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Measuring Sense

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Measuring Sense. Kathleen Coogan Hillery Park Elementary #27 Buffalo School District Mrs. Merzacco’s 4 th Grade Spring 2008. Background Information. This lesson was created for a general education class of 24 students. The class was made up of 14 boys and 10 girls.

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measuring sense

Measuring Sense

Kathleen Coogan

Hillery Park Elementary #27

Buffalo School District

Mrs. Merzacco’s 4th Grade

Spring 2008

background information
Background Information
  • This lesson was created for a general education class of 24 students.
  • The class was made up of 14 boys and 10 girls.
  • There are no students in the class with an IEP; however 1 student receives direct instruction during literacy.
  • To evaluate the students’ understanding of the use of measurement units and tools to measure specified objects.
time frame
Time Frame
  • This lesson takes one 50 minute class period.
  • Students who finish early are given the opportunity to complete one of two activities.
  • The students who require extended time can finish their measurements during math.
  • 1.0 The students will show measurement conversions in writing with the standard units.
  • 2.0 The students will be able to verbally state the order of objects according to the length.
  • 3.0 The students will be able to record the accurate measurement of different objects using the proper standard unit.
essential question
Essential Question
  • What would it be like if we only used one unit of measurement?
enduring understanding
Enduring Understanding
  • Using appropriate units of measurement allows us to better express and communicate an objects size.
  • Using the appropriate tool for measurement is the easiest form of measurement (football field measured with a yard/meter stick, height with a ruler (feet), and length of book with a ruler).
guiding questions
Guiding Questions
  • Why do you think there is more than one unit of measurement?
  • What are objects that I could measure using each standard unit?
  • What is the relationship of inches to feet?
  • What unit would you rather use to measure a football field?
  • How would you measure the distance from your house to school?
student tasks
Student Tasks
  • Differentiate and use the proper unit of measurement for different items
  • Match the proper unit of measurement when given an object to measure
  • Record the accurate measurement and label with the proper unit
nys learning standard
NYS Learning Standard
  • Level: ElementaryGrade Level: 4New York State Learning Standard: MSTStandard Area: MathematicsStandard: Standard 3-MathematicsContent Strand: Measurement Strand: Students will determine what can be measured and how, using appropriate methods and formulas.Band: Units of Measurement
performance indicator
Performance Indicator

4.M.1 Select tools and units (customary) appropriate for the length measured Pg. 28

assessment tools
Assessment Tools
  • The students were assessed based on a four point rubric
  • A student friendly rubric was also given to each student
teacher exemplar
Teacher Exemplar


5 ½ in - 7 in - 12 in(1 foot) -2 ½ feet- 6 feet -(2 yards) -15 yd -30 yd

evt mng modifications
Evt/Mng Modifications
  • Overview of rules/Student Groups
    • Students are aware of expectations and demonstrate responsibility for own actions
    • Students work with members of the class based on seating groups
instructional materials mod
Instructional/Materials Mod
  • Students repeat the directions to the teacher before beginning the independent work
    • The students will understand the task by restating it in their own words
content materials
  • Use different tools to measure
    • Different Size Rulers
    • Different tools (yard stick/ruler)
    • Students become familiar with standard units

Thanks to my peer review group I learned I could..

1. Let students choose their own objects

2. Add children's books on measurement

3. Add more differentiation

Lesson Learned: Never assume the students know anything


Thank you to my peer review group; Jill, Shannon, Kelly, Sean, Val and Mr. Arnold for your help creating this learning experience!