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F.R.E.E. Free Roam Evolution of Education. Note from the head teacher:-

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Free Roam Evolution of Education

Note from the head teacher:-

Hello, I am David Hall head of F.R.E.E High school. In this school we believe in having the right to freely choose your subjects, develop your strengths and excel in you favourite subjects. We have fully evolved the timetable system so you are free to do as you wish and free to develop your potential and push the boundaries of success.

“Don’t tell us the Sky is the Limit When there are footprints on the moon”

Simon Linden, co-founder of F.R.E.E

Special Callouts/Updates

  • A Special Congratulations to Joseph Stiller who recently starred as an extra in the new film Mary’s Dream.

  • Also to Darren Mcavoy for scoring in the last minute in a competitive match against St Johns Highschool.


New timetable

Our school believes in pushing and developing all our talents to the full. The children from the beginning of S2 are able to choose and organise their own timetable although you have to do Sciences, English and Maths at least twice a week so you don’t just wipe away these vital subjects.

If you want to do P.E, you do P.E . If you want to do music, you go to music

The New Study Rooms

Each and every Subject has a Study Room where you are allowed to study for tests, exams or even just strengthen your skills in any subject

Our Lessons

On each and every table there is a medium sized screen at the end and a keyboard. The lessons are displayed on this via video footage and PowerPoint’s. They show walkthrough tutorials on how to complete the tasks and any methods used. A guide is their to keep behaviour under control, take questions and ensure pupils work rate is up to a high standard.

F.R.E.E school

At F.R.E.E school we believe students should get the best possible education.

In English we believe students should be able to write all types of stories and learn how to do this effectively.

In maths we believe students should be able to do basic math.

In history we believe students should learn about important historical events and they do this by acting out these events.

In languages students learn that language and they learn about that countries culture.

In geography we believe students should learn how to read maps and all about different countries.

In modies we believe students should learn about what has happened in the world recently.

In art/he/ict students learn about basic skills for all three of these subjects.

In Science students do all different topics and they learn about the environment while outside.

In p/e students do all different block of fitness.

In drama students present plays and perform in shows and this makes people more confident.

In re students learn about different religions and they sometimes have special meals and ceremonies.


F.R.E.E school homework!

Homework in f.r.e.e high school is important to pupils to do there homework so they can learn and study outside of school this gives parent a chance to see what work there children are doing in school and can also help them do the homework,and study more outside of school. In there free time students at f.r.e.e can study and do more homework if necessary.

Soon we hope to start an after school homework session Tuesdays and Thursdays for students who are struggling or need extra help for example students that are doing exams.

Soon we will be having parents night this gives parents a chance to see their children’s work.


On this page you will be able to see pictures from special occasions such as competition winners or special events