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Career Interest Inventory

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Career Interest Inventory
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Career Interest Inventory

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  1. Career Interest Inventory Finding the career that is right for you!

  2. Career Vs. Job • There are thousands of careers and jobs from which individuals can choose. • A career is a commitment to a profession which requires continued training and offers a clear path for occupational growth. • A job is an employment position obtained to earn money.

  3. Career Vs. Job • Ideally, each person will find a career not just a job. A career satisfies a person intellectually, emotionally, and professionally. A job is just a way to earn money and does not really satisfy a person’s goals in life

  4. Career Vs. Job • Research must be done to determine whether or not a particular career path will allow the person to meet personal interests and career goals. • Sadly, many people spend their life having a job not a career they love. Ideally, each person will find a career they can continually grow with.

  5. Career Interest Inventory • The best career decisions start with a self assessment. This process is helpful in establishing an individual’s wants and needs in career planning. • An interest inventory test performs a self assessment of personal interests and values to suggest potential career paths.

  6. Career Interest Inventory • When choosing a career path, one can look at occupational clusters, which are career groups with many career choices. • At PHS, we use occupational pathways which we call Career Pathways. • Arts, Communication & Entertainment (ACE) • Business & Marketing Management (BAMM) • Environmental, Agricultural Resources Technology Horizons (EARTH) • Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology (EMIT) • Health and Humans Services (HandS)

  7. Career Interest Assignment Complete a Career Interest Inventory We will be using the site You will need to log in and go to the Assessment section. Then, you will be taking the “Career Interest Areas” and “Interest Profiler” career interest inventories. Site Key:HYG131