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Dynamics - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dynamics - . Notions of Motion & its Causes… Aristotle ( ) Galileo ( ) Isaac Newton ( ). N1L: Newton’s 1 st Law.

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Dynamics -

Notions of Motion & its Causes…

Aristotle ( ) Galileo ( ) Isaac Newton ( )


N1L: Newton’s 1st Law

Ex: Forces Balanced (At rest)

Ex: Forces Balanced (Constant Vel)

Ex: Forces UnBalanced (Accelerates)

Ex: Forces UnBalanced (Accelerates)



Ex:What does inertia have to do with getting ketchup to spout of ketchup bottle?

Ex:What do car headrests have to do with inertia?

Ex:Which vehicle would be tougher to start in motion?

Ex:A marble travels through a tube laying flat on a table. What path will path take when it leaves?

If the car moves at 20m/s and the truck moves at 15m/s,

which vehicle has the greatest inertia?


Forces & Free Body Diagrams

Types of Forces

Force -


Free Body Diagram (FBD):


A 25N wooden crate is pulled at a constant velocity by a force of 10N. What is the force of friction?


Equilibrium vs Non-Equilibrium

Equilibrium:Jimmy fell down a well. Jimmy’s friend throws down a rope and pulls upward with a force of 300N. If Jimmy weighs 700N…

Does Jimmy get pulled out of the well?

What must be the normal force?

Draw FBD

Non-Equilibrium:A file cabinet weighing 200N is being pushed by an applied force of 100N. A retarding force (friction) of 50N opposes the motion…

What is the net force acting on the file cabinet?

Describe the motion of the file cabinet.

Draw FBD



Equilibrium, Force Components and Weight

Weight = Force of Gravity

A man pulls a 20kg block of ice at a constant velocity by a rope. The rope makes an angle of 25 degree with the horizontal and has a tension of 80N.

Draw FBD

What must be the force of friction?

What must be the normal force?

An 80kg person weighs 48.8N on another planet.

What is acceleration due to gravity on this planet?

What would this person weigh on Earth?