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Somerset Academy. Middle School Orientation 2014-2015. Charter Schools. What is a charter school?

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Somerset academy

Somerset Academy

Middle School Orientation


Charter schools
Charter Schools

  • What is a charter school?

    • Independent public schools of choice created on the basis of an agreement between a group of school organizers (Academica) and a sponsoring body (Broward County Public Schools). They are among the fastest growing educational choice options for students in Florida since the first five charter schools were opened in 1996. Charter schools have grown from 5 to over 358 schools with a total enrollment over 120,000 students.


  • Bernardo Montero, Principal

  • Walkiria Soberon, Vice Principal

  • Cristina Camus, Assistant Principal

  • Christine Stewart, Lead Teacher/Activities Director

  • Jessica Kirker, 6-7th Grades

  • Jennifer Hicks, 8th Grade

  • Ovidio Sotomayor, Dean of Discipline


  • 7 period Block Schedule…A Days/B Days

  • Summer Reading

  • High school courses:

    • Foreign languages

    • Math courses

  • Somerset Arts Conservatory

  • Remedial, on-grade level and advanced curriculum

Monitoring academic progress
Monitoring Academic Progress

  • Progress/Interim Reports are issued at the halfway mark of the grading period.

  • Report Cards are issued at the end of each grading period.

  • Parents can check website for access to the grade book in order to monitor daily progress.

  • Tutoring is provided by our Honor Societies on selected days.

Staff communication
Staff Communication

  • All teachers have email

  • Please contact teacher/or counselor to discuss specific course concerns

  • Please do not approach teachers during instruction

  • Check school website in order to keep current with daily school activities and information about your child’s classes

Fsa florida standards assessments
FSA: Florida Standards Assessments

  • Writing: Grades 5-11th

  • Reading: Grades 5-11th

  • Math: Grades 5-8th

  • Science: Grade 8 (FCAT 2.0)

  • Dates:

    • Writing: March 2 -13, 2015

    • Reading, Math, Science: April 13 – May 8, 2015

  • After School, Pull-Out, and Saturday School Tutoring Programs Available

Promotion requirements
Promotion Requirements

  • Must pass 4 out of 7 classes;

  • Must pass 4 core classes

    • Language Arts

    • Math

    • Science

    • Social Studies

  • 7th grade students will take an End of Course exam for Civics and/or Algebra 1 (for advanced 7/8th graders)

  • 8th grade students must complete a PAC plan (personal academic career plan) in US History class


  • Compulsory Attendance

    • F.S. 1003.21. The School Attendance Review Committee will target 5 excused or unexcused absences and excessive absences.

    • Ages 6-16

Broward county attendance policies
Broward County Attendance Policies

  • A pattern of non-attendance is established when the student has missed 5 days (excused or unexcused).

    • May be accumulated by tardiness, early sign-outs, or daily absences

  • Once a pattern of non-attendance has been established, a statement must be provided to the school to explain the pattern. F.S. 1003.24

Excused absences
Excused Absences

  • Illness of student;

  • Illness of immediate family member;

  • Death in the family;

  • Religious holidays of the student’s own faith;

  • Required court appearance/subpoena;

  • Scheduled medical/dental appointment.

  • Please try your best to schedule medical appointments outside of instructional time.

    Please note the school requires proper documentation!

Tardiness early sign out
Tardiness/Early Sign-out

  • Tardiness/early sign-out is disruptive to the learning environment and can have a negative impact on student achievement.

  • No students shall be released within the final 30 minutes of school.

  • Traffic Issues


  • Schools are required to collaborate with local and state agencies that are involved in truancy prevention, intervention, and judicial action.

    • Collaborative Problem Solving Team

    • No grade for course

Returning to school
Returning to School

  • Students have two days to make up assignments.

  • Students who are externally suspended cannot make up assignments unless student participates in an alternative suspension program.

  • Students should bring a note to school to excuse the absence. This note is to be handed to the attendance clerk in the main office.

Food service
Food Service

  • Our campus is equipped with two cafeterias. Le Cafe offers a wide assortment of food choices such as wings or ice cream, while the Panther Zone provides the students with a well balanced lunch aligned to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) standards.


    Breakfast- $2.50

    Lunch- $3.50

  • Free and reduced lunches are available for qualified individuals for purchases made in the Panther Zone.


  • Several private companies provide transportation to our school. We highly encourage you contract transportation services from Broward County approved vendors. Contact school office for more information.

  • Traffic safety – please comply with staff directions and traffic safety

  • Reduced Speed Limit and No Cell Phone Use

  • The City has installed a sign that states “Parking for Park Facilities Only” at Rose Price Park. They will close the parking lot from 1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m. to all but park patrons. Parents will not be able to use the facility to park or create “car lines”.

School activities
School Activities

  • Public Calendar Online

    • School Functions and Activities

  • Clubs/Organizations

    • 35 Clubs/Honor Societies

  • Athletics

  • 14 Sports, Athletic Fees Apply, Physical Required to Participate

  • Parent Volunteer Hours

  • 30 hours or $120 family contribution ($4 = 1 hour)


  • Social, academic and emotional concerns.

  • Individual, small, and large group counseling.

  • Character Education

  • Virtual Counselor

  • High school and post secondary planning

  • Anti-Bullying policy

Code of student conduct student parent handbook
Code of Student ConductStudent/Parent Handbook

  • Code of Excellence

  • Dress code-uniform policy

  • Progressive Disciplinary Plan

    • Verbal Warning-parent contact

    • Detentions

    • Suspensions- indoor, outdoor, expelled, Academic Behavior and Attendance contract, dismissed by the governing board of Somerset Academy.

    • Electronic Devices

    • Will be available on-line (main page on website)

    • Signed paperwork needs to be returned to 1st period teacher by August 22nd


  • There will be a Homeroom period this upcoming school year. Homeroom period assignments will be posted on our web-site Thursday evening, August 14th.

  • Homeroom period on Monday morning, August 18th.

The end

See you Monday, August 18th !

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