Kissing or hugging
    • 打噴嚏或咳嗽Sneezing or coughing
    • 餵母乳Breast feeding
    • 共享食物或飲水Sharing food or water
    • 辦公室環境 (日常接觸) Office setting (casual contact)
症狀 Symptoms
  • 許多人根本沒有症狀,並在不知情的狀況下傳播病毒。(您看來沒問題,非常健康。您最近曾到醫院做定期體檢。這就是乙型肝炎被暱稱為「無聲感染」的原因)

Many people have no symptoms and can spread it unknowingly. (You look fine and healthy. You have been to the doctor recently for a regular check-up. This is why it is nicknamed the “silent infection”)

症狀 Symptoms
  • 如果您出現症狀,可能包括:If you do have symptoms, they may be:
    • 類似流感的症狀Flu-like symptoms
      • 疲倦 Fatigue (tired or weak)
      • 噁心 Nausea (feel like you are going to throw up)
      • 黃疸Jaundice (yellow eyes/skin)
      • 關節疼痛Joint Pain
      • 深黑色尿液Dark urine (tea-like colored)
      • 食慾減退 Loss of appetite (not hungry)
  • 症狀通常到了疾病後期才會出現,因此,透過乙型肝炎篩檢及早確知病況至為重要.Symptoms tend to appear in the later stages of disease so it is very important for early detection.
steps in protecting yourself from hepatitis b
預防乙型肝炎的步驟Steps in Protecting Yourself from Hepatitis B
  • 篩檢以得知你的狀況

Screening: Know Your Status

  • 施打疫苗Vaccination
    • 成人Adults
    • 小孩Babies
hepatitis b screening
乙型肝炎篩檢Hepatitis B Screening
  • 乙型肝炎篩檢是簡易的血液測驗,可以判別您的狀況屬於哪一類:Hepatitis B screening is a simple blood test that will tell if you:
    • 未感染乙型肝炎Do not have Hepatitis B infection
    • 已感染乙型肝炎Have Hepatitis B infection
    • 曾經感染乙型肝炎病毒Were infected in the past with Hepatitis B Virus
hepatitis b blood panel
乙型肝炎篩檢的項目Hepatitis B Blood Panel
  • 乙型肝炎篩檢的項目包括Hepatitis B Blood test includes:
    • 乙型肝炎表面抗原測試--目的是尋找您的血液中存在病毒的證據Surface Antigen Test(HBsAg)looks for evidence of virus in your blood
    • 乙型肝炎表面抗體測試--目的是尋找身體具備免疫力的證據。Surface Anti-body Test (HBsAb) looks for evidence of immunity.
hepatitis b vaccination
乙型肝炎疫苗Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • 如你的乙型肝炎表面抗體及表面抗原篩檢結果為陰性, 你需施打疫苗。

If the screening results indicate that you are negative for Hepatitis B antibodies and antigens, you need the vaccine

  • 只要接種 3 劑疫苗系列,您就能獲得終生的乙型肝炎防護。If you receive the 3 shot vaccine series, you will be protected from Hepatitis B for the rest of your life.
    • 無反應率約為 5%;施打第 3 劑之後,請向醫師洽詢測試疫苗反應的詳情。您可能需要反覆接種疫苗系列。There is a up to a 5% non-responsive rate; After the third shot, please talk to a doctor about test of response to vaccine. The vaccination series may need to be repeated.
hepatitis b treatment
乙型肝炎治療Hepatitis B Treatment
  • 雖然乙型肝炎無法治癒,但仍有一些治療方式可以處理與控制此病毒。Although there is no cure for Hepatitis B, there is treatment to manage and control the virus.
  • 請謹記,若未進行適當的監控與治療,有高達四分之一的慢性乙型肝炎患者會死於肝癌或肝硬化。Remember, when Hepatitis B infection is left unmonitored and untreated up to one out of four individuals will die from liver cancer or cirrhosis.
  • 請向醫師洽詢適合您的療程,因為每個人的情況都不一樣。It is important to speak with a physician to see what the best action is for you, as it varies from person to person.
結論 Conclusion
  • 請牢記以下重點Main points to remember
    • 乙型肝炎是病毒感染,會導致肝臟疾病。

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that causes liver disease.

    • 有十分之一的亞裔美國成人罹患慢性乙型肝炎

1 out of 10 Asian American Adults has Chronic Hepatitis

    • 若未進行適當的監控與治療,有高達四分之一的患者會死於肝癌或肝硬化

When left unmonitored and untreated, up to one out of 4 individuals will die from liver cancer or cirrhosis

    • 其中,華裔美國人發展成乙型肝炎相關肝癌的風險,比白人高出六倍。

Chinese Americans, in particular, are at 6 times higher risk for developing ----Hepatitis B-related liver cancer than Caucasians.

    • 乙型肝炎不僅可以預防,也可以治療

Hepatitis B is both preventable and treatable

    • 如果您不確定自己是否感染,請及早篩檢或接種疫苗。

Get screened or vaccinated if you do not know your status.

結論 Conclusion


This is a simple step to ensure you and your loved ones do not have to suffer the symptoms of liver disease later in life. (Do this for yourself and your family. Once you get vaccinated you are protected for life.)

next steps
下一步Next Steps

多謝 Thank you

thank you
多謝 Thank You!
  • 多謝您出席乙型肝炎研討會。我們希望研討會的內容能夠幫助您,您的家人及社區預防乙型肝炎

Thank you for attending the Hepatitis B educational seminar. We hope that the information from this session will help you protect yourself, your family, and your community.

  • Contact Information:

Montgomery County

Department of Health and Human Services

Asian American Health Initiative

1335 Piccard Drive (lower level)

Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 240.777.4517

Fax: 240.777.4564