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Unit Ten

Unit Ten. Showing Concern and Giving Advice. Revision : Dictation. Revision : Dictation Keys:. Presentation. SS are asked to give a presentation on giving advice Teacher’s comments on each students’ presentation. Listening Activities. Listen to dialogue 1 and discuss

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Unit Ten

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  1. Unit Ten Showing Concern and Giving Advice

  2. Revision : Dictation

  3. Revision : DictationKeys:

  4. Presentation • SS are asked to give a presentation on giving advice • Teacher’s comments on each students’ presentation

  5. Listening Activities Listen to dialogue 1 and discuss the following question in groups Does Jack look all right? Has he had any medicine?

  6. Listening Activities Where does the conversation take place? • What’s the patient suffering from? Listen to dialogue 2 and discuss the following question in groups

  7. Pre-reading Activity Passage Ⅰ (1)What might/could happen to tourists while they are traveling around? (2)What are some of the illness a tourist may usually suffer from?

  8. (3)Why should a tourist bring a small first-aid kit? • (4)Why can some traditional medicines be suggested to foreign tourists? • (5)What is medicated oil good for?

  9. Unit Ten Passage I A Guide to Health for Tourists Passage II The Loving Heart Will Go On

  10. Difficult Sentences 1.Clearly, it is necessary to pack a small first aid kit with you if you go traveling. • Translation: 显然,如果出去旅行,装备一个小小的急救包是绝对有必要的。 Go doing sth is a verb phrase, with “V-ing” giving the purpose of the verb go, meaning “干什么去”.

  11. Difficult Sentences 2. At all times, personal cleanness is of thebiggest importance. • Translation: 任何时候,个人卫生都是极端重要的。 It means “the most important”. In English, “be + of + (a.) noun” is often used instead of “be + adjective”, with the former sounding more formal.

  12. Difficult Sentences It is an abbreviated form of “as it is the case with…” It stresses the likeness between two things. 3. As with Western medicine, some Chinese herbal treatments could have a satisfactory result without anydanger or side effects. Translation: 同西药一样,一些中华草药的疗效很令人满意,同时又没有任何风险和副作用。

  13. Important Words suffer v. feel or have pain, lose, etc. 受苦 suffer from For Example 1. I’ll surely suffer from headaches if I stay up late. 2.She is suffering from homesickness since she’s never been away from home.

  14. Important Words acclimatize v. get used to a new environment 服水土,习惯 get acclimatized to FOR EXAMPLE Don’t worry, you’ll soon get acclimatized to the life here.

  15. Important Words convince v. make or cause somebody feel certain 说服,使相信 FOR EXAMPLE 1. I’m convinced of his honesty. 2. We couldn’t convince her of her mistake.

  16. Important Words reluctant a. not willing 不情愿,不愿意 be reluctant to FOR EXAMPLE • He is reluctant to go shopping with his wife. • I don’t think he is reluctant to accept our invitation.

  17. Applied Writing Notes: Learn to write a medicine recipe    A medicine recipe should mainly include these elements: • I.Ingredients    • II.Functions     • III. Application     • IV. Caution     • V. Validity term

  18. Sample Mouth Refresher(清新剂) Spray The spary can make your breath fresh and sweet. It is also helpful for persistent offensive(难闻的)breath. Spray directly into open mouth whenever needed. One bottle can offer 200 sprays. Keep away from any fire and spark(火星) and don’t use when smoking, since the content is combustible(易燃的).

  19. Grammar in Use: Conjunction Correct the errors in the following sentences. 1.For he is ill, he is absent today. 2.Although he was weak, but he tried his best to do the work. 3.My sister doesn’t like the material, nor I do .

  20. 1.Because he is ill, he is absent today. 2. Although he was weak, he tried his best to do the work. He was weak, but he tried his best to do the work. 3.My sister doesn’t like the material, nor do I .

  21. Reading Skill: Reading Pace(1) “Reading pace” means how quickly and smoothly you read. It is not necessary to know every word, in order to understand a sentence or paragraph. There are two techniques for this:

  22. Reading Skill: Reading Pace(2) • Skimming: It is a good idea to skim through the passage very quickly, noticing the title, paragraph headings, underlined words, etc, in order to get a general first idea of the passage.

  23. Reading Skill: Reading Pace(3) • Skip unknown words: After skimming to get the general idea, go back and read more carefully, but still keeping up a fast pace. Read in groups of words, and skip unknown words. Don’t break the reading flow reaching for your dictionary.

  24. Group Activities: Activity 1 Discuss the main ideas of each paragraph in Passage Ⅱ Activity 2 Write down the summary of this passage according to those main ideas.

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