Psug national information exchange
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PSUG National Information Exchange. Users Helping Users. PowerTeacher Gradebook & Standards (focus on Elementary Schools). Bob Cornacchioli DERO Technical Services CEO. Agenda/Participants will be engaged in:. Introduce Web Gradebook /Log in

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Psug national information exchange

PowerTeacher Gradebook

& Standards

(focus on Elementary Schools)

Bob Cornacchioli

DERO Technical Services


Agenda participants will be engaged in
Agenda/Participants will be engaged in:

  • Introduce Web Gradebook/Log in

    • Short cuts to save keystrokes

    • Final Grade Entry

    • Creating Assignments & Associating Standards

    • Teacher Options

  • Some of Teachers and Some for PS Admin

  • Discussion regarding Comment Writing

  • Ask Questions- this is your time

www.derotechnical.comfor more resources

Psug national information exchange

CEO - DERO Technical ServicesEvangelist/Process Assistant- Level DataMarketing - ParkBench SoftwareDirector of Technology and Media Services – Shrewsbury Public Schools (16 yrs)PowerSchool Administrator ( 6 yrs)

Bob Cornacchioli

Psug national information exchange



The “ENTERING” grades is the easier of the two!

Psug national information exchange

Gradebook can be used to:

1) Enter Standards Final Grades

2) Recording Evidence ( tests – quizzes – homework )

3) Tie Standards to Graded Assignments

4) Auto Calculate Standard Grades from Assignment Grades

If gradebook doesn t launch use click here link to java assessment
If Gradebook doesn’t launch – use click here link to Java assessment

Always allow
Always Allow


The Web Gradebook is a JAVA application, if it is NOT OPENING on the computer, you may be running an older version of JAVA.

Contact your tech department.

What s on this screen
What’s on this screen

< < TABS

< < YEAR




Don t walk away from your screen but if you do
Don’t walk away from your screen, but if you do….

Teaching in multiple buildings
Teaching in Multiple Buildings

Teachers will see two pull downs under Classes.

After logging in they can pick the different schools they may be assigned to!

Psug national information exchange

Tying Assignments to Standards

Only those standards associated with this class appear!

Psug national information exchange

Cross Curricular Project or Problem Based Learning

using Standards from different courses





Informational Processing

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Modeling with tables, graphs and formulas

Supports claims with evidence

Understands punctuation and spelling


Today, teachers have to create three assignments,

and tie subject matter standards to each of them


Teachers will grade each assignment and push

grades to the content specific standards.

Final Grades

Pbl cross curricular grading options
PBL Cross Curricular Grading Options

3 S / 3 A

TEACHER creates one assignment and copies it to all three subjects

that he or she has, associates standards to each of them.

NORMALLY standards are associated to a single course. District who promote PBL are creating some standards and associating them to multiple courses. This has to be done in advance!

5 S / 5 A

TEACHER creates two more assignments and assess the same standard again.

If the standard has the same identifier, under

which Subject on the SBRC does it appear?

When is a standard score a Project Assessment?

Standards traditional final grades
Standards > Traditional Final Grades

Since GB 2.7 users can  calculate a Final OVERALL Course grade from STANDARDS Final Grades! 

When you open the Grade Setup > Calculations

page the Second calculation option has changed

from Term Weights to Term Weight / Standard Weights.

Standards traditional final grades1
Standards > Traditional Final Grades

If you click on Add Standards you can then select the Standard Grades that you want to include in the “Averaging” of the final grade and then identify the “weight of each standard”

Standards traditional final grades2
Standards > Traditional Final Grades

Even further you can use a combination of Terms weights AND Standard Weights.  So if you are setting up Term weights for a term with lower Terms (Y1, S1) you can include both

Terms (Q1, Q2, T1, T2 as well as individual standards)

Assignments standards
Assignments - Standards




Visual cues what does it all mean auto calculating standard grades from scored assignments
Visual Cues-What does it all mean?auto-calculating standard grades from scored assignments

Set up can save teacher keystrokes
Set-up can save teacher keystrokes

Standard ELA.5.12:

Presentation (overall appearance is legible and visually appealing)

Assessed 3 times in a term : 4,4,3

What should go on the report card:4 or 3?

Based upon your district’s response – CUT OFF VALUES

Grade value of conversions scales
Grade Value of Conversions Scales

When teachers assess a standard more than once associated to multiple assignments, PTG averages these scores. Grade Value can’t be ZERO as seen earlier in this presentation.

50 % of DELTA = ROUND UP

Psug national information exchange

Customized Dictionary “Cornacchioli”

Gradebook Preferences:

Assignment Grades

Allow assignment scores to auto calculate assignment standards scores
Allow Assignment Scores to Auto-Calculate Assignment Standards Scores

Modified Screenshot

Psug national information exchange

This allows sub-category standards to auto-calculate an average for a higher standard IF- IF the standards were imported with the proper List Parent correctly

List parent and auto calculate
List Parent and Auto-Calculate average for a higher standard

So if you don’t want to fix your standards…what can I do?

