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Making the UK a global leader in innovation PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the UK a global leader in innovation

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Making the UK a global leader in innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Coates 4 May 2011 University of Liverpool – Impact Conference. Making the UK a global leader in innovation. What is the Technology Strategy Board?. We are a national body set up to invest in business innovation We work across business, universities and government

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David Coates

4 May 2011

University of Liverpool – Impact Conference

Making the UK a global leader in innovation

what is the technology strategy board
What is the Technology Strategy Board?

We are a national body set up to invest in business innovation

We work across business, universities and government

We mostly come from business -130 people with over 2,000 years of business experience

We were responsible for investing c. £300m a year

what s the challenge
What’s the challenge?

Business Investment is too low and too late

  • Technical and financial risks need to be mitigated
  • The time for financial return is too long for many players

Innovation disrupts value chains and business models

  • New partnerships are required to build new supply chains
  • Investment and innovation is required at multiple points

Longer term Trends not visible to all players

  • Impact and opportunities from emerging technologies & policies

Innovation infrastructure complex and inefficient

  • Fragmented and difficult to navigate
we support the full range of business
We support the full range of business

We help strengthen the global competitive position of our leading businesses

We identify and grow sectors and businesses with the capacity to become the best in the world

We nurture the businesses that can succeed in the growth sectors of tomorrow

  • …… any company based in the UK is eligible to receive funding
and we make choices
And we make choices

We don’t pick winners

We do pick areas of activity where UK businesses can thrive and support innovative companies in them

We consider

the size of the markets – what’s the global opportunity

the capability of the UK to address them

the timing

…and the difference our support would make

policy environment
Policy environment
  • Big changes in the innovation landscape
    • Abolition of the RDAs and physical Business Link
    • Less funding available
  • Coalition Government
      • Focus on growth – driven by the private sector
      • Importance of manufacturing and small companies
      • Localism agenda
future strategy
Future strategy
  • Theme “From Concept to Commercialisation”
    • …...accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business innovation
  • Five main strategic areas –
  •   Accelerating the journey from concept to commercialisation
  • Connecting the innovation landscape
  • Turning government action into business opportunity
  • Investing in thematic areas based on global opportunity
  • Continuously improving the capability of our organisation
working with the research councils
Working with the Research Councils

The focus of our partnership

  • Strengthening business engagement with the research base
  • Maximising opportunities and accelerating the commercialisation process
  • Expanding our remit – utilising the diverse expertise in the research base
  • Demonstrating economic impact
technology innovation
Technology Innovation

We build capability in the underpinning areas that enable a sure and effective response to market needs

  • Advanced materials
  • Bioscience
  • Electronics, photonics and electrical systems
  • Information and communication technologies
competency innovation
Competency Innovation

We build capability in those areas which span technologies and markets, and where technology developments can lead to disruptions of the markets

  • High value manufacturing
  • Digital technologies
  • Design
challenge led innovation
Challenge-led Innovation

We aim to understand the needs of the markets and support the most innovative and competitive responses

  • Energy generation and supply
  • Sustainability (the built environment and food)
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Creative industries
  • High value services

Wave and tidal energy generation

UK target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050

UK world leading capability

Many small companies with huge potential

innovation platforms
Innovation Platforms

We work with Government as they address societal challenges to give business the future market definition they need to be competitive

  • Low Carbon Vehicles
  • Assisted Living
  • Low Impact Buildings
  • Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents
  • Sustainable Agri-Food Supply Chain
  • Stratified Medicine
fuel cell black cab hits the streets
Fuel Cell Black Cab hits the streets

Consortium led by Intelligent Energy

Development of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Black Cab

Aim to provide a 250 mile driving range and a refuelling time

of only a few minutes, without any loss of passenger or luggage space

On the streets in London in time for the Olympics.

ultra low carbon vehicle demonstrator
Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator
  • 340 passenger cars on the road in the UK
  • Electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Involves global vehicles manufacturers
  • Key outcomes:
    • Demonstrates UK capability and
    • government intent
    • Provides ‘real world’ operating knowledge
    • Encourages investment
the ways we support business
The ways we support business
  • Grant for Research and Development
  • Collaborative R&D
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Knowledge Transfer Networks
  • UK Space Agency
  • SBRI
  • Technology and Innovation Centres
  • EU programmes – Eurostars, Eureka
  • International missions
grant for r d
Grant for R&D
  • Assist small and medium sized companies, pre-start-ups and individuals - UK wide - supersedes RDA scheme, working alongside DA schemes
  • Single company grants
  • Always open – 6 Assessments a year
  • UK based SMEs and Start-ups, <250 people and €50m T/o
collaborative r d
Collaborative R&D
  • Support the collaboration between businesses and between businesses and academia
  • Start-up, Micro, SMEs, Large companies, RTOs, academia
  • Competitions in thematic priority areas
feasibility studies single company and collaborative
Feasibility Studies – Single Company and Collaborative
  • Investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of turning a highly innovative technology into a new product or process.
  • No separate mechanism but uses the single company grant for R&D and collaborative R&D products
  • Single company - Start-up, Micro, SMEs
  • Collaborative - Start-up, Micro, SMEs, Large companies, RTOs, academia.
knowledge transfer partnerships
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Addressing business issues by facilitating the transfer of knowledge between the knowledge base and business through innovation projects undertaken by high calibre, recently qualified, people under the joint supervision of personnel from the business and the knowledge base
  • Facilitated by very experienced business Advisers
  • Start-up, Micro, SMEs, Large companies, third sector and knowledge based partner
knowledge transfer networks
Knowledge Transfer Networks

