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MRP Tool Box. m The MRP Tool Box has all the tools needed to build an AS9100 Certified Company. The MRP Tool Box also includes:. Quality Manual All of the required documented procedures required by AS9100. QMS Forms QMS Training Materials.

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mrp tool box

MRP Tool Box


The MRP Tool Box has all the tools needed to build an AS9100 Certified Company

The MRP Tool Box also includes:

  • Quality Manual
  • All of the required documented procedures required by AS9100.
  • QMS Forms
  • QMS Training Materials


The MRP Tool Box includes all of the forms for your core processes and more.

  • Calibration
  • Human Resources (QMS Training Books.
  • Document Control
  • Quoting
  • Contract Review
  • Control of Records
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier Approvals Form
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • 1st Part Inspection Records
  • Non-Conformance Control
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Job Tracking
  • CNC Tooling Maintenance
  • Corrective Actions and Preventive Action forms.
  • Management Review Outlines.
  • Customer Comments Log
  • Meeting Log Form


The MRP Tool Box includes all of the reports for your processes and more

  • WIP (Work In Progress Report)
  • Job Status Report
  • Inventory Control:
    • Raw Materials Inventory Reports
    • Finished Goods and Hardware Inventory Reports.
    • Perishable Items Recall
  • Contract Review Performance Measurement Report
  • Purchasing (Raw Materials Needed Report)
  • Purchasing (Traceability Report.)
  • Purchasing Open Orders Report
  • Receiving Inspection performance
  • Planning performance
  • Manufacturing performance
  • Quality Control performance
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Job Tracking


The MRP Tool Box includes all of the reports for your processes and more

  • Real Time Company Performance
  • Internal Audit Process (OER)
  • Management Review Data
  • Continuous Improvement Matrix
  • Sales Performance
  • NCR Report
  • Customer Returns Report
  • Bookings Reports
  • Shipment Reports
  • Scrap Report
  • ASL (Approved Supplier List) with scope of approval.
  • Supplier Performance Report.
  • Supplier Recall Report.
  • Customer Perception Reports.
  • Material Price Calculator
  • Tool Inventory Report
  • Calibration Recall Reports
  • Inspection Log Reports


WIP Report and Purchasing Report Right on the Dash Board

Real Time Status of the Performance of your company on the Dash Board


Easy to get started with a Getting Started Button.

    • Opens the forms needed to start you AS9100 business.
      • Company Info., Job Descriptions, Personnel, Master Document List, Approved Supplier List.


Company Information Form to establish Company Name on all of the forms in the MRP Tool Box.


Employee Training and Authorities are defined here. Also access to the QMS Process Report is located here. This will Identify each Process owner in the company.


Now You Can See the interaction of process and process owners in one report so there is no question who is responsible for what.


Master Document List to account for all of your documents and status and revisions.

Reports can be generated from here to view your document list as a whole.


Supplier Approval Form to establish your supplier base and the suppliers that will come up in the drop down window of the purchase orders form.


Dashboard buttons titled with AS9100 section numbers to help with employee understanding of were the spec applies.


Material Inventory Report


View Materials Report simultaneously when filling forms

  • Show whether or not you have certs or material is heat treated.
  • Track back to job number and po number material was bought for.


1. Source Inspection Requirement

  • 2Direct Link with WorkOrders
  • 3PO Terms & Conditions
  • 4Special Word Notifications Such as “Source”
  • 5Tracking of invoices
  • 6Regulatory: ITAR, DFAR automatically flown down to purchasing and mfg.
  • 7Risk Assessment
  • 8Change Control
  • 9Configuration Control
  • 10 Inventory check
  • 11DPD/MBD log for Model Based Definition
  • 12MFG & Quality Approvals


Opening a Work Order is as easy as pushing a button. This button transfers the PO requirements to the traveler for ease of planning to flow down requirements.


Information Flow Down from Contract Review with a single push of a button.

  • Revision list of all change history and print history of traveler during production realization process.


Job Number Pant part Numbers flown down.

  • Customer Program Flown Down for purchase orders
  • Customer PO & line Item
  • Regulatory Requirement Flow down
  • Drawing Description
  • Drawing Changes
  • Quality Clauses
  • Specs for searching jobs that have changed spec revisions
  • Special notes for job.
  • Components that will be flown down in assembly operations.
  • Material type which is flown down for outside processing operations.
  • Parts Late indicator.
  • Source inspection indicator.
  • Status of job.
  • DPD/MBD Configuration.

Open Work Order/Job Traveler


Job Number field does not allow duplicates per requirement of unique Identifier for each manufacturing lot.


Release Work Order button, to track time in planning.

  • Direct Access to tables where data is stored.
  • Direct Access to WIP.
  • Direct Access to PO’s so your planner can work with purchasing together.
  • Work Order Revision History to keep track of changes.


Notice the Itar statement that will be flown down on purchase order automatically becase Contract Review Person Selected Itar In the Regulatory area of form.

  • Drop Down for work centers for ease of planning
  • Raw Maternal Automatically adds to order requirement for purchasing
  • Standard Text is added to all operation for ease and speed in planning the job.
  • Operation Complete check is updateable from planning or from status update form.


Each Operation has sub menu showing who did what operation and how many good parts are completed and now many bad parts happened. (material accountability is an AS9100 Requirement. This is fed by the status update form on the shop floor front end.


After Pushing the Release work order button the Quality clauses from contract review open up as first page of planning as shown here.


Operation 000 is for planning review and is automatic for all traveler.

  • Planning review can be modified to add what ever review s you need.


Each Operation Includes:

    • Product Requirements
    • Identification of persons, PO number, cert number, material lot numbers. Per operation requirements.
    • 1srt Part Inspection Requirements. (QC)
    • Run Qty (MFG)
    • Qty Accepted (QC)
    • Qty Rejected (QC)
    • Buy off and Date (QC)
    • System Requirement s for MRP ToolBoxSystem.


We Just Covered How Contract Review Flows Down Requirements to planning and How A Job is planned. This skipped over purchasing and Receiving in the Dash Board.

  • Now we will go straight to Purchasing and see what we have done.
  • The Materials Needed Report has Already been populated by planning raw material operation.


Purchasing Report shows that purchasing is behind in there job causing jobs to be late or behind schedule.

  • Red is behind accusation target set by you and CEO. (Company Objective is to secure acquisitions > 120 before due date to reduce risk of logn lead time or no recovery time.


Press Buy Button to Open Purchasing information that has been planned in the traveler.

  • Or you can just copy Purchasing Information and go straight to PO.


1st double click the planned operation

  • Then click Op Complete to remove from purchasing's list.
  • Then Hit the Open PO button.
  • Then double click in the PO description area to transfer information from the planning to your Purchase Order.


Have the exact information from planning. Remember that planning may need extra material too hold tha part. Increases communication between planning and purchasing through the toolbox.


The Po Report shows all of your purchasing history and is serchable with the standard search tools that come with Microsoft Access.


Filter by PO

  • Filter by Vendor
  • Filter by Date
  • Or Filter by specific words that may be in the PO such as Job number which is automatically put into each PO so that you may verify your purchases against requirements FOR ANY SPECIIFIC JOB.