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Alex Nguyen 7 th

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Alex Nguyen 7 th
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Alex Nguyen 7 th

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  1. Alex Nguyen 7th Principles of Manufacturing, CNC Mill

  2. a.) What did you learn from doing this project? • In the duration of this project, I learnt what CNC stands for, what a CNC Mill does, and how to design an object to be entered in a mill. • A particular part of interest for me was how the mill works. I had found out that it was simple enough to be used by someone without any experience.

  3. b.) What was challenging about this project? • The most challenging part of this project was creating a simple enough to work in a grid, but detailed enough for me to actually like it. • The second most challenging part is when I had to plan ahead to make the design actually be able to be entered in only increments up to ½ of a ‘block’.

  4. c.) How can you use what you learned from this project in the future? • From what I learned in this project, I can use it to operate a CNC Mill if I decide to obtain a job in the Manufacturing field. • In a more general sense, I can use knowledge of operating a mill and apply it to other, more advanced, machines, or an industrial CNC mill.

  5. d.) How did you use Math, Science, English, and History in that project? • I had used math by using a coordinate plane and using decimals to be more exact in the measurements, and the use of negatives and positive numbers to determine whether to slide on the glass, cut the glass, or move over the glass with the mill. • I had used science by seeing how the mill works, like how the mill can cut through the glass without making many scratches or breaking it. • I had used English when I took notes on the mill, and when it told us about G-Codes and M-Codes. • *No further information on history*

  6. e.) What is something about technology that you’ve learned this semester that you didn’t know before? • It’s difficult to answer this question, because nearly everything I have learnt this semester is something new that I didn’t know before. From this project in particular, I had learnt how industries cut and make designs in glass and other materials normally unable to be cut with human hands, and I learnt how a CNC mill is operated with lines of code and a program to operate it. • In a general perspective of the semester as a whole, I learnt how: • -Technology was developed from 3500 BC to today, • -Machines affect our daily lives and how it affects the jobs it replaced, • -Production works in a manufacturing atmosphere, • -Companies use a problem-solving method to fix and improve a design, and how • -Graphic Designers create a design that’s visually appealing and the techniques they use.