geology and geologists
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Geology and Geologists

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Geology and Geologists. Wittenberg Degrees B.A. Geology B.S. Geology B.A. Earth Science Initial Course in Major Geol 110 Series, 150, or 160. Significant Points

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geology and geologists
Geology and Geologists

Wittenberg Degrees

B.A. Geology

B.S. Geology

B.A. Earth Science

Initial Course in Major

Geol 110 Series, 150, or 160

Significant Points

  • Geologists use knowledge of earth processes in resource exploration, environmental protection, land use and geohazard planning
  • Work of geologists offers a unique blend of field, laboratory, and office work
  • Geologists commonly work at remote field sites
  • Bachelor’s degree is adequate for entry-level jobs; better jobs require a master’s
  • Geology specialty areas comprise of unique blend of geology with physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science as well as many other disciplines
geology as a career
Geology as a Career
  • Job Outlook
    • Expected to grow as fast as or faster than average through 2012 depending on job sector
  • Earnings
    • Beginning Salaries (2003)
      • B.A. and B.S. $32,828
      • M.S. $47,981
      • Ph.D. $61,050
    • Average Salary in Industry $55,000 for 0-2 years experience
    • Less in Environmental Consulting

Data from several sources including Occupational

Outlook Handbook (2005) and AAPG Explorer (2003)

Geology is a unique profession with an unrecognized and underutilized dynamic – with 50 percent of people holding a terminal degree in a geoscience, yet working in another field, and 50 percent of people working as geoscientists holding terminal degrees from another discipline.

Christopher Keane, AGI, commenting on the NSF’s Survey of Recent College Graduates, July, 2004

Geologists …



Measure and Analyze




environmental geologists
Environmental Geologists



Resource Planning and Use

Waste Management and Pollution

careers in the oil industry
Geophysics                                  Structural GeologyProvides an image of the                      Provides an understanding of the     subsurface and data useful                      process of deformation of the     for predicting rock type and                       subsurface due to external forces.     the occurrence of petroleum.

Regional Geology                        Stratigraphy and PaleontologyProvides an understanding of                 Provides an understanding of    which areas are productive,                     processes creating sedimentary    why they are productive, and                    units and a means for correlatingwhere else we should look. between them.Basin Modeling                           GeochemistryQuantitative integrated                     Chemistry of petroleum and itsmodels of the petroleum              sources to characterize the type,system:  source, reservoir                      history and origin of petroleum.seal, hydrocarbon charge.

Careers in the Oil Industry

“…the exploration and production industry is facing shortages of skilled workers and more must be done to encourage students to consider jobs in the oil and natural gas industry…

July 2004 Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives

federal state and local governments
Federal, State, and Local Governments


U.S. Geological Survey

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

Bureau of Land Management

U.S. Forestry Service

Bureau of Land Reclamation

Bureau of Indian Affairs


State Geological Surveys – e.g. mapping, resource inventories

Agencies with oversight of federal laws – e.g. Clean Water Act


Geotechnical Staff – e.g. waterways construction

or restoration

Resource Planners – e.g. landuse planners, floodplain

managers, watershed coordinators

highlights in geology at wittenberg
Highlights in Geology at Wittenberg

Faculty-Student Research Opportunities

  • University and Department Grants for Summer Research (Faculty Research Fund Board, endowed Nave Award)
  • Regional, National, and International Locations (West-central Ohio, Nevada, Australia)
  • External Grants (Natural Resource Conservation Service, ODNR Soil and Water Conservation, National Speleological Society)
  • Presentation and Publication (National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Geological Society of America Sectional Meetings, Ohio Academy of Science)

Examples of Recent Collaborations between Faculty and Students

  • “Evaluation of stream changes in Clark County, 1938-2004; Implications for developing a stream resource protection program”
  • “Habitat, formation, and implications of elongate calcite concretions, Victoria, Australia”
  • “Drainage basins delineation of the Warrensburg Road Karst, Delaware County Ohio: Implications for evaluating land-use impacts”
  • “Beach sediment analysis of Sarasota County, Florida: Implications for the origin of phosphate Miocene sands”
highlights in geology at wittenberg1
Highlights in Geology at Wittenberg

Field Study of Geology

  • Fieldwork with Courses - several of our

courses are especially rich in field exercises,

generally conducted during labs and utilizing

local outcrops or study areas

  • Field Courses -Field Seminar is offered annually, visiting one of four regional sites (SE Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Kentucky) for 5-6 days of intensive fieldwork
  • Summer Research –summer research by faculty and students is conducted in both the lab and the field depending on the study with local financial support through the endowed Nave Award and Faculty Research Fund Board
  • Summer Geology Field Camps –students may attend 5-6 week long summer field camps in the western U.S., hosted by major universities with local financial support through the endowed Gerrard Award
highlights in geology at wittenberg2
Highlights in Geology at Wittenberg

Resources in Geology – Instrumentation

Students are introduced to and routinely use modern, state-of-the-art instrumentation in their labs, course projects, and independent research

  • Earth Resistivity Ground Imaging
  • System
  • Scanning Electron Microscope and
  • X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Recirculating Flume
  • Petrographic Microscopes
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Geographic Information System Lab with
  • large-format digitizer, scanner, and
  • printer
  • Laser Rangefinder, Digital Cameras with
  • Microscope Mounts
graduates in geology from wittenberg
Graduates in Geology from Wittenberg …

Explore for Petroleum, Natural Gas, and other Resources

  • Graduates are working independently as exploration geologists, for small oil companies such as Killiam Oil Company, Clinton Oil Company, and C Oil, and for large companies such as The Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Pursue Advanced Degrees in Graduate School

  • Recent graduates have attended Bowling Green State University, University of Cincinnati, Duke University, Miami University, Mississippi State University, University of North Dakota, The Pennsylvania State University, and University of New Mexico

Teach Geology and Earth Science

  • Graduates are teaching earth science in high schools and geology at the university level at such schools as The Pennsylvania State University, Louisiana State University, University of Montana, Winona State University, and Wittenberg University

Investigate and Solve Environmental Problems

  • Graduates are working on environmental restoration with Battelle Memorial Institute, environmental assessment with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, consulting with environmental firms such as Dames & Moore Inc., Hull & Associates Inc., and Woodward Clyde Consultants

And More …

  • Our graduates are environmental lawyers, soil technicians, earth sciences teachers, tug boat captains, Lutheran pastors, cartographers with the Department of Defense, and more.
environmental studies program
Environmental Studies Program

Offers a minor in Environmental Studies, designed in collaboration with the Program Director or an interested Faculty Advisor

  • Interdisciplinary minor based on 20 credits from approved courses outside the student’s major
  • Approved courses allow for breadth of study critical to environmental work, selected and organized to complement coursework in the student’s major (e.g., environmental biology or environmental education) or their career interests (e.g., environmental law or urban planning)
  • Opportunities for independent study, collaborative research, and internships