Pick your click location
average for a higher standard PICK YOUR CLICK”LOCATION

Click on a standards to access QUICK FILL or CLEAR ALL SCORES


Click on student cell to select an individual grade

Psug national information exchange

Quick Fill – click on the standard header average for a higher standard

Fill scores saves time
Fill Scores saves time! average for a higher standard

Selecting the Fill Scores option requires a strategy

Opt 1- Give everyone a default grade first then change those who were UP or DOWN

Opt 2 – Give those few students the exception and then fill all others… applying grade to those with none.

Fill down saves time your time
Fill Down Saves Time…. average for a higher standard YOUR TIME!

  • Strategy needed

  • Fill and Change

  • Enter “High and Lows” Fill Majority

Fill Majority

Psug national information exchange
Summative comment can be associated with HR and scroll to the right! Fill down doesn’t really work for comments!

The “C” implies comment saved.

You can cut and paste. Beware of the gender or name mistake!!

Psug national information exchange

Psug national information exchange

If you or your teachers ask!

Copy and paste from Word to PowerSchool, deselect straight quotations to avoid special characters in advance of typing your comments



With or without score!

Assignments that are include in final grade must be published
Assignments that are √ ask! “Include in Final Grade”MUST be Published


You get an alert

Calculations ask!

  • Using PT Admin- your district will have to set policy on grading standards. The Gradebook will have to be set per school to look:

  • Default setting for final grades

  • Allow teacher modifications OR NOT

  • Calculations for Most Recent Scores

Decisions Decisions

Psug national information exchange

Decisions Decisions ask!

Set by School – Lock Teacher Changes?

Weigh Most Recent?

Gradebook preferences standards
Gradebook Preferences: Standards ask!

By default standards are not selected

Teachers must check both boxes and set the final grade method

Can’t lock preferences- discuss this and set expectations!

Psug national information exchange

YOUR EVIDENCE ask! In Student View- if a standard was assessed multiple times in a term ( associated to multiple assignments) the summary tab provides access to evidence. The calculated grade is a 2 based on the last 3 assessments, if a teacher overrides score based on evidence – “none” would have a score!

Psug national information exchange

POWER still is in the teacher ask! ’s ability to override Final Score

Web Gradebook does:

CALCULATES Final Score &

PROVIDES evidence to support space teacher assessments:

  • Mean

  • Median

  • Mode

  • Highest

  • Most Recent -3 (set by Admin)

  • Times Standard was assessed

Psug national information exchange

Optional Idea: ask! Include the rubric as the “description” for each standard. Benefits: Teachers see rubric/Parents as well if assignment was published to the Parent Portal.

Psug national information exchange

Optional Idea: ask! Using the Class Content tab and Class Info Button, teachers could include Class Info/Syllabus/Rubric in the description area. This can be invaluable to parents using the Portal.

Let s talk comments
Let ask! ’s Talk Comments

  • What makes a good comment?

  • Who are you writing them for?

  • How much should you write?

  • Who reads them before they go home?

  • How much time should I allocate?

  • What kind of stuff should I reference?

  • Have you communicated expectations?

Sample term 3
Sample Term 3 ask!

Nancy was wonderful to have in class. I hope she has a great summer!

This is an actual comment!

  • Your DISTRICT may have:

  • 10 Math Standards

  • 15 ELA- Reading and Writing Standards

  • 5 Science Standards

  • 8 Social Studies Standards

  • T3 also runs from the end of March through June

Sample comment writing activity
Sample Comment Writing Activity ask!

Pair up by grade level

Work with colleagues from different schools

Be sure to review standards for T1

Mention student by name

Appoint a typist and a spokesperson

The data tells you, student:

  • Struggles or exceeds in some math concepts

  • Very inquisitive, hand writing could be better

  • Struggles or exceeds in reading or some other ELA standard

  • Include a behavior and/or effort statement

Gradebook preferences comment bank
Gradebook Preferences: Comment Bank ask!

Teachers can create their own comment banks – Discuss this

Parents prefer Narrative Comments

Gradebook preferences score codes
Gradebook Preferences: Score Codes ask!

Teachers can create additional Score Codes for their Gradebook

Visible through the Parent Portal

New option available now
New Option Available Now? ask!

Standards Grades Search Tool Customizations

Tuesday Session 7

Psug national information exchange

Within seconds, students who were under performing in that grade and the selected term appear on the scree and can be exported!

Administrators want now they can superintendents might want to compare schools
Administrators want %... now they can! grade and the selected term appear on the scree and can be exported!Superintendents might want to compare schools!

Each standard in given grade level and term display as a row click on the row and you get
Each standard in given grade level and term display as a row. Click on the row and you get….


Psug national information exchange

ANY AND ALL DERO RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE row. Click on the row and you get….


Q & A

Bob CornacchioliDERO Technical Services