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affordable wash and laundry services in hyderabad PowerPoint Presentation
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affordable wash and laundry services in hyderabad

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affordable wash and laundry services in hyderabad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are a team of passionate people who believe in the role technology can play to make our everyday life easier. We are young people mostly from product and operations background. At WashApp we want to redefine how people use local services and use technology to provide the best experience with our promise of Convenience, Quality, and Price.

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the last time you were at h m or the last time

The last time you were at H&M or the last time you were surfing Myntra and drooling over a piece of designer wear, you might not have pondered upon the maintenance of the fabric to guarantee its longevity once you own it. Picking up a branded linen worth thousands of rupees apparently might not have felt as difficult as maintaining it in its pristine condition.

irrespective of whether you want to be frugal

Irrespective of whether you want to be frugal or you would like to wear that special dress even after few years, it’s a no brainer that you would desire your dress to be durable. Though the internet is flooded with all kinds of tips and tricks you can perform at home, it’s always a safe choice to rely on professional services.

at washapp we understand the complexities

At Washapp, we understand the complexities of branded and designer wear. Our premium wash option addresses the need of your expensive set of clothes. With the right chemicals used based on the type of fabric, right temperatures and right spin speeds restore the freshness of the Lenin almost as new. Dry cleaning is another option you can avail for delicate pair of clothing

people often outsource their lawn care house

People often outsource their lawn care, house cleaning, window washing, and other tasks that they either don’t have time for, don’t have the experience to do it properly, or simply don’t want to do it.  But most people never consider signing up for a laundry service until they actually try out our service and end up loving it!

there s dozens of benefits to outsourcing your

There’s dozens of benefits to outsourcing your laundry to a professional laundry service such as Laundry Care, however here are the top five benefits of choosing us for your laundry care service:

affordability laundry care charges just

Affordability.  Laundry Care charges just $25 per week for 1 full sized bag of laundry, which is the equivalent of 2 large laundry loads.  This also includes free pick up, folding, and delivery!

convenience laundry care will set a weekly

Convenience. Laundry Care will set a weekly schedule for you and will simply pick up and drop off your laundry.  This completely removes the time and hassle associated with doing your own laundry.

speed we pick up your laundry and return

Speed.  We pick up your laundry and return it to you within 48 hours.  That’s quicker than most local cleaners and we charge a fraction of the cost!

cost by the time you add up the cost

Cost.  By the time you add up the cost of purchasing a high quality washer and dryer, the cost of running your washer and dryer, the cost of laundry detergent, and the cost of your time to do the laundry, in almost every situation you end up financially ahead by choosing a laundry service to take care of your laundry for you.

professional results our specialty is dealing

Professional Results.  Our specialty is dealing with your laundry, so we have developed techniques and a wash process to make sure your clothes are gently cleaned, stains are removed, and your clothes are returned to you in pristine condition.

if you are availing commercial laundry services

If you are availing commercial laundry services, keep in mind that the process doesn’t wash your clothes in a traditional manner. These industries work with high-quality washing machines that can clean any type of clothes, especially when you have garments using in Hyderabad which are made out of different fabric types. Some of these clothes are sensitive when it comes to the laundry process. You’d want to ensure they won’t end up shrunk or damaged after giving it a wash, which is why this type of laundry service uses the most fitting laundry method suitable to the fabric.The washing machines of various laundry services in Hyderabad are also equipped with state of the art technology to remove any stains on your garment. Usually, these clothes will have to undergo a process of pre-treatment of stains before they are laundered completely. A post-spotting procedure is also done afterwards which utilizes special equipment and laundry chemicals to remove any remaining stains.

laundry services can range from commercial hotel

Laundry services can range from commercial hotel towel washing to personal uniform laundry, which are both important and should be given utmost priority. Respectively, inappropriately washed towels can affect the reputation of a hotel in a negative light and an untidy uniform can hinder your personal branding. Either way, the clothes shouldn’t be only cleansed but they must go through quality assurance to achieve excellent outcome.

speed other laundry shops can return your washed

Speed. Other laundry shops can return your washed laundry as fast as 48 hours, while others designate the soonest possible day depending on the number of laundry they’re doing for the week. Local cleaners often can do your laundry quicker especially if they know it’s urgent. For instance, you can expect to get your uniform laundry as soon as possible

time availing the services of a laundry shop

Time. Availing the services of a laundry shop allows people to have ample time to spend on other things, such as catching up on all the sleep you’ve missed for the week or spending quality time with your loved ones. You might not have enough time in the week days to do so considering your heavy work load but you can always make time now that you are availing commercial laundry services.

professional results since these laundry service

Professional results. Since these laundry service shops specialize in dealing with your laundry of all forms and garment types, you can expect that they have formulated a specific technique and washing process which can cater to your clothes well. They abide by these processes to ensure your garments are gently cleaned, with all the stains removed, and returned to you in a pristine condition afterwards.

warranty while there are cases of your garments

Warranty. While there are cases of your garments getting mixed up with others’ in the same laundry shop, rest assured that they will provide warranty in the event they damage or lose your clothes. If you raise the issue to the management, most of these shops will gladly fix or replace the said garments for you.