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Introduction. What is an Author Study and how do I begin to develop an Author Study for my own students? Who is Jacqueline Woodson and what can I learn about her work to prepare me for reading her books?

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  • What is an Author Study and how do I begin to develop an Author Study for my own students?
  • Who is Jacqueline Woodson and what can I learn about her work to prepare me for reading her books?

This simple webquest is designed to answer these questions. It should provide background knowledge that you can bring to bear when reading her books. Hopefully it will also whet your appetite for reading her books.

You should also come away with the notion of how important it is as a teacher to know as much about the author and his/her writing BEFORE creating you’re an Author Study for your own students. You should come away with the idea of the importance of building interest and background knowledge for your students.

  • The class will divide into three groups and each group will take on a different role and responsibility. Each group will develop a PowerPoint to present to the class on their area of focus. Your presentation should be informative and engaging and visually appealing.
  • Role I: Biographers
  • Role II: FAQ’ Answers and More Questions
  • Role III: Resources
  • Please divide into three groups. Within your groups divvy up the tasks- use your Blackboard work space to discuss your findings and post information you will need to share. Everyone should play a part in your group including a designated person to create the actual PowerPoint to be presented. Remember the PowerPoint is only as good as the information and ideas you provide.
role i biographers
Role I: Biographers

Some of the information that you are looking for should include:

  • 1. Biographical (Official website)
  • - her early background such as where the author is from and how she grew up.
  • - information about his/her works.
  • - how her work has been received and any awards that the author has won.
  • - any other area of the author's life that readers would be interested in.

-her inspiration for writing

What do other people say about Jacqueline Woodson?

Reviews for each of her titles are on

Gather information from a variety of other reputable online sources.

role ii faq group tasks
Role II: FAQ Group Tasks

A.Create a FAQ text box list of questions and answers about your author and his/her books. Try to think of all the real questions that a reader might want to ask of the author. (Do not copy off of her website! Create your own questions and find your own answers, please.) Supply accurate answers to the questions.

B.Create another text box listing annotated published books in a way that organizes them in a logical way (chronologically, by genre, theme, awards etc . Do this by reading reviews of her books and then creating a way to organize them in a thoughtful way.

role 3 compilers of resources
Role 3: Compilers of Resources

Create an annotated bibliography of we resources on Jacqueline Woodson. This includes reviews of her work. Articles written about her, Interviews. Check out The Horn Book and library resources for anything related to her work. You might include materials of interest on her website, you tubes of interviews. Teaching resources etc. Include any resources that will help the class gain an understanding of her work.

Organize and annotate and link your resources in a way that is useful and makes sense.