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Jake’s Development

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Jake’s Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jake’s Development
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  1. Jake’s Development By: Chelsea Tamietti

  2. Physical Development • Future growth: • Continue balancing • Hand eye coordination/foot eye coordination for future with sports Climbing then hanging from the play structure Climbing outside play equipment (not taking the stairs) Balancing on one foot during a dance Greatest Strengths: Jumping, Climbing, Running, Balancing

  3. Home-based/School-based Suggestions for future growth • Since Jake is active, getting him into soccer and other sports would be good to continue his development. • Continue salsa dancing as well to help with coordination. Jake struggles with Fine motor but he is improving. • Activities Home: • Gardening- planting seeds/pulling weeds • Tri-Pod grip- holding a pencil/ crayons • Work on name with different objects ie. popsicle sticks, q-tips • Activities School: • Tri-pod grip- pinching beads, eye dropper, tongs • Tracing • Lacing beads/ cut up straws

  4. Cognitive Development Scaffolding- Student using appropriate space vocabulary-Jake was learning from him Jake using animism with the props • Future Growth: • Attention and Memory • Academics • Creativity • Continue Scaffolding by building on what he already knows

  5. Home-based/School-based Suggestions for Improvement • Activities for Home (academics): • Counting different objects (how many chairs) • Count street signs when driving • Flash cards (colors, numbers, shapes, letters • Pointing out letters in text • Describe colors on clothes Jake writing his letters: A, B, R, K • Activities for Home (focus and attention): • I-spy • puzzles • red light green light • musical chairs • Activities for School (academics): • Letter/color/shape Bingo • Upper and lower case letter matching • Shades of color matching • Talk about the shapes around the classroom

  6. Language Development • Strengths: • Polite • Speaks in full sentences (most of the time) • Good grammar • No longer inputs Spanish words when speaking English Language Examples: “I wore my flash shoes. My dad got my shoes and it was cool and I was happy” “Excuse me Mrs. Nikki. I want to color now Mrs. Nikki.” Then later he said, “I’m not finished yet” “Look I found this in my pocket! It’s Pie!” • Future Growth: • Continue working on using full sentences • Phonics (sounds of letters) • Pronouns • Verb tenses

  7. Home-based/School-based Suggestions for future growth “Dis is da bad guy.” And “Dis is the stars” “I go to him house” Work on the ‘th’ sound at home and placement of tongue. School also provides speech for help in this area Pronouns- at school, speech programs can work with him on this “I make a happy face” Verb tenses- common for age, but can work with parents/speech teacher on proper tenses Also; at home and at school have him communicate about what he is doing so during his play/when he is working on projects ask open-ended questions to help him communicate even more.

  8. Social Development Working with friends to build a castle Jake Playing cooperatively with friends Areas for future growth: conflict management and more cooperation Strength: Social Skills

  9. Home-based/School-based Suggestions for future growth Cooperative Play • Activities for School: • Work on what words to use with friends- not tattle tailing • Encourage interactions with other students (girls) • Giving tasks that can only be accomplished with working with another student (puzzles/games) • Activities for Home: • Continue bringing him to social events-Salsa dancing events • Park • Play dates • Soccer- becoming part of a team • Work on helping him use his words when he is upset

  10. Emotional Development These are his “flash” shoes- He will tell you how happy he is when he wears them and how much he loves them Jake was the helper of the day and told everyone how excited he was • Strengths: • He will sometimes say when he is happy • He gets sad if other friends are sad • He is very curious and will investigate anything new in the centers • He is fearless and will hand/jump from anything • He is confident • He is Sympathetic • Future Growth: • Talk about other emotions • Working on self-control

  11. Home-based/School-based Suggestions for future growth • Activities for School: • Give him opportunities to get his wiggles out so he can be more focused • Work on when it is okay to be crazy and when it is time to work • Activities for Home: • Review different emotions and talk about how he is that day and why