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Nozhan Polymer Co Ltd Sucks

Nozhan Trading Sucks

Nozhan trading sucks l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd and Khalil Nasr are born to cheat companies and individuals all over the world. His company slogan says it all, “Lets take advantage of this opportunity….”, and they literally do it. They cheat anyone and everyone at any given opportunity in all the possible ways irrespective of their relationship with that particular company or person. Take this one for example. We ordered and paid for two containers of Paraffin wax from Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd... Mr. Khalil Nasr sent us rotten (low quality) Paraffin wax in the first container. Though their sole agent in India Mr. Sandeep visited us, and confirmed the low quality of the Paraffin wax, Mr. Khalil Nasr neither admitted nor regretted his act.

Nozhan trading sucks3 l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • When Khalil Nasr saw the photographs of the product Sandeep sent him, he said his sole agent in India cant be considered as a quality analyzer. Eventually we cancelled the second container we ordered from Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd and asked Mr. Khalil Nasr to pay us the money back we had already paid by then. After this, in almost one year, he paid us only US$ 2000 of the actual amount US$ 9000. 

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Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Now, when we ask for the remaining US$ 7000, he comes up with the absurd excuses and reasons, and promising us the best support he could provide if we start doing business with him again.What we understand from all these humiliations and numerous communications we had with Mr. Khalil Nasr and his associates at Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd is that they eat, drink, sleep and emit fraud. Like their slogan says “Lets take advantage of this opportunity….”, they are true to the core and just f*ck the shit out of unsuspecting companies and guys like me and you.

Nozhan trading sucks5 l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Just be cautious if you by any chance come across Khalil Nasr or Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd or any of his other companies. I have listed below the names and details of all of his present associates.Some company or someone you like or associate with may be playing into the hands of these fraudsters at this very moment as they are almost everywhere on Internet. So please pass on this info and warn them about the dangers of dealing with these scammers. 

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Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Company names:Nozhan Trading Company / Nozhan Trading Company ltd.Nozhan Eghtesad Company / Nozhan Company.Nozhan Polymer Co / Nozhan Polymer Company.Nozhan Polymer / Nozhan Polymer Spadana.Matexgroup / Mattex Petrochemical Group.Mattex General Trading Co. (LLC) / Alma Investment LLC.Khalil Nasr International Trading Company.Jey Refiner Company / Nozhan Eghtesad / Nozhan Polymer Group. Sadaf Kooh Co / Alma Group LLC / Nozhan Poly

Nozhan trading sucks7 l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Websites:,,,,, .Contact names: Javad esmaeli / Javad Esmaeili / S.J. Esmailian, Ms. Elahe RKhalil Nasr / Khalil Khalil / Nasr / Khalil Nasr Esfahani / KhalilNasr Esfahani.Ms. Raheleh Zarei / Susan Jafari / Mr. Fariba Sadri / Ms. Annahita Bajool.Mr. Nasim Salehi / Ms. Nasim Salehi / Ms. Salehi, Mr. Amin Sheyvani. 

Nozhan trading sucks8 l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Email ids:,,,,,,,, Yahoo id:, MSN id: KhalilNasr_Trading, Skype: nozhaneghtesad.Office addresses & contact numbers:No31, Sadaf tower, Kish free island- 0098 311 260 1762Unit 3, second floor, Reza trade center, Mir overpass bridge, Isfahan, Iran, 81858. Tel: 0098 311 6641641-2, 6641675, 6641676, Mobile Phone: +989132255184, 0098 913 133 3086, 00989132293816, Fax: 98 311 6641676, 00983116641675.

Nozhan trading sucks9 l.jpg
Nozhan Trading Sucks

  • Factory: 3rd Blvd, Razi Industrial area, Isfahan, Iran. Zip code: 8164783611.No. 18, 17 Shahrivar Alley, West Mirza Tahere Street, Mehrabad, Isfahan, Iran, Postcode: 81858. Tel: +98 311 - 2601762, 00983117715784, Mobile Phone: 98-9131099598, Fax: 98-311-2604067, Telefax: 00983117721765. No 40, Mehrabad Blbg. 2nd Moshtagh Ave, Esfahan, Iran, Zip 81465- 1531, Telephone: 98-913-3697317, +98-311-2612950, Mobile Phone: 0989131063607, 98-913-301123, Tele fax: 98-913-1063607, +98 311 2604067, 00983112614001. 3, 01 floor, Arabift tower, Baniyas road, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zip: 181030. Telephone: 971-4-2296658, Mobile Phone: 00989131099597 Fax: 971-4-2285574.