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Five Tricks Low Calorie Fruits To Eat

Five Tricks Low Calorie Fruits To Eat

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Five Tricks Low Calorie Fruits To Eat

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  1. Five Tricks Low Calorie Fruits To Eat Diabetes Hospitals in India

  2. Cranberries • Cranberries are very low in calorie, you would get only 45 calories from one cup. Cranberries are red in color which only found in cooler areas. Cranberries are found in Europe and United States of America. If contains many beneficial nutrients as well as rich in antioxidants. It will give you many health benefits and care many kinds of diseases like Cancers, decrease heart attack risk, Urinary Infections and kidneys and bladders diseases. • Apricots • Apricots is one of the best summer fruits with low calories. About 100g Apricots contains approximately 50 calories. This summer fruit is rich in vitamin-A and carotenes as well as Potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. This summer fruit is mainly grow in Asian countries.

  3. Peaches • This apple shape fruit is rich of minerals and multivitamins, it contains vitamin A, C, E and K and many other minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and calcium. Each peach weighs about 130g and in 100gram there is about 39 calories. This juicy fruit has also many health benefits like it is very good for eyes, skin and will contribute to lose your weight as well as peaches are rich in fiber. • Strawberry • Strawberry is one of the popular and most eating fruit in the world. It is mostly used in juices and in ice cream. It is also a low calorie fruit with many kinds of health benefits. It contains 50 calories in 100g. This God’s gifted fruit is rich in Vitamin C, you will get about 51mg vitamin C from only one piece of strawberry. It will strengthen your immune system, care your eyes and it will prevent cancer as well.

  4. Grapefruit • Grapefruit has only 42 calories per 100grams and it is rich in vitamin C as well as it is bitter in taste. I t has many varieties like white, red and pink etc. This sour taste fruit would help you to decrease your cholesterol level and to reduce your weight. And it is also very good to prevent arthritis, Cancer and as well as many other ailments.

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