Complemented with cross-sector, challenge-led Special Interest Groups such as in Space, Defence and Industrial Biotechnology

working with the uk space agency
Working with the UK Space Agency

Delivery partner of the UK Space Agency for European Space Agency

Telecommunications and Navigation programmes

Promoting business opportunities for the UK Space industry across other growth sectors

Encouraging Space companies to enter CR&D competitions

Providing Technology Demonstration opportunities

TechDemoSat and UKube1

Knowledge Sharing to drive growth

Space Special Interest Group, National Space Technology Strategy

Open Innovation to accelerate commercialisation of R&D activity

Innovation in Space Feasibility Studies Competition

International Space Innovation Centre - Harwell

  • Uses government procurement to drive innovation
  • Provides business opportunities for innovative companies to solve the needs of public sector organisations with new technologies and ideas
  • Competitions are run in specific areas for short-term development contracts.
  • Phased development programmes to manage risk
  • Pre start-up, Start-up, Micro, SMEs, Large companies, Universities and registered charities (able to demonstrate a route to market).
technology and innovation centres
Technology and Innovation Centres
  • Business-focused centres that makes world-leading technical capability available to businesses to solve their technical challenges
  • Engagement with pre start-up, start-up, micro companies, SMEs, large companies, RTOs and the knowledge base
  • Modus Operandi:
    • Access to world-leading technology & expertise
    • Reach into the knowledge base for world-class science
    • Capability to undertake collaborative R&D projects with business
    • Capability to undertake contract research for business
    • Strongly business focused with a professional delivery ethos
    • Create a critical mass of activity
    • Skills development at all levels
first centre a nnounced
First Centre AnnouncedSecond Centre Competition

Technology and Innovation Centres prospectus published

  • High Value Manufacturing
    • Cross Sector
    • Broad Technology base
    • Embracing all forms of manufacturing
    • Metals & Composites in addition to process manufacturing incl. bio-processing
  • Cell Therapies
high value manufacturing technology innovation centre
High Value Manufacturing Technology & Innovation Centre

Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Rotherham)

Advanced Forming Research Centre (Strathclyde)

Manufacturing Technology Centre (Coventry)

Centre for Process Innovation (Wilton & Sedgefield)

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Rotherham)

National Composites Centre (Bristol)

WMG (Coventry)

european and international
European and International
  • Focus on increasing UK business success in accessingEuropean funding and maximising benefit
  • Influencing Europe
  • Bilateral activities which align with our strategic priorities and where there is benefit for UK business
  • Exchange of information on innovation
  • KTN European & International activities
  • Working with Science & Innovation Network and UKTI
  • Support the collaboration between research and innovation-performing SMEs at a European level
  • Project can address any technological area, but must have a civilian purpose and be aimed at the development of a new product, process or service.
  • Research and innovation-performing micro businesses and SMEs from a Eurostars member country
  • Project must involve at least two participants (legal entities) from two different Eurostars member countries (Academics and large companies are welcome to participate but need to fund their own participation)

Supportcollaborative R&D projects between EUREKA member countries.

  • Micro businesses, SMEs, large companies Universities, RTOs
  • The UK provides no funding to participate in EUREKA but successful UK companies can use the EUREKA logo.
international missions
International Missions
  • Overseas mission providing opportunities for fast-growing technology companies to connect with key investors, potential partners and customers, media and other overseas stakeholders
  • Start-up, Micro, SMEs (a group of up to 20 participants per mission)
  • Companies pay their own costs with the Technology Strategy Board (and other sponsors) paying for the organisation
  • Missions last 1 week

EU R&D and Innovation Support

  • The Technology Strategy Board provides support in accessing specific EU programmes, as well as advice to businesses in accessing EU R&D and innovation funding through a helpline, online resources and a network of National Contact Point experts.
  • The Technology Strategy Board also supports a number of specific programmes and ERA-NETS.
  • Across our portfolio we deliver >10:1 ‘Return on Investment’ in terms of additional profit per £ spent
  • Collaborative R&D
    • Overall average ROI on the survey figures is c 11:1
    • Range from zero to c 20:1, with some high risk programmes having ‘ROI’ opportunities in excess of 80:1
  • KTNs
    • Overall average ‘ROI’ is c 5:1 with added benefits (CR&D etc.)
    • Underpins TSB strategy development and delivery
  • KTPs
    • ROI is c £4.70 - £5.20 of net additional GVA per £1 public money invested.