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PowerPoint: Effects - Animations PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint: Effects - Animations

PowerPoint: Effects - Animations

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PowerPoint: Effects - Animations

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  1. Computer Information Technology – Section 5-7 PowerPoint: Effects - Animations Some text and examples used with permission from: • • Note: We are not endorsing or promoting religious doctrine, but simply taking advantage of this website for educational purposes.

  2. PowerPoint - Animations • Objectives: • The student will: • Understand animations and why they are used • Know how to access the Animations group. • Know the options available in the Animations group and how to use them. • Know how to set up custom animations.

  3. PowerPoint - Effects - Animation • Review… Yesterday we talked about transitions. • Transition: Changes how the slide comes into view and applies to the whole slide

  4. PowerPoint - Animation • Animation: Similar to a transition but applies to only part of a slide like a single bullet point, an image or a series in a chart. • With animation effects you can control the entrance, emphasis, and exit of the slide part. • Animations are often used to build a slide or chart, revealing each bullet point or chart series in turn. Sometimes the whole set of animations for a slide is called a build.

  5. PowerPoint - Animations • Why use animations? • By using animations you can help your audience absorb the information gradually, instead of hitting them with a whole slide's worth of info at once. • When a new slide appears with a lot of info, your audience will sit there reading it all while you are trying to talk about just the first point. • Adding a bit of motion or sound when something new appears on the screen helps keep your audience awake and attentive, but too much will annoy them and distract them from your presentation.

  6. PowerPoint – Animation Choices • You have a wide choice of animation effects, including many that are similar to the transition effects. • There are three aspects of your objects that can be controlled with animations. You can combine these to create complex behaviors. • Entrance - how the object or text comes onto the slide • Emphasis - a change that occurs after the object or text is fully in view • Exit - how the object or text leaves the slide • You can apply animations using a pre-set animation scheme or create a custom animation from the various choices.

  7. PowerPoint Animation - Animate • The Animate dropdown in the Animations group on the Animations tab allows the user to set a quick and simple animation for the current slide. • Allows the user to set the animation for the entire slide or for each of the “first level” paragraphs.

  8. PowerPoint – Custom Animation • Custom Animations allow you to control every aspect of animation. • You can apply the animation to selected objects on the slide, to a placeholder, or to just a paragraph. • You also choose whether to play the animation automatically, after a delay or on a mouse click.

  9. PowerPoint – Custom Animation • Click on “Animation Pane” button: • This will open the custom animation taskbar on the right side of the screen.

  10. PowerPoint – Custom Animation • Select the text, image, etc you want to add animation to and chose an animation from the “Animations” group • Pick entrance, emphasis or exit animation • Choose when to start, speed and delay

  11. The numbers in the slide correspond to the order in the custom animation sequence

  12. PowerPoint – Custom Animation • Summary: • Animations apply to parts of the slide • Transitions are pre-set animations that you can add to a slide • Custom Animation allows you to be very specific how you want the slide presented

  13. Rest of Today…. • You are to create PowerPoint with 2 slides • Title Slide with your Name • A content slide with a title, at least 3 bullet points and 1 picture or clip art. You must then add the following custom animations: • The title should appear with the slide • Bullet 1 should “Fly In” from the right • Bullet 2 should come in as “Curve Up” • Bullet 3 and the picture/clip art should appear at the same time – both as “bounce”